I should have kissed you

My name is Olivia and my sister is dating one direction's Harry Styles. And he is one of my best friend. This is the story of how I became friend with one of the biggest pop stars in the world. So now for spelling mistakes.


2. Chapter 2

Okay so I just got back of my trip to Toys'R 'Us and I got Harry number he a really good friend already. I feel a viberation in my short short pocket so I got my iphone out of my pocket it from Harry ' u might get some h8 saying u shouldn't hang out with us ( the boys ) but don't listen we r just friend and people will say we r more than friend but we rnt r we? ' I reply with a ' yeah we r just friend hey what cha doing 2moz wanna come over? U cam meet someone plz' and send. As soon as I locked my phone there was a new message from Harry Just Harry ( his name on my phone) ' ok not sure bout when u say someone but okay we can hang out at about 6ish urs I will bring to boys ' of course I thought ' yeah and when I say someone I mean my sisy' send and he replied ' oh Kay well I am tried gonna go to bed night '. Well after that convo with Harry I call Georgia

Phone call g for Georgia and o for Olivia

G : Ello O : hey sisy can you come over tomorrow please ! G : okay what time? O : um about 6ish, G : sure gtg sis I tried bye O : oh wait a friend your age will be over wink wink G : oh my god stop trying to set me up Olivia O : ok well bye G : bye see ya
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