So This is Perfection?

Megan Grace Cope was a normal 17 year old girl,cheerleader at her Highschool and at one of the best cheer gyms in the state,preatty, popular and all around good girl.but when she got her and her besfriend ticket to a one drection meet and greet.they wher excited, little did they know 2 of those 5 boys wher about to chage ther lives forever.her best friend kayllee ends up getting pregnate with niall and megan startes daiting harry.everything seams perfect but in megans life "perfect" is not in her vocabulay.will things work out for her with her and harry? he is known as the flirt after all.

( this story is simalar to the story "one night that changhed everything" but its the story of megan and harry instead.)


8. Next day.

"Harry come on we gotta go! If wear late well get in trouble." I woke up to Liam screaming at harry.I didnet really rember wher I was, but i did know i had a major hangover and that I was wrapped up in a big white fluffy comforter. it so comfortable I wanted to stay like that all day long."Shhhh liam your so dam loud your gonna wake her up!" Harry tried to quiet him down to keep me from wakeing late.i moved around in the bed a little but only to grab up more of the blanket"you woke her up!" I herd what sounded like someone punching someone's chest."look shes fine and who told you drink so much last night?" I herd Liam scolding Harry."well no one told me we have a photo shoot today!! And now I'm gonna get in trouble for being hungover so you know what I don't care.and did you get what I asked you to?"he asked Liam."yeah I did its over on the counter next to the TV and ok whatever you say harry. we gotta go tho everyone else is down staries" Liam said."alright give me sec." I herd Liam walk out if the room and the door shut.I herd what sounded like someone writing on something then the click of a pen.i herd light foot steps coming towards me and I quickly went still to act like I was still asleep."bye love" I felt Harry's lips touch my forhead.and he walked away and I herd the door close.i finally opend my eyes. only to close them because of the eye fluttered for a little bit while they adjusted to the light when they stoped .i sat up in the bed. And looked around. I was in a Gient king size bed and I was dead in the center.i looked over to the floor to find my shoes and preaty much all my other clothing. I looked down to see what I was wearing if everything i had was over ther.and I was wearing a black sweater that said "HS" on the top right corner.wait if everything i had was over ther and i was wearing nothing but harrys swetter then that means....... naa no way.thers probbly like a 10% chance that we had sex.i wish I hadent of blacked out and I could remember.maybe im just being crazy i laughed it off in my head.and looked over next to the TV and saw a big box of doughts and 2 drink Cariers filled with Starbucks."what in the world" I threw the blanket back and jumped down from the bed.i think I did it all a to little fast and I got a preaty bad dizzy spell and fell right back on the bed.once it was over I walked over to the food and looked over at it.ther was a note on the box."hey sorry I'm not and the boys have to go to a photo shoot.i didnet quite know what you liked. and i figured you would be hungry so I just kinda got a little bit of everything .thers a number for a taxi when your ready to go home.tho I would love it if I got to se your face when I got back :) and now I'm kinda ranting on soo ill probbly call you or text you later P.s I hade a lot of fun last night.-Harry" I probbly read the note 3-4 times just smiling ther like an idiot.ok so maybe thats like a 50% chace thats we could of slept togather.i mean he could of been talking about the club last night.or at least i hope.I opened the box and ther was a variety of donughts.i picked up one with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. I looked over at the Starbucks drinks and saw one that looked like the double chocolate chip I ushally get.i grabbed it and took a sip "YESS! It is" I thought in my head as I spied it threw the straw.i walked Into the bathroom my drink in one hand and my donught in the other.i turned the light on with my wrist and looked at my self in the mirror.holly crap did i look a hair was all over the place,makeup smugged and several hickeys on my neck.i put my stuff on the counter and fixed myself up.i put my hair in a high ponytail and i whiped off my makeup i got on my tip toes. and leaned over to get a closer look at them.ther was one right under my ear,one on my neck and one on my color bone.i looked down the shirt to se if ther wher aney more.ther was about to more on my boobs.well I gess what I was thinking was right."so come on come on and dace with me baby" that was my ring tone for Kaylee it was her favorite song. I grabbed my stuff and walked over to the bed and found my phone under the pillow. PHONECALL

me:hey Kay"I said as I had a moth full of donught

Kaylee:WHER ARE YOU?!?!??

me:well good morning to you to how's your day going.

Kaylee:I'm not kidding meg I really have to talk to you.

