My Girl

when Summer goes to a little coffe shop on the corner she sees a fimaliar face Harry the boy that went to her high school that was her only true love until he went on the X factor then she never saw him until now. How dose Harry react when he sees Summer what happens you will have to read My Girl!!


1. It all starts

Summer POV: I woke heard the sound of my phone going off to Kiss You. I loved One Direction I guess because Harry Styles was in the band. Me an Harry go way back to high school he was my love,bestfriend,and he was the only person I knew I could turn to.But that all changed when he went on the X factor an we lost touch an I have not see him an then bang he is this big super star. I got up took a shower got dressed  an put my hair in a sloopy bun. I pulled out my phone an texted my friened Reese "Coffee at 9?" a few minutes later she texted back "can't babysitting sorry". well looks like I am going by myself i said. I left the warmth of my aperment an steped out in the cold crisp air. The coffee shop called Wake up was where I normally go I went here when I was a little girl an went there with Harry. As I was steping inside I saw someone that looked like Harry from the back I could never mistake those curly locks I can't even rember how many times I curled my fingrs through them. The man was turning around and of course clumsly me was trying to lie low but noooo I just had to run in to him. Harry POV: I was in a hurry already running late i was souposed to be at the studio. Just as i was about to leave I bumped into a girl an my coffee wnt all over me an her. Just as Iwas looking up to say sorry I saw those pale pink lips that i kissed soo many times an those ocean blue eyes. Summer POV: I looked up an saw those beautiful green eyes. "Summer?" Harry asked me in confusion yea I said long time no see.

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