So This is Perfection?

Megan Grace Cope was a normal 17 year old girl,cheerleader at her Highschool and at one of the best cheer gyms in the state,preatty, popular and all around good girl.but when she got her and her besfriend ticket to a one drection meet and greet.they wher excited, little did they know 2 of those 5 boys wher about to chage ther lives forever.her best friend kayllee ends up getting pregnate with niall and megan startes daiting harry.everything seams perfect but in megans life "perfect" is not in her vocabulay.will things work out for her with her and harry? he is known as the flirt after all.

( this story is simalar to the story "one night that changhed everything" but its the story of megan and harry instead.)


3. The girl in the blue convertible.

I woke up that morning.with Kaylle screaming into her phone."I DONT FUCKING CARE ABOUT A STUPID DINNER DAD ITS MY 18TH BIRTHDAY AND IF I WANNA SPEND IT WITH MEGAN IM GOING TO.AND IM GOING TO THE MEET AND GREET AND IF YOU DONT LIKE IT YOU CAN SUCK MY DICK!!!!" She hung up and threw her phone at the wall.i could Hear her breathing.she was pissed."we'll good morning to you to" I said as I stretched out and sat up in my bed."sorry meg it's just my dad is trying to get me to stay home on my birthday and go out to dinner. like hell no!!!. I'm going 2 spend it with you and wear going to the meet and great!" Haha Kay was preaty demanding all she had to do was yell at her parents and she would get whatever she wanted "at least your parents are hear and want to spend it with you. for my 17th my mom didnet even call and my dad just sent me a text msg" it was true I spent my last birthday all by sucked! "Ops sorry forgot about that."she apoligezd "Ahh your fine i would weather spend my birthday metting one direction to hahahha" I couldn't picture a better way to spend a birthday then by metting your favorite singers."haha I know!! Thanks for the 100dth time hahahaha lets get some breakfast" we got up and walked downstairs.i noticed my brother asleep on the couch in the same clothes from the day befor,"I think he's hungover" Kaylee said as she grabbed the waffles from the freezer."he better not be he knows he can't drink cause his kidneys" he had a wired kidney problem that stopes him form eatting Salt like any kind of salt.and I haven't gone down to the pharmacy to get his medicine refilled."Jackson are you hungover? Because I swear if you are" I told him he didnet even stir and he smelt like alcohol."dam he is " I just walked over to the kitchen."se I told you he was.we used to get like that when we wher his age".kayle said as she put her waffles in the toaster." He's 15 kay and he has a medical condition" I snapped back.he was my little brother I looked out for him and knowing he was drinking just botherd me."meg calm Down he's not dead he's just hungover hell get over it by tonight" she was right he could of ended up some wear else passed out." Your right i gotta calm down" I said as I grabbed a pop tart out of the panty."lets watch tv." I said once i had moved Jackson out of the way of the tv. I hit the TV guide and watched the news."eww meg why do you watch the news normal teenagers don't watch that" she said she she placed syrup over her waffles and sat down next to me. "And in recent news the famous band one direction will be in Miami today and tomorrow for ther take me home promotion tour.they will be at the mall today. They will be looking for a few lucky girls who will revive passes for ther meet and great tomorrow" did I just hear this right one direction will be at my mall the mall me and Kaylee go to all the time.we just looked at each ther in Austruck." Wear going the mall" we put our plates on the island and ran up stairs to get ready. I decide to wear white shorts.purple flipflops and my galaxy print flowy tank top with my black bathing suite top as my bra.we lived in Miami in the middle of was hot!!!.i put a little moose and hair spray in my hair and grabbed my sunglasses."hey meg you think while wear ther we can get the screen fixed for my phone?.it kinda broke when I threw it at the wall" kaylee called out from my bathroom as she was French braiding her hair."haha sure thing"she finished up with her hair and we walked downstairs to grab the keys to my Lexus convertable.i rarely every take it out only on nice days like this.we hoped in my car and drove to the mall.ther wher atleast 3,000 girls was packed!! " I gess your not the only girl who watches the news,"kayle said we he got out of my car and walked to the tech shop to get her phone fixed. we walked into the store and the guy working ther was clearly checking me and kaylee was preaty gross cause he looked at least 30 but I thought we could use this to our advantage."watch this" I whisperd in her ear as I grabbed her phone out of her pocket and walked up to the counter."what can I help you with girls."he was clearly checking out my boobs."Um yeah I cracked my phone but Its not under warranty but I really wanna get it fixed" I said with the biggest puppy dog look on my face,"oh that's no problem girl it's on the house" I handed him the phone and he took it to the back to replace the screen I turnd around to kaylee."and that's how you get your iPhone screen replaced for free" I said as I sat down in the little chairs they had." hahahhahahaa Megan you are something else like really?! Only you would do that" she was holding her sthomic from laughing so hard."what can you say I'm a flirt"i whinked to her."oh shut up" she said as she sat next to me.we waited for about 10 min untill the creepr came back with Kay's phone."hear you go darling"he said as he handed me the phone."thanks" I said as I walked out of the store.i have her back her phone and we started walking around the mall for a little bit.the whole time we wher walking we wher looking for the boys."I think the news lied to us meg ther not hear"kaylee said in a really sad voice."no ther hear the news never lies!!" We kept walking around untill we had to except the fact that we probbly missed them or they didnet really go to the mall.we sat down and had decide to eat pizaa for lunch.the whole time we wher eatting we wher just talking about how we get to meet them tomorrow!! We finished up and decided to go home.we hoped in my car and pulled outbid the parking lot.we starting drivin down the highway. I saw ther was a big acident a 18 wheeler had flipped over and tragic was backed up was competly stoped i turned off my car but left the battery on so we didnet die of heat exhaustion.for about 45 min me and Kay just talked about how excited we wher for tomorrow.and everything else one direction related.

