I should have kissed you

My name is Olivia and my sister is dating one direction's Harry Styles. And he is one of my best friend. This is the story of how I became friend with one of the biggest pop stars in the world. So now for spelling mistakes.


4. Chapter 4

Georgia's POV

He was being such a perv it was funny. I turn to him he smiled " what's wrong with you " I say annoyed with him " I was wondering if you would go on a date with me " he asked omg no but I wasn't gonna be rude so I say " sorry but I can't I not allowed to date famous people" he chuckles and says " why not " god I am gonna have to tell him I took a deep breath " because I am a famous model miranda Kerr " his eye widen and he froze " no your not your lying because your name is Georgia duh" omg he didn't see it in my face " well my real name is Georgia but I don't want people to know that me and Olivia are sister cause one of our job will be lost and it won't be mine " you can it he was not believing me " also I would date you because your an arse!" I turn a walk in to the pool. Leaving him looking like an idiot. He was good looking but he was I player and I don't like him ' yes you do' a voice said did I say that out loud I turned to see Olivia . After we all got out we watch home alone I was next to Harry he was next to Louis who was cuddling with eleanor on the floor wore Niall and Fion cuddling and zayn and Perrie cuddling Olivia was cuddling with Tyson on one arm chair on the other was laim and dani cuddling Harry tried many times to put his arm around me but I push his arm away every time soon Tyson and Olivia went to bed and everyone else other than Harry left. Now we were watching the notebook I was laughing so was Harry we were facing each other and we stopped our faces were inches a part he started to lean in. His lips brushed against mine even though it was I second long kiss there was fire works. For me anyway. That when I snapped out of it. I got up and ran into the bathroom. And cried I was in love with harry styles and he didn't love me back.
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