how they met

this is how skyler and jenna met the book is called what happened to skyler


1. the bullie

jennas P.O.V


i woke up to my annoying alarm clockgot out of bed and took a shower just the basic things i do in the morning got out of the shower brushed my hair then got some cloths on did my makeup and hair i choose to just let my curls show and then brushed my teeth . "hey"my mum said"hey mum ""bye mum""bye"

i hate school because of skyler brooks the ultimate bitch

1 hour later..............i walked into  school expecting to be "ewwwed"or"sluted"and bullied by skyler "hi so im looking to see you at my party at the pool on saturday 7:30"skyler said she does this whole party thing on the first day of school but im never invited because im nothing in this school

"hi"she said as she walked bye"hi slut" i said'oooooooo"like the whole school said"what did you just say""umm u sure you whant me to repeat?""yeah i do""ok i said HI SLUT!!!"i yelled"did you hear me?""uuhhh yeah that was kinda rude"" umm shut the hell up"i said as i walked away ........... A/N so how do you like it guys tnxs for the sopport

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