The Seven Sisters

Stella is not the least bit excited about leaving to Hawaii for the summer to stay with her strict mother. For any normal eighteen year old, Hawaii is the perfect summer vacation, but with a mom like Stella's, she'll be lucky if she see's the sun from her summer school window. Thinking that that would be the only problem to face, Stella takes off to Honolulu with her sister, and realizes that sometimes it's not the destination that changes your life; it's the journey.


1. The flight

     "Southwest flight number 13 is now boarding." I heard the loud speaker calling me to what I knew would be the worst eight hours of my life. I had a terrible fear of heights, and had no desire in visiting my mom in Hawaii. I lived in New York with my dad and sister, Danielle, and I was perfectly fine without my mom's irritating sophistication and constant questioning of why I had chosen to go to art school instead of law school.

     I sighed and grabbed my little sister's hand as I dragged her along with me to board the plane. We were in the back of the line so I knew we'd probably end up getting separate seats. I prayed that there would be an open seat by one of the teenage girls boarding the plane for me to put Danielle next to, as she was only six and should be by someone she'd be comfortable with. There were about seven teenage girls so I knew that she should be okay, but she would probably be quite annoyed, as these girls were constantly squealing.

     We boarded the plane, and sure enough, there was an open seat toward the front of the plane to put Danielle. I helped her get settled in, and kissed her cheek, telling her I'd be coming up to check on her every now and then. Although, I didn't leave without asking the girl next to Danielle what the commotion among her and the other girls was about. She replied with an excited "HARRY STYLES!"

     I pondered this for a second, then realized I had no clue as to what she was trying to tell me. She responded to my silence by saying that Harry was going to be on the same plane as us. I felt as if my stomach had been set on fire. I hated Harry Styles more than I hated heights. Everything about that boy made me cringe. I replied with a simple "Oh." Before turning to find a seat for myself. Unfortunately, the only empty seat was at the very back of the plane, which was pretty far from Danielle, but I knew none of the sophisticated business-like adults on the plane would even consider switching with me, so I had no choice but to sit in the back, by myself. Well, not completely by myself. The other six squealing girls were scattered about towards the back of the plane, so I had their annoying company to occupy me.

     I rolled my eyes, knowing that no matter what I tried to convince myself, there was no changing the fact that this would be the worst five hours of my life. I considered searching the plane for where Harry was sitting, but decided against it. I didn't want to have to see him and make my flight even worse. I got myself settled and I was slightly glad I didn't have anyone sitting in the seat next to mine, which was the only empty seat on the plane. I smiled to myself, glad to have such good fortune on such a bad day.

     I slipped my headphones in and closed my eyes, preparing to block out reality for the painful hours that awaited. I felt the seat next to mine shift a bit, and looked over to see what it was, when I saw Harry Styles look over from the once empty seat and smile at me.

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