So This is Perfection?

Megan Grace Cope was a normal 17 year old girl,cheerleader at her Highschool and at one of the best cheer gyms in the state,preatty, popular and all around good girl.but when she got her and her besfriend ticket to a one drection meet and greet.they wher excited, little did they know 2 of those 5 boys wher about to chage ther lives forever.her best friend kayllee ends up getting pregnate with niall and megan startes daiting harry.everything seams perfect but in megans life "perfect" is not in her vocabulay.will things work out for her with her and harry? he is known as the flirt after all.

( this story is simalar to the story "one night that changhed everything" but its the story of megan and harry instead.)


6. 38's


"Ugh!!! Wear are the boys? It's almost 9:30.we gotta go!" I was paceing around the room waiting for them to walk threw the door.

"Harry calm down.theyll be hear" niall said as he was eatting a bag of chips on the bed.

"hey you might wanna change your outfit" he pointed to me with a chip.

"What? Why? What's wrong with this?"

I was wearing black jeans and a white t shirt.right after I said that the girls walked in."hey harry" eleanor came and gave me a hug then Perrie then Danielle

."hey girls i have a question should I put a blazer on with this or no?"

I asked them.they all started at me for a second then a courses of yes's came out

"alright then" i walked over to the closet and picked out a dark blue one with HS in cursive writing on the pocket.

"better?" I asked while i put it on.

"ther you go styles.that looks a lot nicer" Perrie told me as she slapped me on the back.

"ok ther all hear now can we go?" I really wanna eat I'm hungry" niall said as he slipped his shoes on and started walking out the door.

"niall you just ate a whole bag Of that even humanly possible?" Liam called out after him

"lets just go" i said as i pulled my converse on.we all walked out threw the paparazzi and the fans.and got In the car.

"who called for the limo?" I asked.

"oh it was me.caue I knew ther was gonna be 10 of us" zayn called out from behind me.we all piled in leaving me and niall withy the empty seats because our girls weren't hear yet.i gave the driver Megan's address and we started driving.niall being the drinker.had found the bottle of champaign and we all had a glass.even tho louis's the only one who is legally alowed to drink In the states it's never really stoped us was about 10:15 so we wher gonna make it ther on time.

"so styles who's this girls that's got your heart all caught up?" I looked over at eleanour who was starting at me with full content.

"well I saw her when we wher stuck in trafic in her car and she just cought my eye.but she drove away so I thought I was never gonna se her again. But she came to the meet and greet and she was just so beautful and I just couldent stand to not se her again so I invited her and her friend out tonight.i don't know what it is but Thers something about her that I just can't point out.i don't even act the same when I'm around ushally a big flirt and I'll admit that but I like freeze up when I'm around her i just don't know" I explained the story to her.

"but you wher preaty bold when you talked to her before and you texted her when we wher in the room"niall told me

"yeah I know. It was I just couldent Handel the fact of never seing her again.and i didnet even think about it i just did it. and that was the first time i actually texted her and that was because i had to.and I had to make it sound like it was still coming from me. and when i sent that i felt like my heart was gonna jump out my chest. the rest if the texts wher from zayn, i asked him to do it for me cause I couldent " I told him back.

i got a chous of awws from the girls.

"aww harrys got a crush and a bad one at that.well dont wory mate well get her to like you" Danielle had chimed in.

"She already does.she was staring at him the whole time this afternoon" Liam told her.

"well fair waring they might be a little shy tonight you know hanging out with us is sorta a big deal so be nice please" I said in a puppy dog face.

"when are we never nice?" Zayn chimed in

."come on guys just please" they all said ok.and we drove the rest of the way all chit chatting and having a good time.




"IT'S ALMOST 10:15 MEGAN HURRY UP IN THE SHOWER!!"Kayllee was banging on the door of my bathroom rushing me to get out.

i don't really know why tho, she can just do her make up on the vanity .thats what ther for.

