I should have kissed you

My name is Olivia and my sister is dating one direction's Harry Styles. And he is one of my best friend. This is the story of how I became friend with one of the biggest pop stars in the world. So now for spelling mistakes.


5. Chapter 5

Harry's POV

Gosh I felt firework it was like in a movie. Wait if I felt it what did she feel and more imported did I love her. I walked up to bathroom that she ran to. And knocked on the door she yell " go away " oh no away I wanna ask her out again so I yell " sorry no can do " then open the door. Which she had locked but I knew where the key was. I don't know why. I saw her there sit on the floor crying her eyes out. I sighed and walked over to her and slid down the wall like her she would have done. And cuddled her usually she would have pushed me away but she just cried into my shoulder. I tilted her head up she looked me in to eyes. I know it wasn't a good time but it just came out " will you go out will me ?" I ask. Oh no that was bad. She laughed slightly and said " probably not what I wanted to hear but ..... YES!" a smile grow on my face that soon dispersed I need it to be perfect I pulled away for the hug and said " got to go be back at 7:30 be ready wear something sexy cute yet perfect " a smirk grew on her face. " okay.... " anwith that I left.
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