The Seven Sisters

Stella is not the least bit excited about leaving to Hawaii for the summer to stay with her strict mother. For any normal eighteen year old, Hawaii is the perfect summer vacation, but with a mom like Stella's, she'll be lucky if she see's the sun from her summer school window. Thinking that that would be the only problem to face, Stella takes off to Honolulu with her sister, and realizes that sometimes it's not the destination that changes your life; it's the journey.


3. Lovely choice

     "You are now free to move about the cabin." Without hesitation I jumped out of my seat to go see Danielle at the front of the plane. I was careful stepping over Harry, cautious to not wake up. The last thing I needed was more conversation with him.

     I was happy to find Danielle gently napping on the lap of the girl next to her who flipped through a magazine. She looked up, smiling at me as I returned the gesture. I knelt down to my sister and nudged her shoulder, waking her up. Her little eyes fluttered open as she looked up to me. I checked to make sure everything was okay and then said goodbye again, adding, "I'll see you when the plane lands in about eight hours." She waved goodbye before drifting off again.

     Before I turned back to return to my seat, I couldn't help overhearing a stressful argument between what seemed to be two co-pilots. I considered ignoring it and turning around, until I heard the words "land the plane in the middle of the ocean". Normally, this would sound frightening enough, but considering I was currently on a plane, my heart dropped into my stomach. Turning on my heels to face the  discussion bringers, i choked up a confused "WHAT." It came out much louder and scared than I had intended, but one can only understand how much I demanded an explanation for this conversation.

     It seemed that every living soul on the plane heard my startled response, because  could just feel every single eye land on me. The co-pilots faced me, and I could see the fear grow in their eyes. After an attempt to politely excuse themselves, (which, by the way, wasn't near polite enough for two people who may or may not be about to land a plane full of people) they walked, shaking, to the front of the plane. I swallowed hard, trying to shed some light on the current situation, but unfortunately, the only information I had was "plane in the middle of the ocean", followed by two nervous and frightful pilots, which, to my knowledge, is never a good thing.

     Suddenly, I heard a voice coming from above, which disappointingly wasn't Jesus coming to rescue me, but just one of the awkward pilots talking through the intercom. With a shaky breath, he stated something about an engine malfunction, followed by a few more technical terms that I can bet my allowance on that not one passenger understood. The pilot then paused for a moment, as if to prepare to say something dramatic.

     I used this time to gather his words prior to his little moment of silence, and accumulated a simple conclusion; something was wrong in the plane's engine and we could either a) take an emergency landing to some microscopic island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, or b) attempt to fly all the way to Hawaii with 50% chance of plummeting into the ocean. I pondered this statistic, negotiating the odds of us crashing. That's a half and half chance of us all dying. So if another plane with our exact situation were to be flying by right now, only one of us would make it.

     When the pilot collected his thoughts, he said one simple thing before finishing his announcement: "Passengers, prepare yourselves for a emergency landing that will take place in about twenty minutes." Then the intercom clicked, finishing him off. His words hung in the air through the eerie silence that followed.  I heard one simple scream\cry\shriek from one of the fangirls in the back before the entire plane seemed to have exploded in that same sound. I stood in my same spot for another moment, feeling a bit frozen from the preceding announcement. 

     So, they had decided choice 'a'. Lovely choice, Awkward Co-Pilots. Good luck landing the plane full of people on an island hardly even twice its size.

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