One Direction love story starring you

This is a one direction love story starring you


1. The Contest

Y/N = your name

Y/N p.o.v
You woke up to your alarm clock playing Heart Attack by One Direction.
Your mom told you to get ready for school. You were ready for school when you heard on the radio that they were holding a local contest for singing. The winner would win a duet with one direction. You were so excited you love to sing. You also, wanted to meet your favorite band one direction so you called your best friend Nicole.
Phone conversation:
Nicole: Hello
Y/n: Hi Nicole it is y/n
Nicole: Oh hi y/n what's up
Y/n did you here about the one direction singing competition?
Nicole: No I didn't
Y/n well there Is a competition the winner gets a duet with One Direction
Nicole : OMG!!! I'm so in
Y/n: Let's work on a song together after school
Nicole: KK see you at school
Y/n: K bye

You hung up the phone and walked down the stairs. You gave your mom a kiss and left for school.

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