So This is Perfection?

Megan Grace Cope was a normal 17 year old girl,cheerleader at her Highschool and at one of the best cheer gyms in the state,preatty, popular and all around good girl.but when she got her and her besfriend ticket to a one drection meet and greet.they wher excited, little did they know 2 of those 5 boys wher about to chage ther lives forever.her best friend kayllee ends up getting pregnate with niall and megan startes daiting harry.everything seams perfect but in megans life "perfect" is not in her vocabulay.will things work out for her with her and harry? he is known as the flirt after all.

( this story is simalar to the story "one night that changhed everything" but its the story of megan and harry instead.)


4. Meet and great.

That morning went by so fast.kaylles parents made her stay at ther house for the night.she called me at midnight crying saying "oh my parents hate me why would they do this to me"which was totally untrue she got Aneything she wanted at the drop of a making her spend one night home with her parents was perfectly normal.i walked down staries to make my self breakfast.i usually grab a pop tart or something but I nedded to have a actual meal.i made my self chocolate chip Panckaes,eggs and these little special Spanish sausages.yess I am Spanish,100% Puerto Rican. I got mistaken for black or mixed a because my skin is preaty light but my hair is dark dark brown.i loved my heritage and I was proud of it.i finished up with breakfast and walked up staries to get ready.i got in the shower and About 5min in I herd my phone ringing.i reached my hand out and hit answer and the speaker botton.
Phone call
Kaylle:what time are you coming to get me?
Me:well hello to you to. how's it going and HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!
Kaylee:haha thanks girl and good so far my parents are Beeing a bit Anoying but I can deal,but for real when you coming cause i gotta start getting ready and are you in the shower??
Me:haha no problem and oh shut up they love you ther just trying to be nice it's your birthday and i dont know maybe around 12:30 ill be ther.and yess I am in the getting ill call you back when I'm leaving
Kaylee:haha oh wou would and oks bye bye
End phone call
I finished in the shower and put some random clothes on while I was doing my hair. I decided to straighten it out.after a while if I have it curly to much I get sick of it.i blow dried it and ran the flat iron over it.when I was done i did my make up.i kept it simple but went all out on the eyeshadow I did dark blue on top then white underneeth and a little bit of red right in the corner.i walked ln to my closest and picked up the clothes."oh shoot my belly ring" I ran over to my dresser and pick up the baggy it was in.i took my pink and black diamond one out and placed the British flag one in.i put lotion all over my body so I wouldn't be ashy. and put my top fell right above my belly button so you can se the ring perfectly.i sliped my shorts on and right when I was about to put my sandels on I thought I should paint my nails.i grabbed red white and blue nial polish and alternated each color between each toe.i was about half way threw when Jackson came into my room."you meeting that band today?" He asked he didnet really like them he just put up with them."haha YESS and I'm super excited"I said as as I was waving my hands up and down."haha I can se that,I know it's kaylles birthday today so I got her this"he pulled out a light blue Tiffany jellwery box "it's kinda a thank you and a birthday present.she was with you when all the stuff with mom happend and she helped you threw it and shes like a second sister to hear" he lightly threw the box at me and I opend it it and was in austruck, it was a clover neclance with a ring of green diamonds all around the top ans clear diamonds in the middle and on the stem it was brown was really preaty "woah didnet think you could pick something out like that and sure ill give it her"I got up and put the neclance in my bag"give me some credit I pay attention.i remember her saying shes Irish"wich was true she was half Irish from her mom.thats why she liked niall so much."thanks meg" and with that he walked out of my room.i finished my nialls and put my sandels on.i grabbed the passes my phone and Kaylle presets.mine didnet even compare to Jackson's preset,I jut got her a one of a kind card board cut out of niall I mean she already had one but this one was life size I got her that 2 pairs of toms and a juicy couture purse,and a pair of Tiffany earrings.i put them All in a big present bag.and walked down staries.i put them in the back seat if my car..i got in the front seat and started driving to kaylles.about halfway threw I texted Kaylle and told her I would be ther in about 5min.she didnet text me back so I figured she was still getting ready. I pulled up to her house but I didnet feel like staying in my car so I grabbed her presents and walked inside her house.i was like the2nd daughter so I never had to knock whenever I got ther.i had closed the door and her mom was in the kitchen"hey mama"I said as I placed the bag on the counter and walked over to give her a hug."oh my goodness Megan it's been so long how's are you" She said as she huged me back."hahaha I know it has been a while and I'm good" I told her as I walked over to the fridge to get a drink."we'll thats good let me call Kaylle.kayy."."no no it's fine" I inturped her "let her get ready this is a big day for her"I told her mom."Sara can you tell me ... Megan!! Heyy" her dad said coming around the corner"hahaha hey Jim" I said as I walked over to sit at the island."how are you doing?how's mom and dad? he asked me ."ther fine dads in London and my moms still in Purto Rico" I told him "oh well that's nice you know you can always come hear if you need Aneything" he said as he was filling the dog bowl"yeah i know haha thanks." And right when I said that chance ther Grate Dane come around the corner.he came right up to me and placed his head in my lap"hahaha hey chance how are you?" I asked him as I peted his head."come on chance go eat"Jim called over to him and he walked over and started eatting his food."wear is Megan it's 11:30 and we have 2 be get earley!!!"I herd Kaylle say as she came down the staries."haha I'm right hear you ididot"I screamed to her from the island."wait howed you get in hear?" She questiond me."this is like my second house you really think I have to knock?? Oh and hears your birthday presents" I told her as I got up and gave the big bag of presents to her."awww thanks meg!!"she said as she sat down next to me on the island and started pulling things out of the the bag 1st the purse,then the toms and my earrings.the cut out and Jackson's necklace wher last.she pulled out the cut out and started screaming wich scared everyone including the dog."Kayllee Marie!!" Her mom scolded her "mom look what is its.a life size 1of niall!!!" She told her mom."haha Thers one more in ther" i told her she looked in the bag and reached her hand in and pulled out Jackson's preset."Tiffany oh la la thanks meg"she said as she started opening "it's not from me it's from Jackson"she opend the box and her hand wher to her mouth and it looked like she was going to start crying." This is absolutely the most beautiful preset ever! This is crazy i love it help me put it on" I helped her put on and she ran to the living room to look in the mirror."it's so preaty!!" She said as she was looking at it in the mirror."yeah I tought my little brother well haha come on we gotta go!!" She put her stuff in her room,said bye to her parents and we walked out to my car.we got in and started driving to the mall.we thought that scince it was a private meet and great it wouldn't be to packed but wher wher wrong ther was at least 100-150 girls ther."well Damn why is This mall always packed!!!"Kaylle said as we got out of the car and she placed the passes around her neck."haha I wish I knew!" We walked I nside the mall and showed security our passes befor we got in line,we wher closer to the back of the line witch made us a little upset.but at least we got to see them.we wher standing in love for about 30 min untill we herd screaming.we looked up at the table wear they would be siting and sure enough they wher walking up to ther seats.louis of course always Beeing the funny one stood on top of the table and started waving to and Kaylee started screaming at the top of our lungs and fangirlg like crazy.they eventually sat down so we couldent see them again but they wher ther and that's what made me happy,

