I wanna Grow Old with You, Niall

Hailey Milio was had the perfect life. She had a great family, and beautiful house, and a good job. But when her father produced a song for a popular band, One Direction, her life flipped. Niall and Hailey established a 'bond'. Everyone is happy for them except Lou, her one night stand.


8. Bye guys.(continued)

Hailey POV

Lou and Maria slept on the hot pink futon in my bedroom with all of the decrative pillows on it. Niall and I took my bed. I was trying to sleep but Niall kept poking me. I liked Niall, I did. But it felt weird. "Niall stop" I said laughing but trying to stay serious. "Fine....hey can I talk to you" he ripped me up out of bed and pulled me into the hallway "What Niall?" I said pissed off because I was extremely comfortable in my loving bed "I love you" he finally spit out "W-what, Niall ? "I love you" he said again, before i could speak I felt his lips press onto mine. "I love you to" I said unsure of myself at weather this was a dream or real life. "You do?" "I do, Niall..I do!" 

We went back into the room to see Louie making Maria laugh at some stupid joke. Maria said "I'm hungry, I'm getting food" "I'll go with you Ri" "k" she said as we walked down the steps "Maria! Niall just asked me out!" "Shutup, Hail!"  "Swear!" by this time we were fangirling so hard, we almost peed. We went back up with 4 tastycakes, one for each of us. Niall ended up eating both his and mine, so he went down to get more. "Hail, Maria told me about you and Niall" Lou blurted out "She did?" I said "Yeah, I'm happy for you guys, I really am. Just be carefull, not to break his heart, like  did to you. Niall is fragile,with all tthe other girls he's been with he's been like glass, once he falls in love, he breaks. Just always give him what he needs, Hail" "Ok, Lou. I will, and it's ok about our relationship. Don't sweat it, it was a while ago." "ok, thanks" Niall came back up with my late night snack and we went to sleep. Somehow when I woke up Niall and I were downstairs cuddling, and wrapped in eachothers arms. He told me that I woke him up last night and said we should go down stairs and watch Grease again, but I know I didn't. I didn't really care as long as i didn't sleepwalk ! By the time we awoke it was about 12:30, so instead of breakfast we went to Nandos, where we were greeted by fans, and we agreed to take some photos. I actually saw my great friened Mary Joyce from grade school. She came back to my house and we caught up on life. 

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