Me:well I don't excatly know wher I am. in Harry's room I'm gessing

Kaylle.well check cause I think I'm down the hall

Me:"ok" I got off the bed and walked over to the door and opened it."KayI'm at 292

Kaylee.ok I'm at 295 I'm coming over"

and with that she hung up the phone."oks then" I said as I threw my phone on the bed and took a bite of my donught." i should probbly put these on"I said to my self as I grabbed my bra and the pair of Nike pros I had worn under my skirt last night.i went to the bathroom and chanedg I threw Harry's sweater back soon and i walked out of the bathroom ther was a knock on the door.i walked over to it and opend and ther was Kaylle standing in the doorway.she bursts threw the door and right past me.i she was wearing a pair of leggings and a grey sweeter as she ran past me i could smell whatever was on the sweater it smelt so good!!!! "again helo kay" I said as I closed the door "Megan I'm like freaking out over hear" she said as she ran her fingers threw her hair.this wasent good.she had a history with panic attacks and they wher bad ones at that."Kay breath! You know how you get. What's wrong?!" I put my stuff on the counter and Irubbed my hands on her shoulders."i..just...errr!!!" She started paceing back and forth."kaylee tell me what the hell is going on!!" I yelled At her.we stayed in silence for a little bit."I hade sex with niall" she practly whisperd.i had to think about what she she said before I under stood."really Kay thats it i thought it was something more serious then that" I walked around her to grab my drink when I remberd that she hadent ever had a boyfriend,and that she was a virgin.i tunrd around to her"oh my god Kay I'm sooo sorry.i forgot" I told her. "wow thanks a lot meg that's really hurt some best friend you are" she told me and tears started welling up in her eyes she started walking to the door."no!" I ran in front of the door befor she could open it."look I'm sorry so sorry I forgot that.thats something big and I competly blew it of and i know how you said you wanted to wait till you wher married and that was a really bitchey thing for me to say.plese forgive me.i really wanna know what happend" She didnet even look at me I saw a tear fall from her face.she looked up at me." I broke the one promise I made to my self." I stepped over to her and just let her cry into my shoulder.kaylee was a party girl,she would do preaty much Aneything and everything but she had one rule that she wasent gonna have sex untill she was married.she was very strict about it.and now she probbly thinks her life is over.i could feel her starting to hyperventilate into my shoulder.i pushed her off but kept my hands on her shoulder."Kay breath!.come on you know how to stop this." She just kept doing it and she was trying to talk to sounded like she was trying to say no or why.i couldent tell wich.i grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bathroom and sat her on the floor I turnd the hot water on in the shower.and let the steam full the room.she started having these really bad attacks in about 7th grade so I know how to control them by now.after about 5min of her crying and hyperventinating she finally calmed down enoughy for me to talk to her."you done?" I asked her."yeah I'm done sorry" she said as she looked at me. I moved over to sit next to her."your sorry? I'm the idiot that forgot something that important" I laughed into her shoulder."and I'm the idiot who had a panic attack over it. And had to get calmed down with steam"we finished laughing and I got up and turnd the Water off.we walked back into the room and I finally got to finish my donught."who got the Starbucks and donughts" kaylee said as she opend the box and took one."Harry he got them for me this morning".i said with a silly smile on my face."aww ain't that sweet.i woke up to nothing" she said."haha well they hade to go to a photoshoot this morning that's why" I took another sip of my drink."how do you know?" She exclaimed."Harry left this." I gave her the note and she read it over."awww that's so cute Meg so did you hook up with him?" She asked me ."I really wish I knew"I said back."WHAT?!?!? YOU DON'T REMEMBER??" Kaylee yelled at me."no Kay I don't i blacked out the last thing I rember is eatting we wher pizza!" I yelled back."well when I left you two wher allover Eachother so yeah I'm thinking yes"she said she she pointed at me."we'll ill ask him later" I said as I grabed another donught."are we staying hear?" "I don't know i might go home for a little.but fist lets finish the donughts"I grabbed the box and we sat on the bed just talking and laughing"so what went down?" I asked her as I took a sip of my drink."oh you know the ushall"she said as started smiling."aww look at you all happy" I said as I playfully pushed her." Well even tho I broke my promise and preaty painfull. it was still really fun"she said as she shrugged her shoulders "hahaha aww poor Kay"I said as I was laughing at her."don't laugh at me!.its not even that funny"she had a frown on her face."hahaha no it is preaty funny Kay"and for about 20 more monthes I just kept joking her.i knew she hates it but I'm her best friend that's what I'm saposed to do. 'all i have to say is BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!" I just laughed at her as i took a bite of another donught.'haha well i hope it wa your welcome fo rme gettinthe passes and makeing this all possible". i sais with a mouthfull "thank you megan" she said as she leaned over to give me a hug. "no problem girly" i said as i huged her back.