"Ok boys 7 min with each person dosent matter if its 10 people or 1 person 7min" manegment told us. Wear preaty used to this wev herd it all befor."ok ok we get it can we go now?" Louis told them.he didnet reay like manegment.they wher always making him act more mature but that's not him he liked acting the way he wanted to."ok fine go and louis pleas behave" we walked out and the screaming of the girls started.we wher preaty used to it by now,but evey once and a while it would bother my ears."haha take this maegment" and with that Louis jumped on the table and started waving to eveyone,after a little bit he jumped down and stood next to me."Louis! They told you to behave that wasent behaving!" Liam scolded him."Liam what are they gonna do?? Just yell at me for a little bit ther not gonn kick me out or Aneything" he told him as we took our seats.the 1st people showed up and we sighned the posters they had ther and we took pictures and talked with them for a little.we did this for Almost 1hr and ther was still about 100 people to go."I gotta take a break" they made an announcement on the intercome as I stood up to walk away I looked over at the line of prople and I saw her.the girl from the car yesterday.she was hear.she was looking at her phone so she didnet notice me staring at her."come on Harry" zayn snapped me out of my trance and we walked behind the curtain to get some water and relax."so what wher you staring at out ther mate?" Zayn asked me when he was done drinking his water."oh nothing" I said in a relaxed way" oh no you wher staring at something what what's it" niall asked as he starting pokeing me."all right all right ill tell you." All ther faces wher very excited about that I was gonna tell them."a girl.i saw her the other day and she was really preaty and I thought I was never gonna se her agin but shes out ther waiting to meet us" they wher all kinda quiet but Liam broke the silence "awwwww Harry's got a Crush.come on lads lets go out ther and help harry meet his girl"and with that we all walked back out to the table and started singing more autagraphs and talking pictures.

