So This is Perfection?

Megan Grace Cope was a normal 17 year old girl,cheerleader at her Highschool and at one of the best cheer gyms in the state,preatty, popular and all around good girl.but when she got her and her besfriend ticket to a one drection meet and greet.they wher excited, little did they know 2 of those 5 boys wher about to chage ther lives forever.her best friend kayllee ends up getting pregnate with niall and megan startes daiting harry.everything seams perfect but in megans life "perfect" is not in her vocabulay.will things work out for her with her and harry? he is known as the flirt after all.

( this story is simalar to the story "one night that changhed everything" but its the story of megan and harry instead.)


7. Kik's

"Thers no way that's humminly possible that's crazy!" Louis exclaimed as they watched a video of me doing my standing full from cheer."it's not that complicated once you get a hang of it" I said as I was laughing.we finished dinner and wher now on the way to the club.kaylle had managed to pull her self away from niall long enough to join the group conversation." I have a back flip!" She exclaimed."her's is cooler" zayn corrected her.she just turnd aroun a started pouting"well whenever I get a chance I wanna lurn how to do that!" Louis said as he handed me back my phone"no louis" elanour scolded him like a lite kid "aww why?! He pouted."well 1st when are you ever gonna use it?,second it takes quite a while to lern that and you don't have that kind of time and 3rd you are to idiotic and would probbly kill yourself doing it."after eveything she said he would nod his head in agreement."well then." He said as he crossed his arms and started pouting again."I still love you tho" she said as she leaned over and placed a soft kiss on his lips.they wher cute like you could get a cavity from just looking at them cute."so did you enjoy dinner?" I was cought of gard when Harry asked me a question."oh yeah it was really good" "well I'm glad you enjoyed it." I looked up at him and just smiled.even tho we wher sitting right next to eachother he was a lot taller then me.and you could tell."so what's the best club in town?" Zayn asked.i looked over at Kayllee and at the same time we both screamed"KIKS!!!!!!" It was probbly the best club ever. The music was always good and they like ratley ever I.D eneyone so that's why we got in half the time."haha well then that's wear wear going!" Zayn said as he pointed to Kay and started laughing.we drove the rest of the way all laughing and having a good time.i happend to look over at Kaylle who had throw her legs over nialls lap and had ther faces near inches apart.nialls had was slowly creeping up her thigh."ew" I said quietly to my self."what?" Harry asked.i guessd he herd me ."hah oh nouthing I was just seing how my best friend is a whore!!" I screamed over to kaylee who just Flicked me off and went right back to getting all tochy feely with niall "haha dang niall I Dident think you wher like that" he called over to him. but he didnet even pay attention to him and kept talking to Kay.i was looking around to se everyone and everyone was all coupled up and looking so cute with Eachother.then ther was me and harry just sitting next to eachotber.i gess we wher on the same page because I felt a hand wrap around my waist. I looked up to harry with a kinda shocked face."oh my bad I'm sorry".he moved his hand away."no your fine" I grabbed his hand and placed it back on my side. He was Abel to cover my whole waist with 1 oh his hands.i scooted a bit closer to him.and we stayed like that the whole way to the club.

"TIME TO PARTY!!!" Louis screamed out at we pulled into the club.everone piled out.and me and Megan wher last.i could tell she was still kind of taken back by all the paparazzi and screaming fans.i looked down and grabbed her hand "dont worry i gotcha" i said and held it in mine as we walked out of the limo."thanks" she said into my chest as I pulled her threw the croud.we got into the club and it was preaty nice.ther wher black and purple circle couches everywhere and a Gient dance floor in the middle.the lights and music wher preaty good to.we walked into our V.I.P section wich was a balcony overlooking the whole club."this is quite nice" Liam said as he looked over the railing at the people dancing."now you get to see how Miami girls party" Kaylle grabbed Megan's hand forceing me to drop the hand I was holding .and took her down the staries and out to the middle of the dance was kinda hard to recognize them once ther wher in the sea of people.i was frantically looking over the balcony looking for her.i didnet want her to get out of my sight."I have never seen you like this really do care for her" I was cought off gard when Liam started talking to me."you have no idea " I said as I looked over at him."if its ment to me it'll happen everything will fall into place" He had to learn in closer to my ear so i could actually hear him over the music."thanks liam" I said as I turnd back around to look over the balcony.i looked down to wear they wher standing but ther weren't ther.i frantically started searching the whole club looking for kaylles green dress.i saw them come up the staries from the corner of my eye and I relaxed a little."I haven't been hear in forever!! I forgot how much fun it is" Megan told Kaylle as they sat down on the purple couch."are we drinking or no?" Niall asked."YESS" Megan and perri yelled out.niall took everyone's orders and I was a bit surprised when Megan order two shots of blue raspberry vodka."your not even saposed to be drinking" I said as I took a seat next to her."are you gonna tell on me?" She asked in a cute little tone."Naa ill keep my mouth shut" I said as I pressed my forhead to hers.i looked at her lips and licked mine.i really wanted to kiss her." Just go for it styles" I thought to myself .i was right about to lean In to kiss her when niall came back with a Gient plate with drinks on it."order up" he placed the drinks on the table and eveyone grabbed what they orderd.megan was about to grab both shots but I beat her To it and grabbed her second one." Heyy" she said in a whining tone."your not even saposed to have this now shh" I told her"you eather!!!!" She yelled at me.i herd her laughing then she turnd around to Kaylle and they interlocked ther arms like they do with wedding cakes and took ther shots.i laughed a little and took mine.we put the glasses back on the was only my first drink and i already wanted another one"niall get me anther one" I called out to him"I'm not your waiter get it yourself" he said as he pointed to wher the bar was." I stood up to go and really fast paced song came on and megan shot up next to me falling into my side for a little " Kay our song!!!" Kaylle stoop up and they went back down to the dance floor I walked over to the bar and orderd 2 more shots of the vodka i was waiting for the bartendter to make them and i checked my phone and it was 1:45 am and I hade 2 from my mom who hadent talked to in days.and one from my sister.i opend my moms first" how are you baby just wanted to know what you wher up to love you" I was about to text back when I saw the bartender what's done with the drinks I put my phone in my pocket,grabbed my shots and walked back over to the couch.i was about to sit down and pulled out my phone. I decided to text my mom back when it wasent excatly 6:00 in the morning over ther.i took my shot and my eyes closed from the bitter ness I opend them and saw Megan come back up the satires and stand right I front of me ."hey you wanna dance? I looked up at her she was shyly smiling "haha I would love to" I stood up and walked behind her down the dance floor.the lighting was preaty hectic so no one recognized who I was .wich I was preaty happy about.for once I was acting like a normal teenager.out with my friends at a club and danceing with a girl who I really liked.

