I wanna Grow Old with You, Niall

Hailey Milio was had the perfect life. She had a great family, and beautiful house, and a good job. But when her father produced a song for a popular band, One Direction, her life flipped. Niall and Hailey established a 'bond'. Everyone is happy for them except Lou, her one night stand.


24. Parenthood.

Hailey POV

Didn't Niall realize I just go out of the hospital from having the boys? I didn't want any intimacy right now. He walked he down our hands intertwined, as I noticed Maria laying down on the sofa. I turned to Niall "A shower!" i said with an excited attitude, "She needs a baby shower." I finished, he smiled and pecked my lips before saying that was a great idea. We walked into the kitchen and he was staring playfully at me before a frown took over "I never had a shower for you." he gasped I just smiled at the counter, not wanting to make it obvious that I already knew. "Babe, I'm so sorry." he pleaded for my forgiveness, "Horan, don't sweat it. It's OK." "At least let me make you some dinner, to make it up, eh?" "Fine" he came over to the counter where I was sitting and pecked my lips, before pulling out some pans. I watched him make me some chicken for about 15 minutes, before a cry got my attention "I'll take this one." I said before jumping off the counter running to the kids' room. "Whats wrong buddy?" I said to Chandler, knowing there wouldn't be a reply. I just smiled at the fact of new life, Niall and I had brought into the world. I realized in the doorway a smiling Niall, admiring how great I was with babies. "Do you ever regret anything in life?" he said to me as he walked over and picked up Anthony "The kids? Are you serious, Niall?" I said to him trying to keep my anger inside. He grabbed both of the boys, and grabbed my arm, pulling me to the bed. "No, I swear I never meant that." he said with worried eyes "Niall, if you don't want to be a parent tell me. I'll take my things and leave." he looked at me now realizing how bad he had hurt me "No, don't leave." he said trying to stop me "That's right" I started, leading him on "This is my house. You leave." I finished. Niall didn't say one word to me, he just picked up the boys, gave them kisses, and picked up Anthony "Leave him." I said making sure he got my drift. He put the innocent child down and took his suitcases to the entry hall, before the large doors in our living room. He called a cab, and left. He just left, gone. With out even a good-bye to me. I walked into the kitchen and turned the stove off, and called Harry. I think out of Niall being my boyfriend, I was closet with Harry next. The phone rang a few times, before a raspy voice answered 'Hail?" he sai sounding a bit sad "It's Niall right?" I just started to cry "Yeah." I finally spit out "He left." I finished "Oh, Hail. Want me to come over?" he said trying to make me feel better "Please." We hung up and he came over, I heard a knock and a yell "It's Harry." I barely heard from my bedroom upstairs "Come in!" I screamed as I walked down the big steps. He took meinto the kitchen and we just talked for a but. I started to cry again, but I tried to hide it. I put my head down and I couldn't help it, a single tear strolled down my face, making it's way to my nose and finally landing on the counter. Harry came over to me, and gave me a big bear hug. His large hands tightened around my small body, as the tears came down harder. Was I falling for Harry? No I couldn't be, I was still with Niall.

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