"OMG wear so close ther right their!!! Kaylle take pictres"ther was about 2 people in front of us and them we wher next.i couldent believe the boys wher right I front us.the boys iv been in love with for the past 2years wher right I front of us.i was taking so Maney pictures my phone battery was getting really low.but I didnet care I wasent gonna be texting anybody back aneyway. "Next" they next group went up "meg wear next!!!" Kaylle started screaming" "i know ok just don't pass out"I told her. "No prommises" she replied."next" security called us up."AAAHHHHHHHH Megan wear going" Kayllee started screaming in my ear."I know Kaylle just breath" we walked up in front on the table."hey girls"Liam said to us.i had to turn my brain back on to rember how to say hi"hi Liam"me And Kaylle said In unison.niall had looked up from the poster he was about to sighn "what are your girls names ."Megan and Kaylle but do hers first its her birthday" I told him."oh really?"he asked looking at Kaylle she just smiled and noded."well happy birthday princess"he as he smiled at her.i could feel her staring to lean on me a little bit oh hell no shes not passing out!! I pinched her back and pushed her off of me. she snapped out of it.she got her poster sighed then it was my turn.I was completely caught of gard when I got up for Harry for him to sighn my poster and he said"well I know this is gonna sound a bit off and out of context but your really beautiful Megan" he looked up at me after he had sighed the poster.his eyes wher really green like emerald green.I just smiled And started blusing"well thank you" i said i was still in aw that he just called me beautful and he knew my name!!!!they all sighned the poster and stood up for our picture.Kayllee got one with just her and them.niall was standing right next to her.he looked quite smitten actually.then it was my turn.harry had switched places with zayn so that he was next to me.i stood in the middle and he wrapped his had around my waist.i got tingles all down my back."ok smile"Kaylle took the picture then came over for both of us to take a picture.we wher in the middle with niall on her right and Harry to my left .and Louis was behind us and had placed his head right between our and Kay just started laughing they took the pictures on our phones.we said thanks to the boys and started walking down the stairs.

That was the girl.she was even more beuatful now that I got so her her actual face.and her body was pretty hot to.i watched as she walked down the stairs."dude go get know you wanna talk to her and i want to see her friend again to" niall told me as he started shoving me down the stairs "what am I saposed to say?!" I told him back." why are you asking me? your the flirt.oh i know its kaylles birthday ask if they wanna come out with us tonight to celebrate" I turned around and ran over to them."hey girls" they turned around and wher In shock "well niall told me it was your birthday today so if you don't have any plans we wher wondering if you would like to come out with us tonight?"I think they wher still in schock cause none of them said Aneything they just staried at me and nodded"haha ill take that as a yes.hears my number ill call you later tonight"I reached around and grabbed Megan's phone out of her back pocket,put my number in and texted myself so I had her number. I gave it back to her.i kissed her on the Cheak and said "hope to see you tonight beautyful" and with that I walked back up to the table to finish the meat and great.

Megan's POV
Thers no way that could of happened. no absolute way.I was dreaming.this was all a big dream and I was just gonna wake up and be In my room.i could feel myself falling into kaylees side but she pushed me up and started slapping my back."Megan meg,snap out of it, come on we gotta go,"I didnet even know what I was doing but I rember lifting myself into me car."kaylee am I dreaming? Like did that just really happen?" I asked as I looked at her And placed my hand up to me Cheak wear he had kissed me ."no Megan that really did just happen harry styles just asked us to go out with him tonight's and kissed you on the Cheak!!!!!!!!"" She screamed the last part of that .it snapped me out of the trance I was in .i grabbed my phone out of my pocket,unlocked it and went to my contacts and typed in styles.and sure enough"harry styles" came up in my contact list."AHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I screamed for about a good 2-3 minitus."you done meg"? Kaylee asked me."yeah I think I'm done" I Said as I took some deep breths."we'll come on let's go to your house to get ready" she said as she grabbed the keys from my hand and put them in the egnition."what makes you think that ther actually gonna go out with us? Wear just two normal girls from Miami "I said as I pulled out of the parkin lot.right when I said that I got a text. it was from Harry saying "be ready by 10:30 beautyful xo".i just looked at shock again."but they don't know wear you live how's he's gonna come get you??"Kaylle asked
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