HARRY'S POV. " Harry boy why do you look so sick?" my makeup stylest scolded me."im sorry no one told me that we hade this and we went out last night" i explaid to her.i knew i was gonna get in trouble."ohh i see well we'll put a little bit of this on and youll look completley normal" "haha thanks carla" she put this powder stuff on my face and you couldn't even se the bags under my eyes"BOYS OVER HEAR" the photogapther called us over and put us all into our spots."Ok harry you hear,zayn hear, niall on that step louis to the right of him and Liam to his left."how much longer do we have to be hear?" I leaned over to zayn."I think about 4hrs or so" he replied."really? Wev already been hear for about 2!!" I exclaimed."aww look who wants to get back to Megan" louis chimed in from behind me."yes i really do wanna get back to her"i raised my hand and hit him across the chest and he slapped me on the back of my thing I new we wher in the floor play fighting ."boys please behave" the photographer was trying to get us to stop but we didnet Listin.liam picked me up off of louis and sat be back down and him and louis went back to ther spots." Ok boys smile" we all smiled and took about 30 or so pictures."ok boys break" I got up and ran to wear my phone was to text Megan."hey love.i just wanted to say hey and that I hope you enjoyed the donughts and the coffee.ill see you later if your still at the hotel.or if you would like later tonight for dinner?"I hit the send button and I hadent realized louis and niall wher reading the whole message over my shoulder."hey love wanna go out tonight?" Louis was trying to act like me."well I don't your harry styles from one direction and I'm just a normal girl from Miami who is in love with you"niall said as he tried to act like a girl" oh don't worry love I got you" louis picked up niall and Sean's him around"guys shut up! and I wouldent be talking niall you and kaylee wher getting preaty hot last night.aneything go down?" He was laughing at first but the minitue I said that he want all serious."well.." He started but louis cut him off "NIALL GOT IT IN,FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!" I stood ther in disbalif."no way really nial?" By then zayn and Liam showed up and we wher all standing around niall.his face was bright red.he was trying to hide it by pulling his shirt over his face."aww he did go niall!!!" Liam said."guys stop" niall said threw his shirt."no we will not stop our little baby is growing up!" Louis said as he acted like he was whiling away a tear."why is everyone flipping out on me.what about you harry!!He said as he took his face out of his shirt.everyone turnd to look at me."haha yeah about that" my phone went of saying I got a text.i grabbed it out of my pocket and walked away."I'm taking that as a yess" louis screamd down to me.i opend the text."haha hey.thanks for the donughts they wher amazing,me and kaylee ate the whole box.and sure dinner tonight sounds grate<3" I was preaty excited that she wanted to go out.but instead of a groupe date it would just be the two of us.i texted her back telling her to be ready by 8:00 and put my phone back on the table.i walked back over to the boys who wher still joking niall."guys leave him alone" I said as i the joined the group ."you never answerd the question" zayn asked "your really asking him that zayn.i think we all know that it's a yes."Liam told him."wait what?how?" I asked him back."well first both of you wher drunk beyond belief.2nd when we wher all in your room you to wher practly dry humping Eachother.and 3 you guys wher so fucking loud!!!! Oh my god it was quite disqusting"louis explained to me.i could feel the blood rushing up to my cheeks."oh yeah" I looked down at the floor,as the memories from last night came flouding back."now he's getting all flustered. Now it was my turn to start getting harrased.they joked me for about a good 5mintues"you guys done?" I asked them."hahaha that was a good one zayn.and yeah I'm done." We got called over to the set and we all got set up like we had thing I new the photographer called it a wrap and we all got to leave.we got driven back to the hotel and I was hopeing to se Megan ther but I was sadley surprised when she wasent In the room.i texted her to ask wher she had gone and she said she had to go home but that she would be ready for our date tonight. I texted her back saying "can't wait<3" and threw my phone on the bed and started getting ready.

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