I should have kissed you

My name is Olivia and my sister is dating one direction's Harry Styles. And he is one of my best friend. This is the story of how I became friend with one of the biggest pop stars in the world. So now for spelling mistakes.


1. Chapter 1

Olivia Kerr's POV

Okay so your probs wonder why I have to same last name as Miranda Kerr well as most of you won't know as most of her real name is Georgia Kerr my sister. Well you didn't see that one coming, did ya? Anyway I am walking down the street looking for a store. Oh there it is. Toys'R'Us, I love that store I walk up to the door as the door flung open and hit me. " ow " I shout then I hear behind me an "I'm so sorry " I turn I said arngirly " watch where your going " I get a reply of " sorr- hey arent you a model" yeah I was I am I victorica secret angel but I was about to tell him that cause then I would have to tell him about Georgia so I said " each I do some modeling I am Olivia and you are ? " He reply simiply with a " Harry st- Harry just Harry " okay that was werid but I think I will be good friend with this guy.
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