Summer Love

Scarlett was just another girl, just another fan, until she moved to a new school and went to a One Direction concert with her friend Zoë. That's when she met Niall and they fell in love❤❤, now she's on tour with One Direction for the rest of the summer!! Sound like fun?? It was, now they must face management, crazy ex-boyfriends, and jealous band members, will they manage to keep their love? Or will they fall to the challenges? Read to find out...


1. New Girl

I stepped off the bus and immediately felt everyone's eyes fall on me, this was perfectly normal for me, bieng the new girl. I could feel their eyes on me and almost hear their thoughts,
'Whos that?'
'Is she new?'
'She looks nice.'
'Maybe I should be her friend?'
And so on and so forth. I went into the caffeteria and say down at a random table, I pulled out my phone and went on instagram for the next 20 minutes. Finally the bell rang and of course I got lost going to my first class. I walked in and said hi to my teacher. I then sat and waited for lessons, my first class was theatre and today is performance day, I laughed at the scenes and made conversation with those that would talk to me. When the bell rang I went to choir where we practiced songs. The next three classes were boring and I found people to sit with at lunch. I met a DIRECTIONER at lunch that's just like me. Her name is Zoë and she's great, we had so much fun talking to each other! When the bell rang I headed to my last two and a half lessons. When I made it to the bus I sat down and put my headphones in, blasting One Direction's "Kiss You". When I finally got off I headed home and ate. As normal I was starving, and then did my homework. It was a good day, I only hoped the next one was even better.

(A/N) Sort of a boring chapter but it gets better, till next time my little ponies!!:)
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