His Love Is Foreign

Harry meets Melanie and starts to feel things he's only felt with one other girl.. They ended horribly and Harry tries his best to take things slow with Melanie but is he over his ex and ready to move on?


6. Chapter 6

Melanie's POV:
I woke up and the memories from last night came flooding back into my head. I had the biggest smile spread across my face as i thought back to the kiss.

"Your lips are so sweet."

The way he said it kept replaying in my head. I felt my cheeks burn before i reached over and grabbed my phone.

I didnt check it when I got home last night, I was so tired I went to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I had 3 new messages. One from Harry and two from Steph.

From Stephanie:
Okay thank god. Let me know when you get home.'

From Stephanie:
'Babe how was the date? Did you get home alright?'

From Harry:
'Hope you had as good of a time as i did.. xx'

I smiled at Harry's text quickly replying with

'Na... I think I probably enjoyed myself more then you did ;) '

& I replied to Steph with:

'It was great! & of course i did :)'

I set my phone down and got up to head into the shower.

Once out I changed into something comfortable and went downstairs to eat breakfast.

I had just finished when i got a call on my house phone.



I sighed knowing exactly what this call was for the second i heard his voice.

"Hey Jason." I said unenthusiastically.

"Hi... Uhh.. Can you fill in for me today? I can't make it."

Of course. Jason always wanting me to fill in for him on my days off. Don't get me wrong, he was a great guy and fun to talk to and the first few times i didn't mind but this is happening way too much now.

"Jason I-"

"Please Melanie. Please.. I really can't make it today.. It's kinda urgent.."

"Like the last time? And the time before that?"

"I know, I know.. Nevermind.. Im sorry to bother you, I'll just get someone else."

"Nono... It's fine. I'll do it." I sighed into the phone.

"Oh really? Thank you so much Mel. I owe you BIG TIME."

"Oh you definitely do."

"Thanks again."

I hung up the phone letting out a deep sigh.

I went upstairs and got ready, once I was done, I checked my phone again and saw i had a text from Harry.

From Harry:
'Haha I doubt it ;) How 'bout i take you out again tonight, love?'

I was upset to have to tell him i couldn't because i had work but he didnt take more then a minute to respond with asking if he could pick me up when I was done working.

I smiled to myself and responded with

'Of course you can! Thanks a lot <3 I'll give you the address when im almost out :)'

I put my phone in my pocket and grabbed my jean jacket (happy that the weather was finally getting warmer now a days), keys, bag and headed out.


I stepped into the backdoor of the diner. It was nothing special. It was the cliche looking type of diner, with the checkered floors and round stools set in front of the countertop, along with a few tables surrounding it in front of a large glass window. I closed the door behind me and hanged my coat and bag up on the hook near it.

I was greeted by Jamie, my manager but also very good friend. I was glad Jamie and I got along and that she wasn't your usual bitchy and annoying boss.

"Melanie? What happened to Jason?"

"He couldn't make it today.."

"Again? That boy. Im gonna have to talk to him. He can't keep doing that."

"It's fine really..."

"No its not. I'll call him up later."

"Jamie really. I don't mind."

She looked at me, seemingly thinking over whether she should or not. She let out a sigh of defeat and said "Alright, im sorry. But it's not just for your sake. He can't keep doing this. Enough is enough, this is his job and he has a responsibility. He only asks you cause you're the nicest one here. I'll give him a few more chances before i talk to him about this."

"Sounds like a plan."

She smiled before quickly adding in "Alright now get to work, we've got a few people waiting and Stacey's on her lunch break."

"So early?"

"Yea. You know how she is."

Jamie quickly walked out and I headed towards the small closet to grab my pink apron and notepad and grabbed a pen on my way out of the small kitchen.

I walked towards a couple who were looking through the menu.

"Hi, im Melanie. May I take your order?"

"Err yea. I'll take a bacon cheese burger with fries & and a Pepsi."

"Okay & you?"

I looked over to the girl sitting across from him. She looked through and quickly said "I'll take the same except with a sprite." Before giving me a shy smile.

I reciprocated before quickly saying "Anything else?"

The guy responded with "No thanks."

I collected their menu's, setting them down on the pile on top of the counter top and headed towards the kitchen. I walked in and saw Niko there.

