I wanna Grow Old with You, Niall

Hailey Milio was had the perfect life. She had a great family, and beautiful house, and a good job. But when her father produced a song for a popular band, One Direction, her life flipped. Niall and Hailey established a 'bond'. Everyone is happy for them except Lou, her one night stand.


11. Hospital bound

Niall POV

It was crazy, to think of me as a father, I would be 20 before Hailey was even 19. I slept in the uncomfortable chair next to the hospital bed. At about 2:00am, I heard a loud machine go off, that awoke Hailey, and I. The doctor ran in a gasped. "I'm sorry." the doctor said "Why? For what? Whats going on here?" I chanted "The baby. It's the baby" Hailey started to cry, "What, is my baby OK?" The doctor just looked down, and began to take all of the IV's and plugs from her arm, "I'm sorry, you miscarried." I looked at Hailey, who just stopped. Stopped blinking, thinking, even breathing for a few seconds, before I grabbed her and whispered "It's OK, baby." The doctor let us be a lone for a few minutes before he retuned "How?" Hailey asked "How what?" "The baby. How did it die?" "Radioligy, that one X-ray, killed your baby." 

I was a father for a day, and they took that away from me. I couldn't even imagine how Hailey felt. She took out her phone and called her dad. After about 10 minutes, I came back and she asked if we could go to DC. I was happy, I was. But, nervous also. Not wanting to upset her, I complied. It was no London or Rome, like I wanted it to be, but it was something, more sentimental. "We leave after my surgery." she said to me. Dr.Greene wheeled Hailey into and X-ray room, this time knowing she wasnt pregnant and invited me to come. He told her she needed an MRI for her knee. The doctor told me it was something called an ACL tear. Whatever it was, she needed surgery,and it looked bad.

Hailey POV

I tried not to think so much about the baby, maybe it was a sign that we weren't ready to bring new life into this world. Niall was by my side the entire time. About a week later it was time for my surgery, and I was in more pain than ever. Niall put on some scrubs, and joined the doctor in the operating room. I needed to be on strict bed rest for at least a week. 

*5 days later*

I was taken off of bed rest, because I was healing more faster than they had thought. I was cleared to go home, but not play soccer. Niall was waiting for me at home, Maria and Lou picked me up from the hospital and took me home. On the way there I heard Maria and Lou whisper to eachother "Should we tell her?" I was so curious to what they were talking about, so I finally yelled playfully "What?" What is it you need to tell me?" "We're pregnant!" Lou screamed happily, "Well, I'm not, Maria is." I was shocked, wanting to be nice, I said "Wow! Great guys!" Maria asked not knowing the situation Niall and I were just in "When are you and Niall going to have a baby?" She was excited, but I didn't answer her. We got to the house, and Maria helped me with my crutches.

"I'm home, Niall!" The house was filled with lovely balloons, and smelled great, he was cooking my favourite, Italian foods ! He ran in the entry hall, and gave me a big kiss and hug. He helped me to the couch, and gave me a nice pink duvet, and put Grease one, that seemed to be the only movie that boy watched. Lou and Maria left, and thats when I lost it. Niall came running in, I told him about Lou and Maria having a baby, and him and I just cried on the couch together for about an hour, before I finally fell asleep, in the arms of my prince.

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