I was in the middle of the dance floor with Harry' first we wher awkwardly standing in front of Eachother just kind of sawing side to side.i looked over my shoulder to se Kaylle grinding on niall his hand wher on her hips and her ontop of his.i looked around and preaty much everyone else was dancing like that to except Danielle and Liam I didnet quite know what she was doing but knowing her it was some really fancy danceing.ushally im the first to start danceing like that but this was a diftritet situation.i Dident know if it was all the Shots of vodka, I didnet wanna look like a weirdo or the fact that I really wanted to dance.but I had a wave of energy rush over me .i turnd around and started grinding with Harry.i could tell he was cought off gard a little bit but he know what was going on.he put his hands on my hips pushing me closer to him.the song changed to "let me se hips swing" by savage it was probbly one of my favorite songs to dance to.kaylle had seen me and walked over go me"Megan this is your song shits about to go down" I just laughed at her she stood i front me so we wher faceing Eachother with niall standing behind and kaylee wher just laughing and talking to Eachother the whole time while we wher still dancing.harry had moved his hands up to reach mine.we interlocked fingers and I raised my hands so they wher above my head while they wher still holding Harry's."your a really good dancer" he whisperd in my ear.i looked up At him from the corner of my eye"so iv been told" I turnd around so I was faceing him.he moved his hand so they wher on my hips and I threw mine up so they wher rapped around his neck.he lowerd his head like he was gonna kiss me.i got on my tipi toes and rested my forhead agenst his i was looking into his eyes which wher a bueatful color of green like emerald green it took my breth away."girl your one of a kind" he whisperd in my ear."haha iv also been told that" I said back.he leaned in closer so that now our Noses wher touching.he looked at my lips and licked his.i started biting my lip."holly crap he's gonna kiss you harry styles is gonna kiss you.act normal act normal" I thought to my self as he leaned in closer.i closed my eyes and I felt our lips touch.iv kissed other guys befor but ther was just something about this one that felt difrient. it was like our lips wher made for Eachother. it didnet feel like it was forced or hands started messing with the little curls that fell at his neck and his hands moved from my hips to my upper back.his toungh was traceing my lips.trying to get in my mouth. I gave in and opend my mouth.his toung rushed in and started playing with mine.i don't know how long we stayed Like that it felt like it was only seconds but Kaylle inturepted us by saying" ok ok enoughy you to.its groos watching you to make out"she said as she stood in the middle of us and pushed us apart.kaylee grabed my hand and pulled me out to start dancein with her.i started jersey turnpikeing on her and she just went along with it.when I got up she pushed me away throwing me into Harry's chest."scratch that your defintly the best dancer ever"he told me again." Haha well thanks" I told him back.after about another 30 min of danceing again we got tired and we went up to sit down.harry hadent let go of my hand scienc we started danceing again.we sat down and had a couple more shots.some how we started playing never have I ever"never have I ever stole a car" zayn one took drinks except for Liam .i was really surprised when Liam was the first one out."Really Liam really?" Zayn looked at him in a questionable way "I hade a bit of a wild side when I was 14" he said as he finished his bear.we finished the game and niall was the one to win,poor little baby was like an angle compared to all of us. I had about three more beers and two more shots and everything started getting a bit blurry and fuzzy I rember leaving the club hand in hand with Harry and going back to a hotel, we wher all in a room eatting pizza and drinking some more.the last full thing I remember was seing kaylee walk out with niall and getting into a very heavey make out session with Harry.
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