I Was Born For This (One Direction)

Josh Devine, drummer of One Direction, finds a young boy abandoned by some bushes. He introduces the small child to the band and together they help Josh look after him as if he were younger sibling.
What they don't know is that on the night Josh found him, he was turned. Into a vampire? A werewolf? We cannot be sure, but one thing we are sure of is that the boys have brought themselves a whole lot of trouble..


10. chapter seven

Le Sexy French Narrator's Point Of View

It was just about that time for Brendon,the time where he realised that he was no longer human. Now believe me friends, this is the entertaining part, I mean have you ever seen a lost Alpha? It really is the funniest thing. They have no control over what they're doing and end up killing everyone and everything. Hilarious.


Brendon's Point Of View

It was Thursday and I had woken up really early, dunno why though. I got down off my bunk and got dressed in something warm because I wanted to go on a walk. I decided I didn't want a breakfast after searching the cabinets for something to eat. I left a note on the fridge door and then left.

"God it's cold" I said as I let out a long breath that appeared in front of me. Typical British weather. I wondered away from the bus and ended up in a residential area. I took out my phone to see how far away I was from the boys.

The GPS read '2.3mi'. How the flip did I walk that far? I can't even move from my bunk to the bus door without feeling breathless. Ugh, whatever. I took out the earphones I had chillin' in my jacket pocket, put one in and continued to walk around the residential area. The houses here are really nice but creepy at the same time. I mean there's not a single sound or light on. I jumped and did a double take. 


'D-did the livingroom light in this house just turn on?' I thought to myself. 'No it can't have'


I shook my head to clear any crazy thoughts and continued walking. Another livingroom light turned on


'No I don't like this' I thought to myself once again.


One by one the lights in each house began to turn on.


Excuse my french Mr Narrator 'LSFN: You're excused' but, What the actual fuck is going on?


Le Sexy French Narrator's Point Of View

My, my, here comes the funny part I was talking about. Well before when I talked about Brendon  being lost, I was speaking more about his emotions and mentality. In this case though however, Brendon is physically lost. The hilarious part is that he waltzed into a neighbourhood of Vampires who seemed to have immediately sensed his presence and don't seem to happy about it.


Okay, well that's all there is from me




Brendon's Point Of View


The whole of the neighbourhood surrounding me had illuminated itself, that's not creepy at all. Out of nowhere this little girl appeared crying. I walked up to her and knelt down so that I was at her height. "What's wrong?"

She sniffled loudly "I can hear them" she said quietly to me "Hear who?" I asked.

"The voices, they tell me things" she replied back to me "They brought me here, to find you and tell you something"

"Oh, so how did you find me?" I asked her "They told me what to do" she said quietly once again, this time getting closer.


"What's your name little girl?" I questioned her "Lydia, I'm Lydia and I know when people are about to die" oh that's.. nice. My throat began to get dry so I swallowed hard. Lydia tugged on the sleeve of my jacket and I snapped my gaze towards her "Yes?"

"I still need to tell you something" she said getting closer than ever "What is it? What did the voices tell you?" I push "They told me to scream" I'm sorry what? This little girl- I mean Lydia, came all this way to tell me that she needs to scream. Okay what is wrong with the world? I got up to leave but something tells me I should hear her out, so I turn back around to face her.


"Because," Lydia took three steps away turning her back to me "they say you're going to die" she turned back to face me with tears in her eyes "I'm sorry I can't save you" she sobbed 

"Wait, what?" a strong gust of wind had picked up and stray leaves and twigs began to circle above and around us.

"I just wanted to help" she continued "they told me it was the only way but I know they're lying, I know that's not the way to save you." the tears began to run down furiously down her cheeks "Please don't make me do it" she whispered to herself "I just wanted to help" The wind circling us had become very strong, blowing her fiery red hair all over the place.


"Do what Lydia, what do they want you to do?" I yelled over the noise the wind was creating.She looked up at me with her big green eyes and all of a sudden the wind stopped causing a deathly silence.


"Scream" she said quietly before she let out an ear piercing scream, that definitely didn't sound normal.


If I didn't know any better I'd say she was a Banshee.. wait a minute..


Okay so for those of you that don't know, Lydia is from teen wolf only in this she's like 10 or 11, anyways she's a banshee and again for those of you who don't know Banshees predict death and that's why they scream/wail/make a loud irritating noise.

I know this chapter was requested over a month ago so I had to do my best to pull something together because I literally am writing like 5 books at the same time so I got writers block. But yeah keep doing the lovely things you do like commenting, liking, favouriting and don't forget to please fan me!!

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