"kay stop yelling at me,ill be out in a sec!!!" I yelled back at her.

 i herd her walk away.i finally finished in the shower and got out.i turned the fan on and waited till all the steam was out to take my hair out of the shower cap so it wouldent get frizzy but just to be on the safe I also ran the curling iron threw it a couple times.i got dressed and walked into my room .and sure enoughy Kayllee was doing her make up in the vanity.she had changed her outfit so she was wearing a mint green high low halter dress withs brown belt around the waist.

"see Kay thas what the vanitys are for!!" It told her as I pointed to the vanity.

"and I didnet even know I owned that dress"

I said as I looked over her dress

"oh no you don't i left it hear sophomore year and never got it back haha but you like?.i thought scince wear going for dinner and the club I thought this was a little bit nicer oh and these shoes"

she ran to my closet and pickup a pair of brown wedges.

"the looks really cute Kay!!" I complimented her.

i turnd around and grabbed my make up bag and sat next to her and did mine.the usually but like always I go all out on the eyeshadow.light pink with black strips at the top and bottom.

"We look hot!" Kaylle said once i put my make up back in my bag.

"what time is it?" I said as I got up to put the bag back on the dresser and grabed a sliver glittery clutch.

"10:28" she said really calmly.i looked at her for a second then I realized what she just said.10:28 they would be hear in two minitus.

"10:28!!!! Holly crap!!" Kaylle had shot up and was racing around my room to find the earrings to go with her outfit,putting her shoes on switching her stuff over to her clutch and putting lotion on.i on the other had was trying to find a pair of shoes to wear.i seteled on the pair Kay was going to wear earlier and just slipped them on.i lotiond up and checked my self over in the mirror one last time.kaylle came up and stood right next to me a little out of breath but looking her best.even with her heals she was shorter then me.

"we look really hot" kaylee said as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and took her phone out to take a picture.

we posed for about 7-8 pictures.

"happy birthday"i said as I leaned Into her side to give her hug.

"thanks love" she said with a smile on her face

i was gonna tell her something else but my phone had  inturpetd me.I grabed it out of my clutch and it was harry\

"hey wear hear you mind coming outside?"

I didnet even text him back I just looked at Kaylle

 " ther hear" I said in the creepy voice like that movie.

we walked down stairs.i opend the front door and shoved Kaylle out first,then i went after her.i closed it behind me and I was in shock when I turned my head around to the street. and ther was a Gient white hummer limo sitting in my driveway.

"well dam they go all out" kaylle said as she started walking towards it.

"hey wait for me!!" I called out after her and I jogged next to her.

we had walked around the Corner and niall was standing ther ready to open the door.

"Heyy it's nice to se you again princess.he said as he lifted Kay into the limo. hello Megan" he said as he helped me in.

Kaylle had stoped right in the middle of the entrance so I had to push her butt to get her to move.once she had taken a seat I Finally noticed what she was staring at.the girls wher ther,but not aney normal girls. Perrie Edwards.Danielle peazer and Eleanor Calder.the 3 girls we'v been jellous of for the past 2 years because they wher daiting the boys.

"I love your dress wear did you get it?" Kaylle looked down at her dress and looked back up to se who had just said that.

"haha yes you Your dress is Very preatty" Eleanor said

"well thank you" was all she said back. i could tell she was in shock she alasy gets really quiet and awkard.i was about to sit next to her when niall took my seat.i looked around and the only seat  open was next to harry.

"hello" he whisperd in my ear once i was seated it sent shivers all down my back.

"hi" was all i managed to get out.

we pulled out of my drive way and down the road.i didnet know whear we wher going but seing how they came and got us. it would probbly be fancy.i just sat ther for a little bit looking at kaylle not knowing what to say.ther was an awkward tenshion in the air and I know I'm not the only one who felt it.

