His Love Is Foreign

Harry meets Melanie and starts to feel things he's only felt with one other girl.. They ended horribly and Harry tries his best to take things slow with Melanie but is he over his ex and ready to move on?


5. Chapter 5

"We're here." He said as he pulled the car into a empty space in a parking lot of a bar.

"Uptown Bar & Grill" I read aloud.

"You got it." He looked over at me and smiled. "C'mon." He said, taking off his seatbelt and getting out.

I did the same & hopped out, slamming the door behind me.

He locked the car and pulled me closer to him by my waist, slinging his arm over my shoulder & leading me towards the entrance of the bar. The cold air made me shiver slightly. He noticed & pulled me closer to his body, trying to keep me warm.

We entered & were greeted by a waitress who lead us to a table that was close to the bar. I was about to open the menu to look through when Harry took it from my hand.

"We won't be needing these.. Yet." He said with a smirk. I looked at him confused.

"What do you me-" I was cut off with the sound of someone tapping a microphone towards the back of the restaurant.

I turned to face where the person with the microphone was & it instantly clicked in my mind what Harry had meant when he said that.

"You cannot be serious."

"I don't usually do this.. Ever but I thought I'd try something new." He said with the smirk still pressed across his face.

"Hello ladies & gents! Welcome to Karaoke Night!"

The bar roared with the sound of people clapping & cheering.

"Oh gosh." I thought to myself.

The guy with the microphone proceeded to introduce himself.

"Im Dan & ill be your host tonight, as always!" He looked around room with a big smiled before continuing.

"Anyone who wants to start us off for the night can come up now!"

Almost immediately one guy stood up & walked towards the front.

"What's your name, sir?" Dan asked a little too enthusiastic.

"I'm Nicholas!" the guy said. He looked out at us and waved & he got a few responses in return.

"What song would you like to sing Nick?" Dan asked holding the microphone to Nicholas.

"Uh... Surprise me." He said as Dan smiled and selected a song.

Within a few seconds, Wannabe by Spice Girls began playing.

Nicholas started singing right on cue. "Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want.."

It was absolutely HILARIOUS. To see a grown man sing a song he obviously had no idea about until today was an interesting sight. He messed up on more then a few of the words & would laugh every time he did, which didn't really make me feel bad about laughing at him considering he was laughing with everyone else.

Harry leaned over to me & whispered "Glad you're enjoying this so far, cause guess who's up next."

My eyes widened and I felt nauseous. He had to be kidding. I turned to face him and he had a sly smile on his face that showed he was more than serious and amused.

I leaned back and crossed my arms, letting out an annoyed puff of air. I didn't care what he did or said. I was not going up there & there was nothing he could do to get me to change my mind. I was going to stay glued to this seat & as far away as possible from that stage. He was not going to talk me into this.


"So love, whats your name?"

"Melanie..." I said, looking out into the crowd of unfamiliar faces then bringing my gaze to my feet. I couldn't believe he actually talked me into this.

"What's yours?"

"Harry." He spoke confidently & it amazed me.

"Right, so what song will it be for the lovely couple?" Dan asked, showing us the songs in the duet section.

I saw one of Harry's long fingers point to one of the most cliche karaoke songs out there.

Dan smiled at happily selected it before handing Harry & I a microphone. Great.

The first few beats of the song began and Harry started off.

"Summer loving had me a blast."

I immediately sang my line "Summer loving happened so fast."

I couldn't believe I was actually doing this.

Maybe if I closed my eyes, it would a be over quickly.. Wait, then how would I know the words?



Harry & I sang those last few lines together as he threw his arm over my shoulder when we sang the final word.

I can tell you this, we didn't sound so calm and sweet like John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in Grease.

The song ended and everyone cheered and clapped for us.

Harry playfully bowed before getting off the stage with me.

"That was.. Horrible." I said realizing how idiotic and crazy i must've looked and sounded.

I managed to stay cool through out most of the song but lost it somewhere in the middle and just let lose.

"Oh c'mon. That was great fun! It was hilarious.. You were hilarious." He said with a wink.

"Oh shut up." I said, giving him a light push.

"No really. It takes a lot for some one to do something like that. Shows just how outgoing and open minded you really are.. I like that." He said smiling before taking a seat in his chair.

What was he talking about? I was one of the least open minded & outgoing people anyone could know. But then again.. I did see a side of myself i would have never shown to a crowd full of strangers before tonight. I guess he did have some point. To do what i just did wouldn't have been as easy for other people as it eventually turned out for me.

"So about our orders.." He said, handing me my menu for me to look through.

Once we decided what we wanted, he called the waitress over and we ordered. She then hurried off.

"So, Mrs. Miller. How are you enjoying the night so far?" He asked picking up his glass and taking a sip of what he had been drinking.

"Too soon to say." I teased.

"Fair enough." He replied before adding "Just know the nights not gonna be over anytime soon."

I looked up at him, a smirk glued to his face.

I gave him one in return before saying "Good."


We walked out of the noisy bar & grill & made our way towards his car.

I had a great time so far. Harry & I had a lot to talk about as well as a lot of things in common.

I began to wonder.. For someone who supposedly only wanted one thing from girls, he seemed rather interested in getting to know me better.

We reached his car & he unlocked it, and opened the door for me. I got in & waited for him. Once he was in the drivers seat, he started the car but didn't drive. He just stared out the window, seemingly lost in thought.

"Is everything alright?" I asked him before he smiled and replied with "Yea, everything's great."

