His Love Is Foreign

Harry meets Melanie and starts to feel things he's only felt with one other girl.. They ended horribly and Harry tries his best to take things slow with Melanie but is he over his ex and ready to move on?


1. Prologue

My eyes instantly caught his from across the room. It was dark in the room but I could easily see the small smirk painted across his face. He made his way over to her & slipped his hands around her waist as she leaned back into him, his eyes locked on mine the whole time.

I knew exactly what he was doing. He was trying to make me jealous. Trying to show me that he didn't need me & that he could get any girl. Of course, I already knew this but I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of telling him. That would only confirm what he thought he already knew.

He entwined his long fingers with hers & lead her onto the crowded dance floor. They began to move their bodies together to the beat.

I was so disgusted & annoyed with him. He always let his jealousy get the better of him & thats why we ended the way we did. He was being such a hypocrite right now by doing this to me & it was childish and immature.

I couldn't take this anymore. The second his eyes met mine again, i stormed out, making sure he saw me leave.

It was then that i heard someone say "Harry where are you going?"

I looked back & saw him making his way through the crowd of sweaty people towards me. I quickened my pace.

I knew it. I know this sounds cocky but I knew he couldn't resist me. His plans had backfired on him. He hadn't expected me to actually leave & I knew this, which is exactly why I left.

I pushed open the front door of the house & stepped out into the cold air.

"Just where do you think you're going?" His raspy voice stunned me as I turned around & was surprised to see how much closer to me he was then I had thought. He shadowed over me, trying to intimidate me but I stood my ground.

"I don't think its any of your business." His eyes widened not expecting the harsh tone & took a step closer but I stepped back.

He let out a deep sigh before saying "Why are you so complicated?"
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