"drinks?" I looked over at niall who was opening a bottle of champaign.

he was putting it in glasses.i dident really like champaign but I needed something to losen me up.he handed me a glass and I almost chugged the whole thing down In about 2min.affer that I felt the mood relax a bit.i looked over at Kaylle who was in a deep conversation with niall about Ireland.and eveyone else was talking about something back in London.

"You alright?" I looked up at Harry who was looking at me.

"yeah this is just.... A lot to take in" I told him back.

It was true in one day I had met one direction and now I was out going 2 dinner and the club with them.

"yeah I understand.if Thers Aneything I can do to make it better please tell me" he rubbed his hand over my shoulder.

we stoped at the restaurant and I could hear the screaming girls and the flashing of the paparazzi."

what the hell how did they even know we wher coming hear" i thought to my self as i was staring out the Window,

 I probbly looked like a deer cought in headlights.

"just act like they aren't even their" I looked up to see Perrie walking past me and getting out of the car.zayn right behind her

me and kaylle wher the last the get out.niall had his hand on the small of her back and was guiding her threw the crowed.i stepped out behinh harry kin of hideing behid him. i knew it probbly wasent gonna happen but i had a small hope that he would grab my hand or place it on my back just something to reasure me.but i got nouthing.we finally got threw the crowd and inside the restaurant it took me a couple minutes to realize we wher at 38' was a 5 star restaurant and one of the best in Miami. it was an ocean themed resturant with a whole balcony over looking the water,during the day its so beautful . iv been hear once befor with both my parents buts that when we wher actually happy but even then we dident sit on the balcony.those tables ushlally book months in adavance. im gessing they had called ahead of time and put the reservation in for us because when we walked in we walked right to the back to the balcony.the view was breathtakeing even tho it was late at night the way the moon light was glittering off the water was amazing,and ther wher lotsof boats in the backround once we got to our seats .i  had grabbed Kaylle hand and made her sit next to me.she didnet even notice me she just turned her back and started talking To niall again.

"we'll fine then!" I said to her  as I opend the menue.

eveyone was chit chatting away and I was just sitting ther all quite I was about to tell Kaylle to come to the bathroom with me when zayn asked me a question

"so megan you've been awffly quiet"

I was taken back a little bit what do I do?! Do I stay quiet or answer him.i decided that answering him sounded like a better option.

"we'll this is a lot to take in you know,not Maney girls can say ther at dinner with one direction." I said as I was awkwardly looking around the room.

"Thers no need to be overwhelmd wear just normal boys" Liam chimed in.

"Yeah normal" I said under my breath

.out of the corner of my eye I saw louis talking to Harry.i wasent quite good with reading lips but I did happen to catch

" talk to her". I looked over at Kaylle who had complety forgotten i was even hear and was all over niall.talking about what I think now is the diffrence between Ireland and America.our waiter came in and asked for our drinks.everyone orderd soda bu ti just orderd sweet tea.i just sat ther not taking untill our drinks came back.i found it a little strage that Harry had only talked to me twice in the past 1hr.he was all flirty at the meet and greet and threw text but the minute we got in the restaurant he hasn't even talked to me.i pulled out my phone and texted Kaylle even tho she was right next to me

"Kaylle!!!!! EMERGNCY!!!!!!" Bathroom now!!!!!" I hit send and put my phone back in my bag.

i felt so awkward like I just didnet fit in Kaylle got my text and looked at me.i looked back At her with my best "save me" face and she mouthed "ok" to me.i smiled back at her

"um excuse me and Megan are going to the restroom" kaylle anouced as we stood up.

"oh lovely we'll join you" Perrie and he rest of the girls stood up and we walked to the bathroom.

once we wher in I turnd around looked Kaylle dead in the eye.

"I can't do this Kay.i feel so out of place iv just been sitting ther.iv only ever talked like twice and he hasn't even looked at me.ima just go can stay and go out with niall" I started to pull out my phone

"ohh no you don't" Danielle had grabed my phone and crosed her arms.i wasent gonna fight for it back so I just stood ther waiting to se what was gonna happen.