He started backing out of his parking space before exiting onto the main road.

I was curious to see where he'd take me next.

Not having checked my phone for a while i pulled it out to see five new texts from Stephany.

From: Stephany
'Hey, how's everything going?'

From: Stephany
'Babe you alright??'

From: Stephany
'Mel..?Please answer... Just to let me at least know you're okay :( .x'

From: Stephany

From: Stephany
If Harry did ANYTHING to you I promise he will spend the rest of his life regretting it. I'll make sure of it.

My eyes widened at her last text. I quickly responded, before she had a panic attack, saying

'Im perfectly fine & im having a great time! No need to worry.. Appreciate your concern <3 .x'

I put my phone away and looked out the window. I didn't recognize the area. Curious, I asked "Harry, we are we go-"

"Shh. It's a surprise." He said keeping his eyes locked on the road.

"Okay." I replied turning my gaze back out the window.

Not much longer we pulled up in the parking lot of what looked like a night club.

He parked the car & took my hand before leading me inside.

We walked in & saw a large door that was on the other end of the room.

In front of the door was a large security guard blocking it, holding on to a list. I noticed him letting a few of the people that were standing on line in front of him inside the door & sending a few others away.

"Harry wh-" he cut me off, pulling me closer to him while we walked towards the guard.

Once the guard spotted us he looked us up and down.

"May I help you?" His voice came out deeper & more intimidating then expected.

"Styles." Harry said.

The guard immediately checked his list before looking back up at Harry and saying

"Sorry. No 'Styles' here."

"Are you.. Sure?" Harry replied while slipping his hand in his back pocket, pulling out a roll of money & a fifty dollar bill from it. I was surprised to see how much money Harry had.. I wondered what his occupation was, because its not everyday you see someone carrying around that large amount of money.

The guard looked around before quickly taking the money & saying

"Let me double check that list..."

He looked back down at the list then back up at Harry before saying.

"Step right in."


We walked into the large crowded room with a stage towards the back.

This made me feel uneasy. The last time i went somewhere with Harry that involved a stage, I involuntarily sang in front of a bar full of strangers.

He lead me through the large crowd of people towards the stage until we stopped in front of it.

"We're not gonna be singing right?" I asked nervously.

"Calm your nips. No. We're not." He said smirking, of course.

"Phew. Alright. Cool." I paused before continuing. "Soo... Who IS gonna be singing?"

"This band I like. They're called The Neighbourhood. They do small gigs when they're not out touring or something.. I thought I'd take you here today.." He said confidently with a huge smile coming across his pretty face.

We stared at each other for a few seconds before five guys came out on stage. The crowd clapped at cheered before a very tatted one of the bunch said "How's everybody doing tonight?"

Again, the crowd cheered.

He said "Alright lets get started!" & soon the music started.

To be honest, I liked it. I liked them. They weren't bad. Not bad at all. I was enjoying myself & I could tell Harry obviously was too.

I was watching them perform & bobbing my head slightly to this one song I was enjoying in particular when I noticed Harry was staring at me.

I turned to look at him before slightly laughing & saying "Stop looking at me, creep. What song is this? I really lik-"

He cut me off, slipping his hands around me waist & turning me to face him.

"Sweater Weather." He said.

I watched his eyes as they went down to my lips then back up to my eyes, his face inches away from mine.

"Im really tempted to kiss you right now." I felt my cheeks burn red before replying with "What are you waiting for?"

He cupped my face without giving it a second thought before slowly leaning down. He brushed out lips together before finally letting them connect. God his lips were so soft.

Harry's POV:
I just had too. I was enjoying the concert, quietly singing along and then I looked at her.

Her bobbing her head & lightly swaying to the music. I don't know what is was but she looked almost perfect without even trying. I had to have her.

Okay.. maybe I was exaggerating with that but either way, I knew one thing. I needed her at this moment. I needed the feel of her body against my body. Her precious lips against mine.

The way she said "What are you waiting for?" Gave me the idea that she wanted to kiss me as much as i wanted to kiss her & it made me glad.

Unfortunately, the kiss didn't last long. I felt her hands press flat against my chest as she gently pushed me away.

"I uh.. I wanna finish watching them perform this song.. It's my favorite of the night so far." She smiled and i reciprocated before turning back to watch them finish the song. Funny, this was actually my favorite song from these guys.

The concert soon ended & we walked out.

"How was it?"

" It was great! Cool band." She said.

I kind of wanted to bring up the kiss but decided not too.. yet.

"Yea.." I said before leading her out towards the car & driving her home.

Once we were near her house, I brought it up.

"So.... About that kiss?" I said, a playful smirk plastering my face.

I saw her cheeks flush red. She was too adorable.

"What about it?" She said, her cheeks glowing.

I laughed to myself before continuing on.

"It was pretty nice." I said, looking over to her and winking.

"Yea.. I, erm, enjoyed it."

"Me too." I said while pulling up in front of her house.

I got out and so did she. I made my way across the front of the car & threw my arm over her shoulder.

I walked her to her door & stopped right in front of it with her. Before she could pull out her keys, I slipped my arms around her waist & pulled her close.

I kissed her neck & made my way up to her lips, leaving a trail of kisses behind.

I kissed her once more before she said "Your lips are so soft."

I smiled and replied with "Your lips are so sweet."

I then winked and said "Im gonna go now, love." I stepped back before turning around and heading towards my car. I got in & drove away.
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