You aint no Country Boy

Veronica Hastings. The most country girl you will ever meet. The new guy working at her familys stable doesnt know a thing about how to be country. Its veronicas job to make him more like a country boy. But does this city boy have a country heart? Zayn Malik doesnt know why he started working there, but starts to fall for Veronica even though he thinks that she hates him.


14. Not wanting to Explain


Veronics P.O.V.

As soon as Louis said Zayn likes me i lost it. I got up right then and there and left. I had to. I ran upstairs and locked my door. I noticed the computer was there. I went of facebook and noticed something really bad. Hate Mail. People found out that Zayn was working on my farm and now think were dating. I also got hate messages for hanging out with that one girl at school but that was only from those perky cheerleaders. I opened my window but i wasnt gonna jump out. I was gonna sneak out. I dont know where or what i was doing. I was just leaving. The Hate didnt hurt me this time. It was different. 


Zayn P.O.V.

"REALLY DUDE REALLY" I yelled motioning my hand up the stairs. "It needed to be said i dont want you to raise your voice i just want to know what went on". I clenched my fist and almost punched him. "Anyway its your fault for not telling her". I lost it. With, fist clenched up i punched him and kept punching him. "ZAYN" He shouted as i got on top of him still punching him. He was fighting back. I rolled over and was now punching me. He got up and started kicking me and i was just laying on the ground letting it happen. Harry walked in and saw what louis was doing. "LOUIS STOP" He yelled holding Louis Back. "WHATS GOING ON HERE" Harry asked with his british accent. Next Perrie walked in running right up to me. "Babe are you okay" she yelled kissing me on the cheek. 




"Im fine" i said angrily as i quickly got up wiping the dirt off my jacket i had on."OH good feww that was close so Eleanor invited me to go shopping and i dont have ANY money so mind if i borrow some?" she questioned me smiling. She always did that. Said something nice to me then ask for money. "Sure i guess just not to much i still need some for my mom" i assured her as she jumped up happily and went straight to my wallet. I groaned as she gave me a quick hug and left. I had no idea how much she took. I wanted to go check on Veronica. I started walking up the stairs until Louis said something. "Going to see your girlfriend?" he asked as i clenched my fist again. Harry was pushing Louis out the door and by the time i got upstairs, i was weak. My body ached and i felt like my legs could just give out. I got into her room and noticed she wasnt there. I didnt freak out though. I just went downstais and out the door to the place she fell of her horse. I knew she was there somehow. When i got there i saw a girl sitting there holding her arms over her legs. I went up to her and sat down. "Hey sorry i took care of it" i assured her as she turned toward me and sighed. "I came here to get my mind freed listen Zayn people think were dating i dont even know how they know about me" she said with tears making in her eyes. I wiped them off her face and looked ashamed. I felt ashamed to. "I understand if you dont want to be my friend i guess its alot of preasure and not enough privacy." i told her. She stared at me with her jaw dropped. "ZAYN i would never not want to be your friend your amazing and i think behind all that fame and fortune you are a nice guy and people need to see that". She surprised me. Before i knew it i was hugging her. When we got out of the hug i was looking straight into her eyes, I was leaning in and i couldnt help it. I liked her i really liked her. When our lips touched the kiss was quick and when we pulled away, we both starred into each others eyes. "OH MY GOD" we both said smiling.................




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