"Why does it take so long to clean up an accident" Louis screamed from behind me.we had just laded in Miami and wher driving to our hotel."I don't know louis maybe its becuse it was a 18 whealler car now.just shut up!" I yelled back.we tend to get on each others Nerves.we wher all still jet laged from the 8 1/2 hour plane ride.we just took from California to hear.zayn and niall wher having really intense conversation about cheese I think .it was getting really Anoying so I just rested me head on the window and looked out and right next to was was a light blue lexus convertible with the top down.i could hear the words to rock me coming from the car. but thats not what caught my attention the girl inside the car it is what was.i noticed her curly light brown hair first that was glowing in the sun light. then her smile.she was laughing at the person next to her.she had sunglasses on so I couldet really see her eyes.she looked up in my direction for a second then looked back down at her phone.the windows in our car wher to dark for her to se me."wow" I said as I looked down at her."i know right harry like ther no way they can't have that cheese hear its just crazy!" Niall said .i turned my head away from the beautiful girl to look at him. I think he thought i was listing to that stupid cheese conversation."niall shut up I'm not talking about stupid cheese!" I yelled at him.he looked like he was about to cry.he was the senstive one out of us all."sorry ni I'm just really cranky" I appoligized to him."it's fine" he said as he turned around to zayn to start a new conversation about chicken.that boy really did love food.i herd the sounds of cars starting to move and when I looked out the window the girl was already gone and halfway down the street."nooo" I cried out." It's crazy how they don't have that chicken hear eather I swear these Americans are quite strange" I looked back at him in really anoyed way."ohh you weren't talking to we wher you?" He asked.i shook my head from side to side."alright then sorry".he turnd back around to zayn to finish the conversation.i looked back out the window hopeing to see the girl again but I onley saw the passing of more cars and the highway.after about a 1hr we arrived at the hotel.paul was ther to great us as we got out of the car.we pushed threw the screaming fans and the paparazzi.untill we got into our rooms.we only had about a 1hr to rest.untill we had to go to a mall and hand out passes for our meet and great tomorrow.the minute my head hit the pillow I was out.i had a dream about that one girl in the car.she was just so preatty.i mean ther are a lot of preatty girls but she just toped them the dream I was on stage and I was singing my solo in little things and I looked in the crowed and she was standing ther all by herself in the front row.but every time I tried to call out to her she wouldent hear me.i woke up to Liam nudging my shoulder."Harry,Harry wake up we gotta go to the mall thingy" he said."ugh fine fine I'm up" I said as I sat up in the bed.i looked around and everyone was already dressed and ready to go wich ment I was the last one.i got up and walked to the bathroom to take a shower. I finished up and got dressed in a simple white t-shirt and black jeans.i slipped my shoes on and walked out.we walked down to the car and drove to the mall.we pulled into the parking lot. I could hear the muffled scremes of all the girls.our u.s fans tended to be a little more outgoing then our u.k fans.we walked out and dug threw the hundreds of screaming girls and made it inside. We walked into a back room at the mall and meet up with 6 girls who we wher going to give the passes to.1 of the girls was really hot.long blonde hair,big blue eyes and I nice body. She told me her make was Cassidy and that I was her favorite.she was fleeting with me the whole time.but I just couldent get the picture of the girl in he car out of my head.we gave the passes out, took pictures and talked with them a little.the day went by in a flash I didnet really pay much attention to what was going on.i just wanted to se that girl again.

