You aint no Country Boy

Veronica Hastings. The most country girl you will ever meet. The new guy working at her familys stable doesnt know a thing about how to be country. Its veronicas job to make him more like a country boy. But does this city boy have a country heart? Zayn Malik doesnt know why he started working there, but starts to fall for Veronica even though he thinks that she hates him.


12. Pain Killer Time Savor

When he went to the barn, i went in my house and went ot the fridge to grab  some water. I still felt sick. I thought i knew why. "Girl Problems" i quitely said. I was alone though. I closed the fridge and saw a family picture. "Ahh dad why did you have to go?" i questioned him even though he wasnt there. A tear started dripping down my face. But i understood why. My dad died when i was 13 and i was 16 now. He got in a plane crash on his way home from the military. I leaned my forhead on the fridge as i started crying. I felt like my life has been living Hell. I had no idea why. I lived in a big house with a stable and a wonderful mom and i was being ungrateful. I ran upstairs still crying and slammed my door. Zayn said be careful and i thought i was doing the total oppisite. I took out paper and a pen and was gonna write a letter to my dad to put at his grave. I made sure to lock my door. I was gonna write a very strong worded letter even though he was dead...........

Dear Dad,

So you died. You basicly Ruined my life. If you rode a different plane or if you took a different flight we wouldnt be in this mess. DID YOU SEE WHAT YOUR DOING TO ME. SOMETIMES YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE I NEED TO KILL MYSELF TO BE WITH YOU. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? DO YOU WANT THAT TO HAPPEN? Mom would be heart broken but i guess you would get your way. Those tricks you play. I remember last year during summer you wrote a note yes i know it was from you even though you were dead. You put it under my pillow so i would feel it. The note said

Be with me V

and do you know what was with the note? A bottle of Pills. you wanted me to die. Would i be happier in heaven with you or would it be to hard. I would be disapointing so many people but yet be helping them too. Its always good to get me off there back. YOU NEED TO LEAVE ME ALONE. I know you cant answer to this but i want to know IF YOU REALLY CARE STOP IT!! I'll see you soon dad. See you soon...........


I was bawling now. I heard a knock on the door. Someone was trying to get in. It was Zayn. "Come on Veronica Open up". I went near my window and opened it. It was a long drop, i thought as i sat on the window seal hugging my legs close to the edge. Just like Zayns part in there song "Moments" i thought holding the note as i peaked my head out. I still had the pills my father gave me and i know where they were. I went and pulled them out from under my mattress. I took about 3 out and sat back in the window with a bottle of water. I swallowed the pills and was still crying. I put one leg out and it was hanging out the window. The thoughts that were going through my mind. -The bullying and my dad and owen and zayn and what he said what my mom said to him about me and Perrie coming in and what happened at the school about being left and those bratty girls who i thought i would be friends with.- Zayn was pounding on the door now.


"Veronica open up the door" he said a little louder then the first time. "Leave my alone" i cried as he pounded even harder. "VERONICA OPEN THE DOOR COME ON OPEN IT" He yelled as the door burst open. He saw me and rushed over. He hugged me and picked me up and brought me to the bed. "ARE YOU CRAZY WHY WHY WHY WOULD YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING THAT" he shouted at me as i hid the note. I didnt answer and tried to get over to the window. "STOP IT" He said as he grabbed my waist pulling me back on the bed. I kept trying to get up but he kept doing the same thing. "STOP IT VERONICA YOU ARE NOT KILLING YOURSELF I WONT LET YOU" He grabbed my wrist and wouldnt let me move them. Well untill he saw the pills. "HAVE YOU BEEN TAKING THESE" He yelled with widend eyes staring straight into me. I nodded and begin to feel woosy. The pills were kicking in..........Finally.


He sighed as i started dosing off. "Veronica? STAY WITH ME" He kept shouting so how was it possible for me to dose off. Finally i did dose off and i was thinking that, that was the last sight and thing i would hear. But i woke up about an hour later laying on my bed. Zayn was no where in sight. It was already 12 am. I got up to go over to the window. It was locked and i couldnt get it open. It was stuck. He did that on purpose. I groaned and tried to open my bedroom door. It was stuck to. "OPEN UP OPEN UP LET ME OUT" I shouted hoping my dad would open it. I was hoping everything was a dream. Zayn opened the door and looked tired. "You awake your ok so that recover thing did work yay" he said putting me into a hug. Opparently he gave me something that would cure me. He did pretty dam good. "Zayn im sorry my head was in the wrong place and..." he put his finger on my lips so i would stop talking.


"SHHH this wasnt your fault alot went on and im thinking theres something your not telling me" he said raising his eye brow.  "I dont want to tell you i cant it would cause drama there actully two things that are bothering me" i stil cried putting my head into his chest. "What did you tell your girlfriend you were doing" i asked quitely looking up at him. "Not this thats for sure" he laughed a little as i laughed still in his hug. "I told her that your mom needed me for a staff meeting" he said looking down at me while i was looking up at him. It was a little awkward. "Thanks for not uh telling her that i have gone crazy and that i needed someone here" i managed to get out smiling at him. I felt much better in his arms. It was just like the time before.....awkward. "I feel like we shouldnt be standing here like this" he said but i could tell he was thinking about not saying it. "I agree since you kinda have a girlfriend". We grew apart and i walked downstairs to grab a pop.


"Your sick remmeber pops not good" he explained to me while taking it out of my hand. "ZAYN PLEASE" I begged pretending to pray. "NOO i can drink pop you can have a sip but not a whole can" he said opening it taking a drink. I grabbed it out of his hands and ran while drinking it. He got to me and pushed me down. I was now on the ground with pop spilled all over me and he was on top of me starring down at me. He put his arms out to help him get up. I pushed him to the side of me as he rolled over onto the ground as we both looked up at the ceiling. "Im covered in pop you prick"  i said joking around. "Im so sorry but it was your fault for taking it" he assured me with his british accent. I rolled on my shoulder and looked at him while he was still looking at the ceiling. "You look funny" i commented as he turned on his shoulder towards me. "You look funny well and tired its 12 30 so you might want to get to sleep" he added. "Nah what i need to do is take a shower". "Can i turst you Veronica" he questioned me with worried eyes. "YES you can trust me" i answered going upstairs while Zayn stayed downstairs watching How i met your Mother.


Next chapter starts after her shower..............

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