You aint no Country Boy

Veronica Hastings. The most country girl you will ever meet. The new guy working at her familys stable doesnt know a thing about how to be country. Its veronicas job to make him more like a country boy. But does this city boy have a country heart? Zayn Malik doesnt know why he started working there, but starts to fall for Veronica even though he thinks that she hates him.


4. One way or Another

Next Day

BEEP! I woke up but not to happy this morning. Last night when i got back from the barn, it was 9 pm so i decided to go to bed but i got stopped by my brother. The one who Beat Zayn up.


He came up to me and grabbed my arms so i couldnt move them. What do you want Owen! i yelled as he pushed me on the floor and yelled "I KNOW THAT GUY ZAYN AND I KNOW HE IS TROUBLE SO YOU BETTER NOT HURT ME OR I WILL HURT YOU".


He walked away and i just layed there and looked at the ceiling. I wasnt in pain or anything i was just tired of his acts. I shrugged at the thought of Last night. I brushed my hair and my back still hurt a little. I put on Skinny jeans instead of shorts today. It was supposed to be kinda cold.


 I went downstairs and sat down at the kitchen table. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my mom said as she walked in with a triple chocolate cake. I totally forgot it was my birthday today. My 16th birthday. Everyone came out including the barn staff and started singing Happy birthday.


Everyone but Zayn. He wasnt there and i was a little worried. My smile went to a frown when owen came up and tapped me on the shoulder saying "Happy Birthday sis" Smiling. I rolled my eyes and had a thought. Was he the reason Zayn wasnt here. My mom didnt even know Owen hurt Zayn.


Now baby girl your 16 now so we are gonna have a barn party for ya'll my mom mentioned sitting next to me.  OK that sounds really cool mama and thank you for this cake and all the people singing is this everyone i managed to fit in. Yah This is everyone close to our family.


Can i go upstairs real quick i asked. My back was killing me for some reason but i didnt tell her that. Sure honey go ahead we will be down here. My mom pointed out. I went upstairs and Owen followed me. "Owen why are you following me i announced as i plopped down on my bed, He laughed and left.


 I was so confused. What was that about? i whispered to myself. I was thinking of how i wish nothing ever happened yesterday. I was still mad at Zayn but i had a reason now. What he said about school. All the memorys came rushing back through my head.  I went into Owens room and stood by the door.


"I wanna start over" i said as he looked up not knowing i was there, I saw him holding something. I took it out of his hands and gasped. It was a lighter. I sighed and said something else. "Good you need to start over. Lets act like yesterday never happened" He assured as he messed up my hair.


"Yesterday? What happened Yesterday? i said smiling, He laughed and was starting to walk out the door. "Wait Owen umm  you said you know Zayn and i know that yesterday never happened but uh how did you know him?" i asked kinda shy and quiet.


"I went to his highschool before he was famous. He dated every pretty girl he saw and broke there heart the next week so i dont want you getting included in that plus he is 19 and your only 16 so yeah" He explained now walking out the door.


I grabbed Owens computer and brought it into my room. I looked up Zayn and what popped up was Zayn Malik. I clicked on it and saw pictures......Thousands of pictures. I saw so many comments on "Zayn is mine".


I looked up the band One direction and thousands of search results popped up. They were a nice looking band. I clicked on the first result and a song popped up. It was called "One way or another". It was so catchy. When i saw Zayn sing all i was thinking was "Man this guys got a voice".


I skipped down the steps singing under my breathe Zayns part of the song. "One way or another im gonna see you im gonna meetcha meetcha meetcha meetcha One day maybe next week im gonna meetcha im gonna meetcha ill meetcha" It was such a  catchy song.


I was back to Liking Zayn. I went up to my mom and was about to ask a really risky question. "Mom is it possible i can ever go back to school but like a new school?" She looked at me shocked.


"If you want to she said as she sighed. "BUT IF ANYTHING HAPPENS YOUR DONE! she said kinda harsh. OHH thanks mom i said as i kissed her on the cheek i cant wait.


What made you change your mind about school my mom asked cleaning the dishes. "It just got to me i said as i turned around. " Oh and Zayn is just at a concert so he will be back tomorrow my mom said before i went skipping up the stairs.


Okay mom i said smiling but she couldnt see. That was just what i wanted to hear. I went  upstairs and it was 7 30 pm. I must of been on that computer for HOURS. I decided to try to sleep so tomorrow would come faster.

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