Back for you

Hey I'm the biggest one direction fan out there I can't believe I'm going to Sydney to watch them. But who knew Fion would see her biggest idols on the table next to them. Will she make a move or not. **** sorry if there's any spelling mistakes ill try my hardest to get it right.


3. Chapter 2

"Hey mum" "good morning sweetie I see you got up this wonderful morning well afternoon" oh yeah did I say mum is always so happy and sweet. "Yes I did, hey mum you know Olivia's aunt" "oh yes Lynda very nice woman doesn't she live in Sydney" "well yeah she does ok well she gave Olivia two tickets to One Direction over in Sydney and asked if I would like to come" "ok corse huney you are legally 18 you could move out and I could do nothing about go explore the world" "oh my gosh mum you are the best love ya" "wait a second before running of open it up when you get there Lynda already called me" she said handing me a envolpe "thanks mum bye". I walked down the hall to go get ready for my plane trip. I was about to go into my room but it seemed like that little slut had left and Jason was awake I will use this moment to talk to him. I have 4 hours to kill may as well. "Hey Jason" "hey baby sis how you doing" "not well" "why I hate it when your sad" "you want to know what I hate cheaters, why did you do it" "I don't know me and jess are in a little fight at the moment" "tell her before she finds out you might still have a chance with her ok" "thanks" Jason replied giving me a kiss on the cheek before I left. ****4 hours later**** honk honk I'm taking that as my quie to leave I gave Jason, amber (my little sister) and my parents a quick goodbye a few tears were shed from mum. Of I leave to Sydney goodbye Perth. ****A/N ***** I'm so sorry for the short chapter have homework grrrrrr hate school
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