Take A Chance On Me.

**This is my first fanfic so if there is anything wrong, I am apologizing now.(:**
Olivia is a newly found artist that has recently moved to London, she is outspoken, outgoing, and ready to start a new chapter of her life away from her old interests back home. She has always had a love for the ultra-famous boy band, One Direction. Only fate could bring her and one of the members together, and maybe fate was on her side.


1. Intro.

This was insane.. I mean it! Insane. 

  This would be my first time on an airplane, and this trip is not just a trip. It's a move. To a whole 'nother country! Sure, I was excited to get to London and start a new life with my artwork and for right now, my own and lonesome, but I will always have Kentucky in the back of my mind. 

Realizing that the plane is about to take off, I throw my hair up and plug in my headphones. I nod my head to the steady rhythm of the music and shut my eyes, knowing I had a long trip ahead of me. I had never really thought about this day coming, I always thought I would stay close to home, but an opportunity this big could not be passed up. My life back home wasn't horrible, it was all I've ever known, but I had big dreams and nothing was holding me back. 

**8 hours later**

I hadn't realized I had dozed off until a woman in a crisp, proper, flight attendant suit had nudged me awake to ask what I wanted for breakfast. Anything and everything sounded good at that moment, but I was really craving some pancakes. Checking my clock, I see the time is 8:06 AM, only around 2  more hours! As the nice woman comes back with my food, I open my laptop to dabble around on the internet. My Twitter and Facebook are filled with cute and some-what depressing little posts from my friends and family back home. I knew leaving wouldn't be easy, but this is pretty hard. I dig into my pancakes expecting my Mamaw's familiar fluffiness and taste, but all I got was a generic, run-of-the-mill pancake. I look out the window and my jaw drops, it was beautiful. All of it, the view, it was just stunning. In awe I lay my head on my arm, and watch as the sun rises. 

As the plane finally landed I stretch, wiggle around in my seat, and throw my favorite white scarf on. I grab my bag off the top shelf, which is a struggle for a short girl like me. Plopping down with my bags I make sure I have everything before finally walking off the plane. Walking into the London airport was a real wake-up call for me. There was so many people! Trying to catch a cab, waving my hand every which way, I drop my phone. "DAMMIT!" I screach, so stressed and tired from all this adjustment. Bending down I bump heads with a blonde headed boy trying to reach for my phone also. I look up to realize who this blonde headed boy was. It was NIALL HORAN. My favorite member of my favorite band, One Direction. My jaw dropped. He smiled that adorable smile and said "Why don't I help you around. Would you like a ride?" all I could mutter was "Yes, uhh, yes. Thank you."


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