Hope for Love?

It's about anime..... but it can really be applied to any person of the same character.... I hope it's ok because its my first movella. Also, its purely fiction and I don't own any of this anime..... it's about Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto..... I hope it's okay.


1. The not-so-fateful meeting

Hikari's POV

"Run, run, Hikari!" I whispered to myself. They were after me again. The doctors, the ones who tortured me. I was their test subject. Let me first tell you about myself. My name is Hikari Kage(Light Shadow). I am part angel, part demon, and part human. Unfortunately, some evil people found out about this, and have decided that I will be their test subject. I am currently fleeing from them, right before another one of their electrifying (literally) tests. Also, my parents were killed for committing treason. And my human part of me is because I have lived so long on the earth. I am your classic imaginary 'half-angel, half-demon', except for the fact that my wings are completely black, just feathery, and I have a halo that's red.

"Run," I whispered to myself. I knew that there wasn't any real hope of escaping them, but at least if I made myself tired, I could pass out easier and not feel as much pain while they did the tests. I had long resigned to this fate of mine, but I really wish that I might be able to escape. Just once was enough. As I ran through the forest, bloody and desperate, I stumbled onto the feet of someone. I glanced up, and saw a shocked face with bright blond hair. "Help me.," I whispered weakly. "H-help." I hoped that for once this person could help. After all, he's the first person I've seen in 10 years other than the doctors, who took me once my house was burned. I whispered help to him one last time, then fainted.

Naruto POV

This tattered girl stumbled and fell near my feet. "H-help," She whispered weakly to me. I was shocked. What had happened to this girl? What village is she from? Why was she so badly wounded? And why did she seem like she was not of this earth? So many questions crossed my mind. "I better take her back to Konoha. She can get help there," I said out loud. Suddenly, a group of white-coated people burst from the foliage. "Excuse me, this girl is ours," One of them said. "Why is she so wounded?" I asked. "She just was training and she got a bit hurt," He replied. I knew that when Sasuke and I trained, we would get wounded, but this girl.... Something wasn't right. These wounds were not possible to get from a training session, even a very harsh one. "Are you sure?" I asked the lab coated people. "Yes, we would never harm our little girl," Another replied, not the same one as before. "Oh, okay," I said to them. "Here you go." As I handed her over, I formulated a plan to follow them back and listen and watch to what they do to her to make her so wounded.

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