You aint no Country Boy

Veronica Hastings. The most country girl you will ever meet. The new guy working at her familys stable doesnt know a thing about how to be country. Its veronicas job to make him more like a country boy. But does this city boy have a country heart? Zayn Malik doesnt know why he started working there, but starts to fall for Veronica even though he thinks that she hates him.


5. Pain from Zayn

I woke up really happy. I ran downstairs with my normal clothes on. Some aqua shorts and a white tank top. I skipped downstairs and was on my way to the barn when i started singing one way or another.


I was still happy because i got to see Zayn and my mom told me school was starting tomorrow and me and my brother where good now. When i got to the barn i saw Zayn and ran up and hugged him.


I like just met him but liked him. WOAH he kinda shouted hugging me back. I backed away. "Sorry" i said backing up a little more. No its fine he said getting water for the horses. How was your concert i asked grabbing a sadle and putting it on my horse Lea.


Oh it was good there are so many fans your lucky you get to meet me he explained smiling at me. I thought of that Zayn Malik....right? Yeah that is my last name let me guess you looked it up? he questioned putting water infront of Lea.  Yeah i did and i will know more because im going to school tomorrow i said going near Lea. You will hear more about the band and what grade are you in? he asked leaning against the barn wall.


Im in 11th grade and have you graduated yet i asked petting Lea. I would be done with school darling he assured me. I next tried to get on Lea when i started falling back. Thank goodness Zayn was there. He caught me and lifted me up on the horse. Wanna take a ride i asked him smiling pointing to a horse. Well sure Veronica lets go he said getting on a horse near me.


He followed me as i rode down to the stream. Still following, Zayn  was laughing at me because i was gripping onto my horse for dear life while he was just holding on with one hand.  I stopped and he did the same. I got off Lea and went over to his horse. Why are you laughing i said smiling. Oh just cause and whats wrong with Lea he questioned and laughed.


Well shes giving out i cant ride her anymore but....she likes water so im gonna go lead her into the water i notified him as he got off his horse. Mind if i come? Sure Zayn now follow me. I went over to the water and started walking in it. Zayn stood back and looked at me with worrying eyes. I forgot he couldnt swim. ill help you if you start to drown i say as i grabbed his hand and guided him toward the water.

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