I Was Born For This (One Direction)

Josh Devine, drummer of One Direction, finds a young boy abandoned by some bushes. He introduces the small child to the band and together they help Josh look after him as if he were younger sibling.
What they don't know is that on the night Josh found him, he was turned. Into a vampire? A werewolf? We cannot be sure, but one thing we are sure of is that the boys have brought themselves a whole lot of trouble..


9. Chapter six pt.2. [LSFNpov]

Le Sexy French Narrator Point Of View

As we venture deeper into the story, it seems I have forgotten to mention one important aspect as to why Brendon was going through puberty so early. It may or may not have to do with the fact  that Brendon, after receiving the various assaults from the stranger, was not how one would say 'normal'.

You see the stranger wasn't exactly how you would say 'human'. He was a Lycan, the Greek name for werewolf. And it's strange isn't it? You never really expect these sort of things to happen to misfits do you, they sort of just.. happen.

And it's always to the people suffering to, usually in an attempt to help them, maybe find a better life.. to become a better person.. you never really know why.

Well in this case we know why. 

Brendon was one of few that were actually chosen to become a werewolf, an Alpha actually which is a complete oddity seeing as he is so young, he's almost foetus like. Anyways Brendon's bite happened to be one of few that were planned and not a random attack. You see planning a bite always does more than a bite that has just come out of the blue quite uninvited. A unplanned bite can either turn you or kill you, whereas a planned bite can either make you an Omega, Beta or an Alpha. 

An Alpha is quite obviously the highest ranking, a Beta is the second ranking and an Omega is last. Being an Omega is aweful, because your a punching bag on legs for the Alpha and Betas, being a Beta isn't that bad because you get a punching bag on legs but your still a punching bag and being an Alpha is great because you get to control the punching bags and the punching bags on legs. 

Confused? You shouldn't be I'm only half done explaining.

In life, if you have had a hard one or you weren't treated well, your bite would make you become a Beta or possibly an Alpha (which is quite rare) but if you were someone who had a great life and didn't appreciate it or had a snobby attitude and looked down  your nose at people, you'd very likely become an Omega. Really it's all down to final judgement, not like a final judgement from God more like a final judgement from Karma: What Goes Around, Comes Around. You know, the works.

And as for those in-between, if you were bitten and your body didn't reject the bite; clap clap for you, you can now make your way through life harming and possibly killing people for your own self-esteemed pleasure.

But if your body did reject the bite; its time to start brushing up on your bible knowledge because there is no after life; only heaven and an eternal deep fryer. And the latter of the two isn't as fun as it sounds.


Just saying.


Anyways back to the topic at hand: Brendon. 

Brendon's case was special because he was bitten at such a young age and still has the power to crush the whole world singlehandedly (hypothetically of course). And also with him being an Alpha normal human changes happen very quickly like pregnancy or puberty or health recovery. It's all just very fast.

He's as normal as a normal human twelve year old can get, but in a matter of weeks he won't be the same.


He won't grow the same

He won't eat the same

He won't look the same

He won't act the same

He will be a whole new person

And whether that person is good or bad you will never know. I mean, I know, but I don't think you will ever find out that's all.



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