So This is Perfection?

Megan Grace Cope was a normal 17 year old girl,cheerleader at her Highschool and at one of the best cheer gyms in the state,preatty, popular and all around good girl.but when she got her and her besfriend ticket to a one drection meet and greet.they wher excited, little did they know 2 of those 5 boys wher about to chage ther lives forever.her best friend kayllee ends up getting pregnate with niall and megan startes daiting harry.everything seams perfect but in megans life "perfect" is not in her vocabulay.will things work out for her with her and harry? he is known as the flirt after all.

( this story is simalar to the story "one night that changhed everything" but its the story of megan and harry instead.)


1. Birthday Present

 'i dont, i dont, dont know what it is, but you've got that one thing.l" i rolled over to hit the snooze botten on my stupid  alarm, finally it was the last time i would hit the thing untill next was the last day of school.the end of my junior year.i checked my phone and had 2 texts,both from kaylee my best friend.we'v known eaachother scine we wher about 8 months old. the 1st text was from last night 

"haha and you'll date harry and ill date niall and we will live happly ever after in our big manshions next to eachother and we"ll go to the grammys togeather" 

she had an active imangation, and the second text said

"hey imma be a little late picking you up today"

i texted her back saying it was fine and to just call me when she got hear,i got out of bed and took a shower,when i was done i decied to leave my hair curley i didnet wanna bother trying to striaghten it out today.i put moose and curling spray in it to keep my waves and curls contanted,i did my make up like always foundation,mascara,eye liner,a simple nutruel eye shadow and lip gloss,i walked to my closet and decied to wear black shorts,flip flops and my kiss you top,it was my favorite was my only one direction shirt that wasent so obvious.i walked out of my room and down the hall to wake up my little brother.i started knocking on his door.

"Jackson wake up!!! You gotta get ready for school."

There was no I started knocking on his door really fast and started repeating his name over and over

"Jackson Jackson Jackson Jackson"

all of a sudden his door swung open and he stood ther with a really mad look on his face.

" Megan your my sister and I love you but I swear next Time you wake me up like that I will rip all your one direction posters down and burn them got it??"

he knew I loved my posters mor then my own life.

"We'll it's your lucky day it's the last day of school and I won't wake you up until November" I said as I turned around to walk downstairsto make myself breakfast i was to lazy to actually cook aneything so I settled for a bowl of frosted flakes and milk.i sat at the island and started eatting.i unlocked my phone and checked my Instagram I liked a couple of pictures and decide to put a picture up.i took a picture of my cereal and put "breakfast of the champions" as the captions and a couple of hash tags.i closed that and went on Facebook did the usual routine.happy birthdays,poke people back and like a couple statuses.i got bored so I decided to go on tumblr.oh how I love tumblr.i rebloged a couple of one direction posts and some of some really pretty dresses.then I saw my phone started ringing it as my dad.i loved my dad and I missed him like crazy! PHONE CALL

Me:hey daddy!

Dad:hey pumpkin how are you doing?

Me:I'm fine Im Getting ready for about you

Dad:is today your last day right? and I'm in he airport I'm flying out to London

Me:yeah it is and OMG DO YOU KNOW WHO LIVES IN LONDON?!?!!?!?!?!!?

Dad: hahaha no no i don't

Me:ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!! The only 5 boys iv ever loved! Well Niall lives in Ireland but you know mostly London

Dad: oh haha well if I see them Il tell them you love them and I'll get an autograph ok?

Me: yess!!!! your like the best dad ever!!

Dad:well thanks hey my planes bording so I gotta go.i put more money in your account,tell your brother I said hey love you bye

Me:thanks daddy and ok I will love you to bye.


I got up and out my bowl in the was almost 10:15 and kaylee still wasn't hear. Our school started at 10:45 but it took almost 45 min to get ther.we went to private school.our parents thought it was a lot better then public school. Our school day was from 10:45-3:00 and we went to school from November to may.i didn't complain i mean school is school,I decide I still had some time before kaylee got hear.i sat on the sofa and started looking up one direction on my phone,their take me home tour started in about 4 moths and me and kaylee already had out front row tickets.i started looking up to see if they where going on a promoting tour or something along those lines before the actual tour,and sure enough they where and they where coming to Miami!!! I got up a d started screaming.i looked at the date and it was in two days,OMG kaylee's birthday was two days.this could be her birthday present.i looked at the price of the tickets,1,500$."pocket change" I thought to my self. I mean yeah it did sound kinda bratty but it was true,my dad was a nuclear engineer and my mom was a marine of the best actually she was currently in Puerto Rico for a big research project about starfish. She has been gone for about 3 months didn't really bother me.i never really had a good relationship with her.i was a lot closer to my dad.but 1,500 dolors was noting.i bought two tickets.they said they would be delivered by tomorrow morning.i looked out the window and still no kaylee.

"oh well I'll just wait hear" I said as I laid with my tummy down on the sofa.

i was scrolling threw my Instagram when an alert from twitter popped up saying harry had tweeted something,I clicked on the notification.

"off to our last stop of our promotion Florida"

was was the tweet said. aahhhhhh they really where coming hear.i was caught off guard when kaylees rang rover pulled into my drive way.

"Jackson kaylees hear let's go!!" I screamed up to him

I grabbed my stuff and walked out the front door.she opend the trunk so I could place my binders and books in the back.even tho it was the last day of school we still had normal classes.thats one thing that I hated about private school they where super strict on grades,Jackson closed the front door and hoped in the back seat,I closed the trunk and hoped in the front,

"hey Kay"I said as I closed the door and put my seat belt on

"what's up girly.oh I love your shirt by the way." Se said as she pulled out of my drive way and started driving tords school

she turned the radio in and "kiss you" started playing,we Sang the whole song at the top of our lungs.when it was over I decided to tell her about the passes,

"so Kay science your 18th birthday is coming up and I'm your best friend I have two get you the best present"

.i started off

"haha yeah go on" she stated

"we'll I did.and your gonna love me even more then you do know.i got us one direction meet and greet passes for Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!"

She slammed the brakes on the car causing all of us to go forward. if it wasent for the seat belt I would of gone straight threw the windshield,

"what the hell Kay!!" Jackson screamed from behind me,

"oops sorry jack" she looked at me with a speechless look out her face

," no you didn't?" Se asked.

"oh yess I did" I told her.she looked at me for a second and started screwing

"AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH OMG MEGAN I SWER YOUR THE WORLDS BEST FRIEND,!!" She yelled at me " haha yess yess I am aware you can thank me later,but first you should probbly go be fore we cause aneymore traffic,"

I said ther wher about 4/5 cars behind us hoking ther horns and yelling at us.the rest of the way we listind to ther whole take me home album,sining along to every song.we got to school about 20 min late.wejust ran to class and snuck in.i dident really pay attention to what aney of my teachers wher saying.i only had one thing on my mind.and that was that in two days i was going to meet one direction.but more importantly i was about to meet harry styles.

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