I wanna Grow Old with You, Niall

Hailey Milio was had the perfect life. She had a great family, and beautiful house, and a good job. But when her father produced a song for a popular band, One Direction, her life flipped. Niall and Hailey established a 'bond'. Everyone is happy for them except Lou, her one night stand.


27. Senior year

A/N: Ok, guys. This chapter has  a few cusses. If you don't like cussing, then I suggest you don't read this. Just warning.



Niall POV

I was nervous to take the kids in school. We were instantly surrounded by all of Hailey's friend. This one in particular really bugged me. Carter. He wouldn't stop grabbing Hailey's arm and pulling her to the side. Finally I just got pissed and pulled him to the side, "Leave her alone." I demanded, he just laughed "Oh, what is pretty boy here gonna do?" I saw Hailey set the kids down in their car seats, and asking Maria and Harry to watch them. She ran over and got in between us. "Stop it, Carter." she yelled "Now now, honey. Let the big boys handle this." She pushed his hand from her chest. She wouldnt move, so he pushed her down. Harry ran over and she got up, her knee all scraped up. 

Hailey POV

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Niall screamed, Harry took me and the twins in the school. I watched Niall get hit and kicked to the ground, I yelled and tried to run, but Harry grabbed my arm, forcing me to stay. "I've got this, Hail. Stay here." He got up and ran out of the glass doors. He pulled Niall off of the ground. Maria helped him up, and we walked to the principal. "I'm disappointed in you Haileu, and you Mr.Horan. You don't even go here anymore, how dare you come back with such disrespect!" she was now in his face, and I didn't like it. "He did nothing wrong, Mrs.Johannah, they attacked him!" I protested. "Excuse me?" she snapped "I'm sorry, but it was all them." Anthony started to cry, so I picked him up and went into the bathroom. "Your daddy has a booboo." I said to the little child. I smiled and changed his diaper. Niall walked in and helped. "Well, I gotta go, Hail." I looked at his black eye, and he knelled a little so I could kiss it. "Love you" I said before I made my way down to his soft lips. We walked out to the car, putting the boys in the car, as I walked alone in to the big dark school "Nice start to my first day." I mumbled to myself. First I had History, Bioligy, Math, Lunch, Free period, Gym. During math, I was called to the office for a call. I walked down the with lanky boy who showed me the way. I answered the phone causiously not knowing who it was going to be. I put my lips to the end of the phone and began to speak "Hello?" I said in that sweet voice everyone has as they talk to someone they don't know, a familar Irish accent answered "Hey." he whispered "Hey," I began loosening the tight posture I had, "Um, what is it?" I said as the receptionist looked at me, "I think I forgot to tell you I loved you before you left." I smiled at the fact, he was thinking about me, "You did." I said reminding him, "Well, I love you more than anything in this world." he said on the other line "Even food?" I asked chuckling "Even food...I think." he repeated "Well, call me when it's lunch time. I'll take you out for lunch." he promised "Ok, See you then. Love you." 

I walked back to class, to realize the bell had already fun. Carson walked next to me "Stop, baby." He said pushing me aganst the wall "Stop!" I yelled creeping under his arm escaping his grip. I saw Harry about to walk into class "Haz!" I screamed making him turn a full 360, he ran over to me, and put his arm around me, walking me safely to the cafeteria. "Actually, Niall's picking me up." I said turning away from the doors. "Cool." he said before givin me a oodbye hug and walking into the crowded cafeteria. I called Niall and he came into school and picked me up, putting me on his back. "To Nandos!" he screamed putting me into his car. I looked back to see the backseats empty. "The kids?" I said confused "Zayn and Liam are watching them, Charolette and Lux, so." 

We arrived at Nandos, and ate for about an hour, beofre I realized I had already missed the first half of free period "Shit, Niall!" I said getting up from the booth, he grabbed my arm, "C'mon now. Woould you rather go back to school, or stay with me?" said the Irish idiot with puppy eyes. "Fine." I said before he reached over the table trying to kiss me.

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