I Was Born For This (One Direction)

Josh Devine, drummer of One Direction, finds a young boy abandoned by some bushes. He introduces the small child to the band and together they help Josh look after him as if he were younger sibling.
What they don't know is that on the night Josh found him, he was turned. Into a vampire? A werewolf? We cannot be sure, but one thing we are sure of is that the boys have brought themselves a whole lot of trouble..


8. Chapter six.

Le Sexy French Narrator's Point Of View

Years passed and Brendon was now twelve years old, still thriving with those beautiful maroon orbs, fully bonded with each member the band. Of course with such a tender age comes such a tender topic.. you know what I mean hehe.

Now lets move onto a time where puberty really hit Brendon in the face. It started when the boys were watching twilight...


Josh's Point Of View

"Oh my gosh you lot shut the frick up!" I growled at them sinking slowly in my seat. To say they were annoying me is a definite understatement. "Louis, stop touching me you smell weird" I heard Brendon yell from beside me. Oh for goodness sake.

"It's called Sass I think you need to try it, you smell of little girl"

"I'll have you know I more sassier than your stupid ass" I threw a warning glare at Brendon. "If you don't stop arguing with Louis I'm cutting your allowence to £10 a week. Brendon sat silently and stared me for a few seconds. "Okay." he replied quietly, Ha that'll keep him quiet.




It got to the part in the movie where I knew the sex scene was coming in. "Louis cover his eyes for me yeah?" I asked Louis quietly as Brendon had suddenly got really into the movie. Just Before anything intimate started Louis covered his eyes making sure he couldn't see. At first Brendon started to wrestle Louis but to no avail, he sighed and sat still waiting for Louis' hands to come off his face.

Just as it began to get intimate, Brendon surprised us all by literally throwing Louis across the room, and sat staring at the TV like it was nothing. We all stared at him in amazement. He's only twelve, where did all that strength come from?

Slowly we began to notice that Brendon's were turning a deep shade of brown, almost black colour. It seemed like his eyes were going dark in lust?

Lust. Sex. Twilight.

Oh my goodness. I shielded Brendon's eyes from looking at the TV anymore and motioned for the boys to turn the movie off. We had a lot of explaining to do..

I removed my hands from his face and almost immediately, his eyes returned back to their original colour. "What happened?" Brendon asked, obviously confused. We all exchanged looks. "You just witnessed your first sex scene mate." Harry chimed.


"First and last" Liam added. Harry rolled his eyes. Brendon began to fidget in his seat. "Erm, guys? Is this normal?" He asked pointing at his crotch. No one noticed at first but a tent began to grow in the front of his jeans. Yeah.. we have a lot more explaining than we thought.


"Okay Bren, I know this is all new to you, but this is what we all went through. It's called puberty and-" "-it's a right bitch." Louis finished for me. I rolled my eyes and continued. "We've all had to go through it, now we're gonna help you out. This right here," gesturing towards the tent in his pants "is what is referred to as a 'Boner' but if your looking for the scientific terms it's basically an erect penis."

Someone giggled towards the back of the room "Penis, lol" "Shut up Niall" Zayn scolded. "Josh is tryna be a good brother here!"



might make a part 2, might not. Had a rough day today so I thought I might as well. want me to go into detail on this or nah, because if I'm honest I dont mind, it's all to please you guise. If I don't get a comment then I'll just assume you want a part two 

goodnight x

Love yoo mah rihtards xoxoxo

P.s. DFTS (Don't Forget To Smile)

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