I wanna Grow Old with You, Niall

Hailey Milio was had the perfect life. She had a great family, and beautiful house, and a good job. But when her father produced a song for a popular band, One Direction, her life flipped. Niall and Hailey established a 'bond'. Everyone is happy for them except Lou, her one night stand.


23. Something is wrong


Niall POV

Hailey was almost due for the babies, and the doctor said since she had twins she could go into early labor. He taught me the signs, and if I noticed any, I had to call him. I looked over at Hailey who was sitting on the couch eating. That girl always seemed to be eating or sleeping, "No wonder we're the prefect couple." I said making her giggle "Come sit with me." she said stressing the 'e' in me. I pranced over, and sat next to her, while she was watching Titanic. She looked at me ans smiled wide, then looked at the boys, and her smile went from ear to ear. Her phone rang and it was the funeral home, I could tell she didn't want to answer it, but she listen to the constant ringing and picked it up. "Hello?" she said walking into the kitchen "Yes, this is she." she said confused to the lady on the phone. She walked back in with glassy eyes, and said that the whole cremating process is done. I wrapped my arm around her, and made her fell safe "I love you." I said trying to make her feel better. She looked up and gave me a weak smile, as a single tear streamed down her face. I wiped it, and gave her a kiss. "Love you, too." she replied 

Hailey POV

I looked at Niall and gave him an insecure look, "Why me?" I said playing with my fingers, He gave me a 'wtf' look and said "Why you? I have a million and one reasons, I'll tell you them all if your have 48 hours." I looked at him and kissed his prefect lips. "But seriously-" he cut me off "I'm so serious about you, and I don't want anyone else." He gave me a bear hug, as his brother, Greg walked in. Greg walked casually, but then saw the big whale me sitting on the couch. Niall hopped up and gave Greg a hug, I eventually got up as well and gave him a hug. "You must be Ashley." he started, I gave him a look, then gave Niall the meanest look ever....."Kidding!" he finally screamed after seeing all the tension, then gave me another hug. I playfully punched him and said "How could you?" We both laughed, then Niall put his arm around me and we went into his room. "I don't feel good, babe." I called to him as he was in the bathroom. "What hon?" he said through the closed door, I got up and flueds just fell from my body "Niall!" I screamed "Something's wrong!" He hopped out of the shower wearing only his towel and said "Whats wrong Hail?" He helped me to the bad, then saw the big wet spot on his floor, he went into his bathroom and put on a paor of shorts. "Mum!" he screamed from upstairs "What is it Niall?" she yelled from the kitchen "It's Hailey, we need help!" he was crying at this point and so was I. He took my phone and called 911. They were here in less than 10 minutes, and they took me away on the stretcher. "She'll be OK, sir."  I heard the medic say as they put me in the truck "Are you the baby's father?" Another asked I screamed, "Yes, he is OK! Just let him the hell in!" He came in at sat next to me. When we arrived at the ER, I was wheeled into labor and delivery; there I was greeted by Niall's family doctor, "Who's your doctor, Mrs.Horan?" the polite man asked me "Dr.Greene." Niall replied for me, "Ok, well we'll just have to do this myself. Where is she from?" "The united states." He gave a worried look and said "Oh, well. She in labor.

Louis POV

I recieved a call from Niall, who was uncontrollably sobbing "Calm down, mate. Whats wrong?" I asked "Hailey's in labor!" he said in a rather happy tone, "Wait, Maria's due before Hailey though, she's only 8 months right, Niall?" I said making sure he knew of the consequences "Yeah, but since she has twins, the babies are growing to big for her small tummy." He said finally calming down "That's great. Tell her we all said hi."  "I will, mate. I'll call you when they are here. Bye." It was crazy, I walked in to find Maria, Danielle, and Perrie sitting on the couch. "I'm going to be an uncle before we go to sleep tonight!" I screamed, Maria came up to me and said "Wait, how?" she pecked my lips "Hailey. She's in labor now." her mouth made an 'O' and she almost started to cry, thats great!" 

Niall POV

I waited in the labor room, with Hailey and the doctor, before the doctor came in with his blue plastic gloves on and said "Time to push." Hailey was crying and she just nodded. I walked over to her, and gave her a kiss, "Ready to be parents?" She just looked at me and smiled. "Ok, lets do this thing." 

After about 10 hours of pushing, the babies where here. I could finally hold, my kids and call them my own. I looked at Chandler, who had bright blue eyes like my, but Haileys hair, and looked at Antonio, who looked exactly the same. Hailey got up ater a while, and came to meet them in the special room. The nurse handed her Chandler, and I took Antonio "Hi precious," she said looking down on him "I'm your mommy." she finished before she started to cry, then after seeing that I knew, I could do the same thing to Antonio "I'm your daddy." My mum walked in and saw us "This is your Mamieo. say hi." I whispered to him, knowing there would be no reply. "AWH! he's beautiful, Hailey." she said looking at her "Hey, I helped." I jumped in, before she smiled and playfully hit me. 

~2 days later~

Hailey POV

I was cleared to go home. home home, like back to California. We waited a week, then went back to America. "I love oyu guys, Maura called as we got into the taxi. "Niall, don't forget this." she said giving him a velvet blue bag. He looked inside, and looked relived at the find. "Thanks mum." I wondered what it was, but Niall wouldn't budge. "So, are you thinking about going back to school, to finish your senior year?" He asked of me while I was feeding Anthony in the airport, "Are you sure I can?" "Yeah, I mean you and Haz are still in school ,and you guys could finish." he said making me feel important "Are you sure?"  "Positive." 

We boarded the plane, and suprisingly the babies stayed asleep the entire time. We arrived back in CA, the taxi driver took our bags in, as we each carried a baby. Lou answered the door, and took the baby from me. I gave him  a hug, and he looked at the baby "How are you feeling?" he asked with bright eyes "Better than I expected." I finished. Maria came charging down the stairs, "AH!" she screamed "Your thin again!" we laughed and hugged some more "I know. Come meet my sons." I picked up the child in the red and said "This is Anthony," and then Niall picked up the one in the blue and said "This is Chandler." "Bella. Bella!" she said, but only we understood, because it was Italian "Um, there boys." Niall said serous. "I know. It's Italian for beautiful, silly." I said giving him a few kisses on his sweet pink lips. "Love you." he told me and we walked up one child each to put them to sleep. "Love you, too." I said as we put them in their room, then secretly coming into our room. I heard a lock, and turned around and looked at Niall, he smiled and began to take his shirt off, as I pulled it back, covering his body. "Seriously?" I said half joking, half serious, as I walked out and went downstairs.

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