"He likes you a lot.he told us in the limo before we got hear"Danielle said

Perrie inturped her to say "he said you take his breath away and that he dosent know what to do around you"

then eleanor chimed in

"and It wasent him who was texting you it was zayn he said he couldent do it".then Perrie inturped her to say

"and he said you wher absolutely beautiful and that he didnet wanna lose you. And I know it dosent seam like it but give him a chance iv never seen him like this before he really likes you and if you leave it will crush his heart"

.i was in Austruck of what they all just said.

"what wear basically saying is dont leve.and give him a chance.and he understands how awkward this is for you.hes trying his best" Danielle said as she handed me back my phone.

i was still trying to comprehend what they told me.he liked me.he told them he thought i was beautful. I rested agenst the counter and just started smiling.

"aww look at that face she likes him to" eleanour cried out.

"haha well yeah she's his favorite.i think she told me it was the hair or maybe its the eyes" Kaylle replied to her 

i didnet really pay attation to what they wher saying.i just couldent get over the fact that he liked me.out of all the girls he sees  almost a normal 17 year old girl from Miami who was nouthing but a fan of thers.

"I can't belive this!!" I screamed out.i completely forgot I was still in the bathroom with all the girls.

"opps sorry" I said as I smiled shyly.

"haha don't worry.its a nice felling you get when you find out someone likes you" Perrie came up to me and rubbed my back.

"yeah it is.well enough of me Kaylle what's with you and niall" I asked I whinked at her.

"PERFECTION!!!!!! That's what's happing,wev been talking all night and When I look at him I just completely forget I'm with aneybody else" she said as she grabbed her hands togeather and held them to her face.

"haha speeking of the boys lets go back" We checked our selves over in the mirror and walked back to the table

.i looked over at Kaylle who was in her little wonderland with niall again.i saw louis nodding his head at Harry.he turnd around to me

"hey I'm sorry if iv been a bit off lately.iv never really done this before.and I think your really preatty and I get really nervous around you" he was looking at the ground.

I grabbed his face and moved it up so I could see him

"yeah i know the girls told me.its alright.if you haven't knoticed iv been a bit awkrard myself" I said looking Into his green eyes.the waiter came and took our orders.i orderd steak with French fires.yeah i know you wouldent think to order French fries and a five star restaurant but I was a really pickey eater.

"so tell me about your self?" he asked me as he took a sip of his drink.

"well I'm 17,I'm going In to my senior year of high scchool,I'm a cheerleader,and I live with my little brother" I told him it was preaty much basic Information.

"cheerleader nice.haha and just you and your brother? Wear are your parents?" I explained to him the whole mom is a marine biologist and dad was a nuclear enganier.

"so it's just been you and your brother for the past year?" He asked with a sad look on his face

"yeah preaty much but I'm used to it. Even when they did live hear they wher never really hear" I told him.

"but don't feel bad for me I'm actually happier with out them ther" I said as I smiled

"you know what iv wanted to do for the past 2 years?" he asked me 

i looked up from my plate "no what?"

" to just relax on the beach,haha i know it may sound stupid but thats what i miss,just being able to go to beach and just relax,now a days even if i step outside all i hear are screaming girls"

i was looking at him with a look of regret on my face,thats gotta suck,

"well one day well go the beach how about that?" i asked him 

"sounds like a plan" he said smiling back at me,

the rest of the dinner went by so fast. I had complety forgotten i was with aneybody else but harry.we wher having conversations about how it's like being famous and missing home for him.and he asked me questions about cheerleading scince the cheerleading hear was a lot diffrient then the one in london and how life is in the states.he seamed quite fasanated about how eveything worked over hear.wich was the complete opposite for seems like the best.i went when I was about 12-13 but that was long time ago.i don't know what it was but I felt like this was the start of a good night.

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