I should have kissed you

My name is Olivia and my sister is dating one direction's Harry Styles. And he is one of my best friend. This is the story of how I became friend with one of the biggest pop stars in the world. So now for spelling mistakes.


6. Chapter 6

Olivia's POV

Today was the day Georgia was going out with Harry. I think it's adorable. Harry and I have been friends for 4 weeks now and I am really close to the boys. But Tyson is like in love with them they come over almost every night because he must see them. Some time I am worried they will move in and I won't have any space. Me and Georgia are going shopping now. We just pulled up and walk into forever 21. First thing I looked at was this beautiful dress with a bit for lace sleeves but short then it went black but with the lace pattern on it still. It was stunning. I showed Georgia she loved it and went to try it on. I fit perfectly. Once we brought it we walked out. We walked across the mall to bets for her. Georgia saw these long boots. Perfect.

Georgia's POV

once we left the shop what I feared happened. "Hey look it Mirandra Kerr" someone yelled. I looked over to Olivia who was looking at me. Before you could say go we had start running out of the mall. Once we got home we sat down and watch some TV . When my shorts moved. I got my phone out to see Harry sent 'be ready by 7 c u later :) <3' I smiled looked at the time 6:30. My eyes widened. I shot up and ran to my room in Olivia ( and Tysons ) house. I striped in the shower turned on the water cleaned myself. I Got out brushed my teeth dried my body and blow dried my hair. Then pulled up my strapless Victoria Sercert bra and my underwear. Then slipped on my dress. I called in Olivia. Who zipped it up and straitened my hair. Then Olivia left and I put on my shoes. And lipstick and eyeliner I wasn't going to get to dressed up so I wore only lipstick and eyeliner. Then the door bell went off. I called for Olivia " can you get it sisy " she yelled back " yeah sure ". Then I walk to my closet and pulled out my black clutch.

Harry had just taken me to the pent house of the 'W' and we ate dinner then went for I walk in the park near the river. Then took me home. Where he gave me a goodnight kiss.

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