His Love Is Foreign

Harry meets Melanie and starts to feel things he's only felt with one other girl.. They ended horribly and Harry tries his best to take things slow with Melanie but is he over his ex and ready to move on?


3. Chapter 3

Stephany lead me into a bedroom i assumed was Devin's. Once in, she turned on the light & closed the door as I made my way over to the bed to take a seat.

She turned to face me with a small smile pasted to her face as she began to talk.

"Harry's no good." She said it so effortlessly, as if it was something everyone knew.

"What're you talking about? He seems like a nice guy." I quickly replied.

"Yea well you just met him.. Look, i know him.. He.. He has reputation for messing around with girls." She said as she stepped closer & sat down next to me.

"Oh." I said disappointed. Why did the only guy to actually give me a second look in a long time, have to be a player?

"Look, its nothing to be disappointed about. He's a jerk. You're better off without him." She gave me a sympathetic look & it bothered me. She felt bad for me. She felt bad about the fact that the only guy to seem to take an interest in me, was no good for me. "I'm sorry." She said, taking my hand in hers.

What the hell? I quickly pulled my hand away.

"What are you apologizing about?" I asked annoyed. She was acting as if i'd never get another shot with another guy. Am I that unattractive? I thought i was pretty decent..

"I just.. You know, i feel bad tha-"

I cut her off before she could continue. Was she actually serious? "No. Don't feel bad for me. There's nothing to feel bad about."

I quickly got up and made my way out of the room. She called after me but I ignored her.

I couldn't believe her. Maybe i was overreacting, i tend to do that sometimes but she was making me feel as if it'd take a miracle to get another guy to notice me. Well, whether i was overreacting or not, I knew one thing for damn sure. I wanted to get out of here.

I made my way downstairs & walked right into Devin.

"Woah slow down there Melanie. You seen Steph?" He asked looking past me hoping to spot her.

"Shes upstairs." I quickly replied making my way around him.

He grabbed my arm. "Hey, you alright?" He seemed worried.

"I'm fine." I said trying to sound genuine.

"You sure?"


He lightly squeezed my arm before letting go.

"I'm gonna go find Steph.." He gave me a small smile before making his way upstairs.

He really was a sweet guy.. Stephany was lucky.

I sighed & turned around, heading towards the front door & opening it. The cool air hit my flesh, making small goosebumps appear.

"Now what?" I quietly asked myself. Stephany was my only ride home & I sure as hell was not about to walk in there & ask for a ride after what just happened.

I walked down the path to the sidewalk & looked around. It was dark out & the loud music was heard outside coming from inside the house. I sighed & took a seat on the edge of the sidewalk & rested my hands on the forehead. My mind drifted back to when I was dancing with Harry. The way our bodies were in sync with each other, the way he brought my hands to his neck & rested his hands on my waist. His almost perfect face couldn't leave my memory, i wanted to trace his lips with my fingers & run my fingers through his hair. My thoughts were immediately interrupted when i heard the sound of footsteps coming up from behind me.

"Need a ride?"

I was surprised & looked back. It was the guy from earlier, the one who answered the door & completely ignored me, giving Stephany his full attention.

"No thanks." I replied, turning back around. Im not stupid. Im not about to get in a car alone with a guy I don't know & was checking out my friend earlier like she was a piece of meat.

"C'mon. I insist. It's really no trouble at all." He said while taking a seat next to me on the edge of the sidewalk. He was a little too close for my comfort so i shifted a little to the left trying to make a bigger space between us.

He noticed & moved closer to me closing the gap between us that I had created. "I can take you home. It's no problem.. Unless you wanna come home with me?" He winked & i scoffed while saying "Really. It's fine." I stood up & began to make my way down the sidewalk away from him. He got up a followed.

Im such an idiot. Why would I go even more far from the house.

"Hey wait! C'mon baby!" He grabbed my arm & forcefully spun me around to face him. His eyes dark & his intimidating frame shadowing over me. I gasped & i felt myself getting dizzy from the panic. Was this really happening?

He took note of my panicked face & quickly said "I'm not gonna hurt you. Just trying to be a good citizen by offering to give you a ride home."

"A-and I said no thanks. Look, really, its fine." I said trying to sound calm & not vulnerable.

His hold tightened. "Are you sure about that?"

"Yea. Please let go." I made no effort to try to sound calm this time. I couldn't help it.

"I think you need a ride, i'll take you home." He turned me around and began to walk with me back in the direction towards the house. I was about to calm down, planning on making a run for it into the house once we got in front of it but my plans were immediately cancelled once we began to cross the street.

"No." I struggled to get out of his grasp but he held on tighter.

"Please no. Its fine. I don't need a ride." I tried to wiggle out of his hold but i failed.

We were half way across the street when a black range rover appeared at the end of the block & drove slowly towards us. It stopped in front of us & the door to the drivers seat opened. Out popped a curly haired boy.

"Alex. What are you doing?" Harry walked towards us with a serious look on his face.

