I Was Born For This (One Direction)

Josh Devine, drummer of One Direction, finds a young boy abandoned by some bushes. He introduces the small child to the band and together they help Josh look after him as if he were younger sibling.
What they don't know is that on the night Josh found him, he was turned. Into a vampire? A werewolf? We cannot be sure, but one thing we are sure of is that the boys have brought themselves a whole lot of trouble..


7. Chapter five.

Josh's Point of View.

At this point I could practically feel Brendon's fearfulness of the pair. I held him close and whispered in his ear, "Bren, there's nothing to be afraid of. These two are my friends, they won't hurt you." Brendon looked up at me with his big red-ish brown eyes. "Promise?" he asked "Promise." I confirmed. He'd get a few bumps and scratches along the way with these two but I know that they would never intentionally hurt him. "Lou, Haz, do you mind?" I asked calling the boys over. They both looked at each other and shrugged. "I'd like to welcome the newest edition to the 1D family, this is-" "Brendon" the young child whispered. "Yes, Brendon. He's been through a lot so please take your time with him." I said handing Brendon over to Louis. Yes, yes Louis. Even though Louis has a wild heart he really does have a very motherly feel about him. I then walked off the tour bus, but not before alerting the pair that I would be gone for a while. I knew Brendon was in good hands. Ish.



Yess, I know its been agess. Yes, I know it's only a paragraph. Long story short, I had loaads of homework to do. Can you all just do me a favour and Comment, Like and Favourite? I see that people have been adding me to their favourites so thank youu soo much!! Keep sharing my story on anywhere possible! Yet again if you want to Kik me my user name is AmberDreams_Tancey. Aaaaaand I bet you've all heard the new song by 5SOS, just so you know I will not and can not make a fanfic about them because my cousin will kill me for liking them because she's known since the foetus days so no 5SOS for you guys UNLESS YOU BEG ME. sorry hyper typer. anywho

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