One Direction love story starring you

This is a one direction love story starring you


2. At School

You walked into school. You were pretty popular at school. You and Nicole went up to your group the populars. You guys told them about the contest. They thought it was great you guys decided to do the competition. It was very hard for you to concentrate on school all you could think about was the competition. You were super excited!!!

When school was over you guys decided to start work on the competition. You decided to sing " One Thing" by One Direction. You guys worked really hard the competition. The competition was tomorrow and you really wanted to win. You and Nicole had a sleepover so you guys could practice that night.

You woke up to Nicole's Mom's Famous Pancakes. You loved them so much cuz she put chocolate chips in them. You guys got one more practice in for the song. You and Nicole got into the car as her mom drove you to the radio station

*. Hi guys there are a lot more chapters coming out!!! I would really appreciate it if you would comment and like. I'm really in need of character names for the story so if you or any of your friends want to be In it let me know in the comments. Thank You so much!!!
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