When we got to my house I saw a package laying on out door step."omg Kay look it's the passes!!!"I grabbed the package and opend my front door.i got a overwhelming smell of coffee.i looked around the corner to the kitchen and Jackson had finally woken up and was making coffee."hey look who decided to wake up"I said as I put my stuff on the table by the front door and walked over to him."shhh meg your screaming" he said as he held a finger up to my lips."hahaha no I'm not screaming your just hungover and you think I'm screaming" I told him as I moved his hand away from my face."it's a good thing your making coffee tho" I said as I walked back over to the fridge to get a drink."shhh!!!!! And I know coffee is the best thing.this isient my first time with a hangover" he whisperd.i just started laughing at him."and why are all the lights off it's almost 8:30 and its dark outside." I said as I walked over to the light switch."Megan why are you fucking with me you know what a hangover is and I swear if you turn that light on I will kill you!"he said as he looked at me."haha yeah i know I just like messing with you it's fun" I grabbed my drink and the passes form the table and walked up staries.i walked into my room and noticed kaylee with a smile on her face as she saw me come up with the passes."yess I can't wait open it open it!!"she squeld."ok ok I will" I placed my drink on my night stand and walked over to my desk and grabbed my scissors and cut the top.i Thew away the little cut piece and sat cris crossed on my bed.i pulled the passes out and a little piece of paper fell out to."these passes are for Sunday may 13, 2013 at 2:30 for a one direction meet and will recive 7min to talk and take pictures with the boys. Thank you for your purchase and have fun -one direction manegment." I read it out load as Kaylle was admiring the actuall passes." What!! Only 7 min that's crazy I need a lot more then 7 min to make niall fall in love with me!!"haha I did think 7min was a short time but I would take aneytime to spend with the boys." We'll if your nialls princess it's gonn take less then 7min for him to know.i told her"oh i am his princess"she said as she acted like ther was a crown on her head."haha oh shut up" I said as I playfully hit her.i saw Jackson come up the staries and stand at the door of my room."meg I need a refill on my medicine" he told me he was still whispering so I'm guessing the coffee Dident work that much."haha how's the hangover jack,these high school party's are fun right?" Kayle asked him. He was only a freshman going into his sohpmore these party's wher new to him" Haha YESS they are so much fun I wish I could remember it tho" he said as he started scratching his head " we'll ima go to sleep bye" and with that he walked into his room and shut the door."sleep it's 9:00" kaylee questiond. "just let him sleep it off I gotta go get his medacine.i put my Victoria pink yoga pants, a gray sweater and my toms on and walked downstairs."yeah ima stop by my house and grab a few things" she said as she walked behind me.we got in our cars and drove away.i can't believe the day we've been waiting for for 2 years was comming this time tomorrow I will have met one direction!!!!
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