His Love Is Foreign

Harry meets Melanie and starts to feel things he's only felt with one other girl.. They ended horribly and Harry tries his best to take things slow with Melanie but is he over his ex and ready to move on?


2. Chapter 2

My feet made small taps against the pavement as I made my way home back from work. It had been a long day & I was looking forward to getting some rest.

I finally got to the front door and pulled out my keys. I opened the door and made my way inside, closing the door and locking it behind me.

I took off my jacket & made my way upstairs to my room to get into something comfortable.


I had just settled down when i got a text.

From: Stephany
'Hey babes! I was just wondering if you wanna go out with me later tonight?'

I glanced at the time.


I sighed & quickly replied with

'Sorry, not tonight. Maybe next week, yea?'

From: Stephany
'Aww :( Please? Devin invited me.. & I really don't wanna go alone .x'

I felt bad. I knew how much she liked Devin & how badly she wanted to go to this party considering he had invited her but I really didn't have the energy to go. I sighed & was about to reply when i received another text.

From: Stephany
'Forget it.. I don't HAVE to go.. There will be other parties.."

I knew what she was trying to do. She was guilt tripping me knowing I was about to deny her request & although it wasn't much, it was working. I rolled my eyes & said

'Fine. I'll go. Pick me up at 10:00'

From: Stephany
'YAY :D Thanks babe, ill be there soon (: '

I put my phone down, got up & began to get ready.


Stephany was here to pick me up on time.. Miraculously.

I made my way out of my house making sure to lock up.

I had on a short black dress that went down to my mid-thigh with black pumps & light make up.

I made my way to her car & got in.

She looked me up & down before saying "Well hello gorgeous. Who are you getting all dolled up for?" Adding a wink.

I smiled &told her to shut up & drive before she could continue, knowing she would.

The rest of the car ride was spent listening to Stephany talk about how cute Devin is & how sweet the texts he sent her were. It was nothing new. She was always the one talking about a guy while I just listened. I never really had much luck with guys. It bothered me when I was younger but not so much anymore. I grew to accept the fact i'd probably never get far with guys. Maybe I should turn lesbian.. Na.

We arrived at the house about 30 minutes later. We got out of the car & made our way to the front door & knocked expecting Devin to answer but were instead greeted by an unfamiliar face.

"Hey beautiful." He was looking at Stephany. Of course. I was used to this, being ignored by guys especially when Stephany was right next to me. It bothered me & made me feel more insecure then i already was but I never let it bother me for long by simply pushing it to the back of my mind & letting my mind drift off somewhere else.

"Hey.. Is Devin here?" She said in an uninterested tone with an uninterested face.

"Yea, hes... Somewhere out back." He said, his eyes falling to her breasts during that slight hesitation before he moved out of the way to let us through.

"Thanks." She said obviously unamused & walked past him with me following suit.

"What a dick." I said sharing her annoyance she was giving no effort to hide.

"Ugh. I know right. Gosh, it bothers me how guys think its okay to ju-" she cut herself off when she spotted Devin. She gave a small squeal before running towards him & hugged him from behind. He turned around & hugged her back before whispering something in her ear that made her giggle.

I was almost positive she pretty much forgot I was here. I knew this was going to happen the minute they got together though i hoped it wouldn't. I knew I would be the third wheel and left forgotten. I sighed and walked back inside to get a drink.

I made my way into the kitchen & looked inside the cooler on top of the counter. Nothing but ice. I sighed and opened the freezer. Nothing. The fridge. Still no luck. I then spotted the box of pepsi on top of the refrigerator. I made an effort to reach up & grab a can but me being only 5'0 didn't really help & the heels strangely enough didn't help either.

Thats when i felt a body press up against me from behind and reach up. Surprised I gasped and quickly turned around to come face to face with a chest. The tall male came back down with a can of Pepsi in his hand.

He smiled & handed me the can before saying "You looked like you needed some help.. Thought i'd come to your rescue." He winked and a smirk came across his face. His eyes were almost a jade color & his chestnut curls made you just want to run your fingers through it. His lips were a perfect shade of pink & his jawline was so defined.

I returned the smile & quickly said "Thanks." Before slipping out from under him and walking away before he could say anything else. I saw him turn around & took note of the confusion on his face from the corner of my eye. He was interested in me & it was obvious he had intended to show me that. I realized that I was being stupid. I complain about guys not being into me & now im letting the only guy that actually does slip away.

I stopped in my tracks and turned around.

He was still looking at me & the confused look quickly went away to be replaced with that smirk he had given me earlier. That smirk was going to be the death of me.

I walked back towards him & quickly tried to think of something to say before I reached him but I was completely lost for words.

I realized I had been standing in front of him for a few good seconds now with no words coming out of my mouth yet. I felt my face burn with embarrassment from the realization of how stupid I must've looked at the moment & he noticed this.

"Im Harry." He said. His voice was deep and raspy. The type of voice that'd make any teenage girl melt within an instant. "And you are..?"

"Oh I-I'm Melanie." I said with a stutter. I felt my cheeks burn again knowing I was blushing & knowing it wasn't hard to notice.

He looked me up & down as if he was examining his prey & said "Melanie.. Thats a nice name.. very nice." He paused for a second before saying "Well Melanie, how'd you like to join me for a dance?" He spoke like waiting for water to boil.. Slow. Painfully slow.

"I uh- Sorry. I can't dance." Another stutter. Great.

The look on his face showed he wasn't going to deal with any excuses and leaned down to my ear to whisper "Dance with me." Not asking, but this time telling me. He slipped his hands around my waist & turned me around. He lead me out of the kitchen to the living room where people were dancing.

Once there he turned me around again to face him & began to lightly move my hips to the beat. His eyes looked darker then before. I began to move along with his hands & took this time to really look at him. I didn't understand how he could look so adorable, yet sexy at the same time. He had eyes that could kill & as he brought his bottom lip between his teeth i noticed how perfect they were.

He grabbed my hands and brought them to the nape of his neck. He then brought his hands down to my waist and began to move with me. His eyes stayed locked on mine.

I noticed a few girls looking at me. I couldn't really analyze what the looks meant but they didn't give me a very good feeling. I brushed it aside & continued to dance with him.

Unfortunately, it didn't last much longer. Someone came up to him asking for a ride.

"Sure, mate." His tone of voice showing he was a bit disappointed to have to end the dance sooner than expected.

I was startled to feel a hand slip into my back pocket & pull out my phone.

He handed it to me & said "I'll give you my number but only if you give me yours in return."

"Fine." I said as unlocked my phone and opened a new contact. I typed his name & handed him my phone for him to type his number in it.

He then handed me his & I did the same.

After I gave it back he smiled at me one more time before saying with a wink "I'll see you around Melanie."

He then turned around, walked towards his drunk friend & proceeded to walk out.

I smiled to myself & turned around to be greeted by Stephany's amused face. She walked towards me & said "Okay, while I will say that was cute. We need to talk."

I looked at her confused and asked "About?"

"About Harry."

"You know him?" I asked shocked.

"Oh yea." She said before grabbing my forearm and leading me upstairs to exclude ourselves from everyone else.
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