Take A Chance On Me.

**This is my first fanfic so if there is anything wrong, I am apologizing now.(:**
Olivia is a newly found artist that has recently moved to London, she is outspoken, outgoing, and ready to start a new chapter of her life away from her old interests back home. She has always had a love for the ultra-famous boy band, One Direction. Only fate could bring her and one of the members together, and maybe fate was on her side.


2. Chapter 2: TCM


      Hopping into his Charcoal Black SUV, I quickly message my best friends Madison and Yalissa telling them what had happened. Considering that I was about to have conversation, and become friends with THE Niall Horan and possibly the rest of the boys, I could only end this text message with "I'll tell you about it as soon as I get to the apartment, Xoxo-Livvy".  Realizing I was some-what flustered Niall finally broke the silence.. "Sorry about bumping your head like that earlier, you just seemed really stressed out and I couldn't bear seeing a pretty girl like you in such a mess." He flashed me a smile. I nearly fainted, and my cheeks were hot red. He noticed my embarrassment and continued "So, I noticed that you don't have an English accent.. Where are you from?' I have to mutter out some kind of answer now "I'm from a small town in the US.. It's in Kentucky." I don't know why but he just lit up when I talked.. I will never understand that most likely. "I.. uh. I like your accent. So where are you headed?" Reaching into my back pocket I pull out a bright pink post-it note and unfold it "326 Creekwood Drive, Apt 7." I look over at Niall with a huge grin on his face, turning towards me he said "I live in apartment 9." Okay! So now not only am I becoming friends with Niall but I am about to be living right next to him! I can't believe it! Forgetting my manners, almost yelling, I say "No way!". He could tell I was a fan by now, but I knew that he didn't really want to bring it up so we didn't become awkward. The drive didn't take that long, and it was mostly filled with small talk, the whole "Why'd you come here, where'd you go to school" type thing. When we pulled into the complex my first thought was they.were.nice. I knew the only reason I could afford these was my family's company back home. I unlocked the door to my apartment and it was already furnished, some of the nicest furniture I had ever seen. Niall helped me with my bags and getting settled was fairly easy. He invited me over to his place for dinner and I definitely didn't decline that! We walked just about 10 steps and there was his apartment, He opened the door for me and let me look around a tad. He popped some food in the oven and sat by me on his couch. "Sooooo, watcha wanna do?" he said giggling, and kind of bouncing up and down.  I said "It doesn't matter to me!" with a huge smile on my face. He bounced straight up and grabbed my hands and said "How about we play Just Dance." I laughed and agreed. We played Just Dance, other video games, watched movies and ate so much food. Niall was a better person than I could of imagined. Just being friends with him was great.

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