I Was Born For This (One Direction)

Josh Devine, drummer of One Direction, finds a young boy abandoned by some bushes. He introduces the small child to the band and together they help Josh look after him as if he were younger sibling.
What they don't know is that on the night Josh found him, he was turned. Into a vampire? A werewolf? We cannot be sure, but one thing we are sure of is that the boys have brought themselves a whole lot of trouble..


5. Chapter three.

Josh's Point Of View.

"So Brendon, how did you get to those bushes?" I asked the small child.

"I don't know Joshie, t-there was a man and he h-hurt me a-and then I fell asleep and woked up in them bushes where you founded me." I ignored his poor grammar and tried to make sense of what he was saying. There was a man who hurt him.. hurt him how? "Brendon how did that man hurt you?" I asked softly, this might have been a very touchy subject.

"He, erm, he took off my p-pants and then he pushed something  i-into my bum and made a ouchie. And then a-after he took his thingy," he gestured to his crotch area "and put it in my mouth and kept pushing down my throat. It was narsty." I wiped away the bitter tears running down his face as he told me his story. "I thought he was finished, but then h-he-" Brendon was gasping for breath, barely able to make sense. "He what? What did he do Brendon?"


"He bit me."


Le Sexy French Narrator's Point Of View

Josh was shocked. This innocent little boy had been raped, sexually abused, assaulted then left to fend for himself. What kind of monster would ever think of doing that to someone? Josh grunted harshly. Whoever did this would pay. That very night Josh made a vow to himself and to Brendon that he would find who did this and when he did, he would find them, kill them, then kill their family. So that they, may so happily, Rot In Hell.

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