"Melanie! You're here! Jason asked you to fill in again?" He said before taking the order from my hands and beginning to prepare the meal.

"You already know." I said resting my elbows on a small table and setting my weight forward.

"Not a very busy day today, huh?"

"You know how Sunday's are." He said, sounding almost surprised, like I didn't know this.

"I guess but there's usually a few more people."

"Ahh give it time."

"I guess."

I walked towards the fridge in the kitchen and took out a can of pepsi and a can of sprite along with two cups and straws.

I set it down on a tray and walked out towards the couple and served them their drinks.

I smiled at them before walking into the kitchen.

"Almost done there?"

"Almost...." Niko replied.

It was then that I heard the front door open. I looked back and saw a tall, male frame enter.

"I better go get that."

I said before grabbing my notepad and pen again and heading out.

The mysterious guy sat down on one of the stools in front of the countertop and I walked towards him.

"Hey, can I get you anything?"

He was looking through one of the menus that was in the tall pile near him.

He closed it and looked at me and said "Just a coffee."


He looked like something was bothering him. Like he wanted to say something but didn't know how.

I poured the water in the lid of the coffee maker and put the grined coffee kernels into the filter before pressing "on".

"I'll be back I said." Before heading back into the kitchen to see if Niko had finished up.

"All done?" I asked.

He turned to face me with the two plates in his hand, confirming to me "All done." He smiled at me turned back around to clean up.

I grabbed the plates and walked out with the warm plates in my hands towards the couple and handed them their meal.

"Enjoy." I said, giving them both a small smile and heading back to the stranger at the countertop who was waiting for his coffee.

I stood in front of the coffee maker waiting for it to finish with the mug in my hand.

"Do you ever just wish you could go back in time and start over? Fix all or any mistakes you've done?"

I was surprised at the sudden burst of words. It seemed as if he had been waiting to say this all day.

I turned around to face him "Uhh.. Yea.. Sometimes..."

He smiled.

"You don't get it." He made a light chuckle before saying "Nobody does."

"Nono.. I know exactly what you mean. It's not uncommon to feel that way.." I said trying to reassure him that I did get how he felt and that im sure a whole bunch of people did too.

He looked at me, questioningly, as if he didn't believe me.

"I wonder how many people would actually take that chance.. If they had it."

"More then you probably think." I said as I pulled out the coffee and poured it into the mug.


"No thanks." He replied.

I handed it to him and he took a careful sip so he didnt burn himself.

"The packets of sugar are right here if you need it."

"I'll pass, but thanks again." He said, giving a light pause and saying "Im Damon.. By the way." He looked up at me, seductive grey eyes.

"Melanie." I replied smiling.

"Nice to meet you, Melanie."

This guy wasn't all that bad looking now that I took a good look at him.

"So.. You from around here?" He asked looking at me curiously.

"Yea, born and raised. You?" I asked, noticing he had an American accent.

"Na.. I moved here not too long ago.


"New York." He looked at me and smiled.

"Ahh that explains the accent." I replied. Then added "It's cute."

"Really? I've always thought British accents were pretty cool. Especially on attractive women like yourself." He said.

I was blushing and I knew it. He called me attractive.. I don't know if it was the way he spoke, or the roughness of his voice, or how deep it was, or the look he was giving me or the simple fact that I've never gotten two guys to notice me in less then a week and was enjoying the attention but I knew one thing, I liked Damon. He wasn't rude, or checking me out like a piece of meat (which i admit, even Harry did a little when we first met and on our first date) but I wanted to get to know this guy more. He seemed interested in me. That's it. Nothing more.

"Hehe.. Thanks. Not so bad yourself." I said before noticing he was almost done with his coffee. I offered more.

"Yea, sure."

I poured more coffee into his mug and put the coffee kettle back in its previous position on the warming plate and turned back to him.


He stuck around. He sat here and we talked. About a lot of things. He was an interesting guy & I was grateful that today wasn't a busy day. We only stopped talking on occasion when I had to serve a few customers but that was about it.

Damon didn't live too far from the diner. "Only a few blocks away." As he stated himself.

I kinda hoped he'd stop by more so I'd see him more often. He was really fun to talk too.

