Back for you

Hey I'm the biggest one direction fan out there I can't believe I'm going to Sydney to watch them. But who knew Fion would see her biggest idols on the table next to them. Will she make a move or not. **** sorry if there's any spelling mistakes ill try my hardest to get it right.


2. Chapter 1

Fion's POV

"So what do you need to tell me" I ask my best friend Olivia "ok well you no how we were so mad when we found out One Direction weren't coming to Perth" " yeah I'm still angry" " well there going to Sydney and you know how my aunt lives over there" she says as I nod " yeah well she brought me two tickets to there concert" " unfair" "wait I haven't finished ok well I'm bringing you with me" "okay Olivia I love you" I say jumping on her lap hugging her. "Okay well we're leaving in tomorrow so pack I drive over to pick you up at around 4.30 so be ready for 4 okay" "yes I can't wait now leave I need to pack bye" "well thanks got to go anyway need to pack bye love ya" I couldn't tell if she left yet because my head was stuffed in my closet. I need to pack cute close incase I meet One Direction what if I meet Niall. Well that would be the best day of my life. Okay better get better packing. ***** 2 hours later***** Okay I'm finished packing what to do now. I went over to my bedside table to get my phone. Shit it's 2am okay I may as well go to sleep. I went into my draw and picked out some sexy silk PJs from my photo shoot. Oh yeah did I say I'm a model I've done a few magazines but that's all I met Olivia when we were working we really got along. I got into bed and fell into a piece fall sleep. I woke up at 12 ok so that gives me about four hours. As I walked down the stairs to the kitchen I could hear my parents fighting agian my life is so messed up at the moment. I found out my boyfriend for 2 years was cheating on me with a total slut. My best friend Amy was cutting herself and my parents well there on the edge of things. As I went into the kitchen there was my younger sister singing to One Direction eating some lunch. As I went to get some breakfast that was when I realised I haven't told my mum that I was leaving tonight. I had my ear facing the wall to hear if they stopped fighting it seemed okay to go in and to them I can't hear them yelling. I was walking down the hall I look in my older brothers room he's 25 I can't believe he still lives at home. When I looked in the was a girl in his bed that didn't look like his girlfriend he can't just treat girls like that. I'm Going to talk to him when that whore leaves.
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