"Just giving this girl a ride home." Harry quickly glanced at me & returned his gaze back to Alex. His hold tightened as Harry took a step closer.

"I don't think she wants a ride Alex."

"She does. She said so herself." I couldn't believe him. He was lying to Harry's face & if he thought for even a second that i'd play along, he had another thing coming.

"No, actually.. I didn't." I reached up and pulled his hand away from my arm feeling safer & more confident knowing Harry was here & was obviously unfazed by Alex.

Harry reached out his hand to me & i grabbed it & walked towards him. He pulled me behind him.

"I think you should go." He told Alex, his voice deep & raspy, his tone serious. It almost scared even me. "Now."

Alex backed up. This guy who was just frightening to me, now seemed to be frightened by the guy in front of me. "Look Harry, I didn't mean to cause any trouble.. Was just trying to help." He said slowly backing up towards his car. His gaze then went to me. "If I were you, I wouldn't be feeling so safe behind him." He then looked back at Harry as a sly smile fell across his face & he turned around, walked away towards his car, got in & drove away.

Once the car was out of sight Harry turned to face me. "Are you okay?" He lightly gripped my shoulders & looked into my eyes. His face full of worry.

"I-im fine." I looked at him but he didn't seem so convinced. "Really. Thanks. A lot." I gave him a small smile & he reciprocated.

"Let me take you inside." He turned me around & was about to lead me towards the house when I said

"No. Theres no need. Really. I just want to get home.. I'll call a cab or something." I really didn't feel like going inside at the moment. I was shook after what just happened & feeling the least bit social.

Harry gave me a confused look before turning it into a smile. "Okay." he said.

We walked to the sidewalk & i pulled out my phone to dial the cab number. I was about to press call when Harry said "Or.. I could.. You know, i could just take you.." The hesitation in his voice was not hard to notice.

I looked up at him & could see the regret in his face from saying that. After what just happened, it probably wasn't the best idea to offer me a ride but me being me, i said "Yea."

I mean, how bad could it be? He had just saved me.

He smiled saying "Great." & lead me back to his car. He opened the door for me & i got in. I put my seatbelt on & saw him make his way across the the front of the car to the drivers side. He got in, put on his seatbelt & started the car.

That was when my mind went back to what Alex had said.

"If I were you, I wouldn't be feeling so safe behind him."

I shook & immediately regretted my decision to get in the car.. Sure, i knew his name and shared one dance with him but that was about it. I just had a bad experience with a stranger offering me a ride & here I was accepting a ride with, a stranger. Honestly, my stupidity never failed to amaze me. It was too late to say anything now. Harry was already driving.

"So. Where too?" He asked calmly.

I quickly gave him my address & swallowed hard.

He began to drive & after about 15-20 mins he noticed I seemed nervous & asked "You alright?" His worried expression from before returned to his face.

"Y-yea. Im uh, im fine." I said trying my best not to sound nervous but I didn't do a very good job.

"I don't believe you." He said.

"What don't you believe?"

"That you're fine." We stopped at a red light & he turned his face to look at me. His green eyes staring intently into mind.

"I'm just shook, thats all." I smiled at him & turned my head to gaze out the window.

"I'll take you back." He said & without a second thought i said "No! Its fine. It okay.. Just take me home."

"Melanie. You're not very hard to read you know. I can tell im making you nervous and I don't want you to be.." His eyes were fixed on the road & i could tell he was getting ready to make a u-turn.

"We're almost to my place, you might as well just take me all the way." I said with a sigh.

"Are you su-"

"Yes. I'm sure." I cut him off & the rest of the drive there was left in silence.

We finally arrived to my place & he parked in front my house after i told him which one it was.

"Thanks." I said & he got out & walked across the front of the car to my door & opened if. He helped me out & closed it for me.

"No problem." He said before taking my hand & walking me to my front door.

"Are you sure you're alright?" He asked once again.

"Yes! Im fine." I said before pulling out my keys & putting them into the lock. I unlocked my door & before i opening it i said "Thanks.. Again." I smiled & hugged him while he said "You're welcome." I opened my door & he stepped back & made his way towards his car. I closed the door & sighed as i turned on my hallway light.

I made my way upstairs & quickly slipped out of my dress & into my tank top & sweats. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth & remove the little bit of make up i had on & went back to my room. I happily threw myself onto my bed & thought about the events that happened tonight when the vibration of my phone interrupted my thoughts.

I patted around my bed next to me when I felt my phone. I grabbed it & quickly unlocked it to see who had texted me.

From: Stephany
'Hey.. Im sorry about earlier tonight.. :( '

I sighed & quickly replied with "Its cool" before dropping my phone back to its previous spot. I was a bit disappointed, hoping it was Harry who texted me.

I thought about what Stephany had told me. He didn't seem like the type of guy she had made him out to be. He was sweet & caring.. At least tonight he was. Maybe he was just trying to be nice to me & not scare me off considering what he had saved me from.

I let out a deep puff of air & turned off the lamp on the nightstand next to my bed & drifted off into sleep.

The next morning, I woke up with a new text from Harry.
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