I was surprised by how fast time had passed by and realized my shift was almost over. It was already 6:30 & i got out at 7:00.

I pulled out my phone and texted Harry the address. He responded a few minutes later saying he'd be here soon.

I put it away and looked back at Damon.

He had just been telling me a few stories from when he was back in New York. He even pulled out his phone and showed me a pictures of Times Square and a few other popular places over there that he'd visited.

"Wow. You're incredibly lucky, you know that?" I would reply amazed. He'd simply say "Eh.. I suppose." Or something of the sort.

We continued talking when the front door of the diner opened.


I looked up and saw Harry walking towards Damon and I. He had a smile across his face. I told Damon to hold on and came out from behind the counter to walk towards Harry to give him a hug.

"Thanks a lot for picking me up." I said and he pulled me closer to him by my waist, saying "Its no problem at all love."

His attention then turned to Damon who had now been awkwardly sipping his coffee, looking straight ahead.

"Who's your friend there?" Harry asked.

I pulled away and walked towards Damon with Harry behind me.

Damon turned around and Harry smiled, reaching his hand out saying "Hello, I don't believe we've met."

They shook hands and Damon smiled and introduced himself.

"Nice accent." Harry commented.


Damon looked at me and said "I, uh... I have to go. I didn't even realize how late it was. I'll..." He looked at Harry and then continued "I'll text you."

He grabbed his light coat and said goodbye before walking out.

"Nice guy.." Harry said.

"Yea.. He's really nice." I said as I stayed staring at the door for a few more seconds.

Harry turned me around so I was facing him and said "You should've told me you were coming out at 7:00. I could've still taken you out."

"Well.. I didn't think you'd want too.. I mean I still have to get ready and all.."

"No you don't. I was planning on having a nice stroll in the park. You're fine in just that." He looked me up and down as if making sure and looked back up at me reassuringly.

"This late though? To the park? It's kinda dark.." I said.

"The lights are pretty." He quickly replied with.

"Wait.. Which park?"


I sat in Harry's car as he drove towards "Diamond King Park."

I've never heard of it and he told me it was in the neighborhood he grew up in.

We pulled into a parking space and got out of the car.

Harry pulled me closer to him and led me down a pathway.

I noticed the pathway overlooked a lake and had small lights lit up on the sides. The gates surrounding were decorated with lit up wires.

"Wow.." I said.

He simply replied with "I know."

He reached down and entwined his long fingers with mine & we walked down the path.


We sat down on a bench after a long time of walking and talking.

For once, we were quiet. I rested my head on his shoulder and he brought his right arm up around me, pulling me close and rested the side of his head on top of mine. We just sat there looking out into the lake. I started humming Sweater Weather.

"That's my favorite song from them." Harry commented.

I stopped humming and replied with "I think it's mine too."

He tightened his hold around me.

"You know what makes me like that song even more?"

"What?" I looked up at him.

He brought his left hand up to my chin and tilted it up, leaning down to kiss me. We kissed for a few seconds. When he stopped he looked at me and said "The fact that we shared our first kiss to it."

I knew I was blushing (as always) and Harry smiled and quickly pinched my cheek before saying "You're so cute." Then turning his gaze back to the lake.

We stayed quiet for a few more seconds until i said "I wonder if I could still go all the way through on the monkey bars."

"You wanna find out?" Harry said looking down at me.


He got up and pulled me up with him.

"We're in a park aren't we?"

He grabbed my hand, once again entwining his fingers with mine and started leading me down the path again towards a small playground.

"Oh.. Harry.. I didn't mean I wanted to actually try it.." I said.

"Oh c'mon. It'll be.. Fun. Besides its not like anyone's in there. It's a bit too late for kids to be playing in the park.

"Uhh.. Alright." I agreed.

We walked towards the monkey bars and stopped in front of it.

"Well. What're you waiting for. Go for it." He encouraged.

I hesitantly walked towards one end and climbed up the small ladder. I grabbed onto the first bar. My grip was tight, scared that if I loosened it, I'd fall.

I started to go through it and before I knew it, I was on the other end.

I heard the sound of three loud claps.

"Bravo." Harry said.

I hopped down the ladder and pushed him slightly "Shut up." I said before continuing "I wonder..."

