I should have kissed you

My name is Olivia and my sister is dating one direction's Harry Styles. And he is one of my best friend. This is the story of how I became friend with one of the biggest pop stars in the world. So now for spelling mistakes.


3. Chapter 3

I woke up to my alarm going off. I rolled over and turned it off got up texted Harry my adress then got up put some short short with the americian flag on them and my I heart Australia top. Then I looked around to the clock it was 4 pm so I decided to clean my house cause it was a mess! I guess time flew cause I hear a knock on the door walk up to it and opened it. There stood Harry and five other good looking guys. Harry says " Olivia meet Louis , laim , zayn and naill , boy meet Olivia " he point to the one in stripes then the one with an " I <3 turtles shirt" then the one with a quiff that had a blond high light and lastly he point the the blond boy He looked Fions ages. Fion is my best friend she was in school with Georgia. I moved aside for then to come in when they came in three girls stood before me zayn stoped and said " hope you don't mind Louis , laim and I brought our girl friends " I smiled and waved then let them in. We all sat and talked for 5 minutes , then the door was knocked on I get up and get the door. Only to see georgia " oh my god geo-...Miranda sorry got guesses " I wisper the last bit she smile " oh cool who are they " she run into the living room to them and froze then pulled me aside and whisper yells " what the hell is doing in your house that is so cool " oh that where I recognized then " oh I bumped into Harry and we are friends " she was smiling then stoped " you better be no more than friend because I know his tp- " I interrupted her " we are I am trying to set you guy up god no need to get mad " she looked takin back " that's nice your trying to set me up with a total player thanks you know I am not over Tom " omg Tom her old boyfriend he took her to a ball and found him kissing the sluttiest girl in the school, piper winters god I hate her " oh my god sis get over him" then I dragged her it and saw foil on my cough talking to Niall. I cleared my throt they turn I was gonna say hi from georgia so is she was in a real life reationship then it would be a serect. "Everyone this is Georgia my sister" she smiled and then said I am going in the pool Liv's wanna come" she spoke to me I nodded then said "boy you can borrow Tyson's bordies" then laim asked " who's Troy" I replied "My boyfriend " then Georgia said "soon to be my brother" she corrected then the room filled with 'awww's then the Eleanor , Perrier and Dani ran up and looked at my ring. After they stopped we got in our bathers and the girls borrowed mine since I was I bikini model I had lots of bathers. I wore my billabong bikini Fion is also I model she wore my pink ' I heart JB ' bathers. El wore a white bikini , dani and Perrier wore black bikinis. Then Georgia she looked so good in the checkered green bikini. We walk to the pool shack to fink the boy getting towels with Tyson" Tyson babe what are you doing here " I ask jumping in his back. You see I don't see Tyson much because he is the owner of apple now so he is alway on big trip away. " well they didn't need me anymore so I can to see you when I found these guys in my room " oh sorry bout that let get in the pool " we all jumped in. When I came up I saw then most odd thing ever Harry trying to perv on Georgia.
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