"Wonder what?" He looked at me curiously.

I got back on the ladder and held on to the first bar again. I started to go through it until I was at least halfway through and brought my feet up to the next bar.

I put my legs up and wrapped them around and allowed myself to let go of the bar I had been holding into with my hands. I did it, I was hanging upside down on the monkey bars! Gosh I felt like such a kid but I didn't care at the moment.

"YES!" I said excitedly.

"Whoa Mel.." Harry said sounding more worried than happy or impressed.

"Maybe you should.. I don't want you to fall." He said sounding even worried then before.

"Oh please. Im not gonna fall." I said.

"Pleaseeee Mel."

"Oh alright, alright." I said.

I reached back up and let my legs drop back down.

Now, here's where I went wrong. I didn't realize how high up the monkey bars where from the ground. So I just let my hands go. I learned a lesson when I let go. I learned to never underestimate the height of monkey bars.

I landed flat on my face on the ground. I saw white for a split second and felt a sharp pain on my forehead and nose.


I quickly got up, with the help of Harry.

"Oh my gosh Mel! I told you so! Are you okay? Is your nose okay? I thought I heard a crack. Oh my gosh."

"Im fine, im fine." I said, rubbing my nose trying not to show how much pain I actually was in.

"Let me at least check its not broken!"

"I said im fine!"

"Are you sure?"

He cupped his hands around my face, looking into my eyes.

"Im positive." I reassured him.

He looked at me. His face dead serious.. Then, out of nowhere, he smiled and that quickly escalated to a very loud laugh.

I stood there shocked. He was laughing so incredibly loud and hard that he was almost on the floor.

Once he calmed down he walked over to me and looked at me before bursting out in laughter again.

"You're a dick, Harry." I said unamused and extremely embarrassed.

"Im sorry, im sorry, it's just.." He took a breath before continuing. "You.. You.. You have the imprint of the rubber tile on your forehead!" he said before starting to laugh uncontrollably again.

"What?" I asked and pulled out my small mirror from my bag. I opened it and checked.

The fucker wasn't lying. I saw a small pattern of circles that matched perfectly with the black rubber tile on the floor. I couldn't believe it. Did I fall that hard??

I realized how funny I looked and almost started to laugh myself but I stopped. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of laughing with him. I wanted him to feel bad for laughing.

I pulled out my mirror and looked again, hoping it faded. It didn't and it still looked pretty funny. I did a small laugh.. Which slowly turned into a chuckle.

Harry waked towards me and said "Oh god.. Mel. You fell so fast you couldn't even finished screaming. Instead of "Ahhhhhhh." He stomped his foot against the floor once he was done doing the scream. You went "Ahh-" and cut himself off again with the stomp of his foot again.

I couldn't take it this time. I burst out in laughter. He was such and idiot. The sound of his girlie scream and the way he cut it off is what really did the trick and made me laugh.

After we finally calmed down, he looked at me again and said "No but seriously.. Melanie, are you okay?"

"Well.. To be completely honest.. Not really no."

His once playful self self went back to being serious along with a serious expression falling across his face. He pulled in his brow and looked at me and said "You're bruising slightly on your forehead and your nose is really red babe." He frowned. "You need ice."

He grabbed my had and led me out of the park and down the pathway towards the car.

Once there he opened the door for me and waited for me to sit down.

"You good?"

"Im okay." I said and the replied with "Don't worry Melanie, we'll get you ice soon."

He closed the door and got in the other side. He pulled on his seatbelt and started the car.

"I think I'll be getting that ice in longer then 'soon' Harry.. I don't live that close to here.."

"You're right and I know that. Luckily for you, I do." He said 'matter of factly.'

"Wait, we're going back to your place?" I asked almost too quickly.

"Yes ma'am." He looked over and smiled at me but took notice of the hesitant look on my face and said "But we don't have too.. I mean, just cause you uh.. Need to get some ice on that fast."

"Yea, no i get it. Lets go." I smiled at him and he returned the smile before driving off.

It's not that I didn't want to go to Harry's because i definitely did but to be honest I was a bit nervous.. Just cause i've never been there and who knows what might happen. Either way, I was kind of looking forward to it.
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