You aint no Country Boy

Veronica Hastings. The most country girl you will ever meet. The new guy working at her familys stable doesnt know a thing about how to be country. Its veronicas job to make him more like a country boy. But does this city boy have a country heart? Zayn Malik doesnt know why he started working there, but starts to fall for Veronica even though he thinks that she hates him.


8. Mindy and Candy

Before i could go to the office two really pretty girls came up to me with cheerleading offits on. Hey you must be new my name is Candy and i am cheerleading captain and this is My co captian Mindy. Hi i said being kinda shy. Well we are the welcoming comidy so can we please show you around they asked looking at me with puppy dog eyes. Sure i said kinda be sarcastic. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a hallway even more busy. This is main Hall A she said smiling.  Boys walked by whistling. I laughed a little as Mindy and Candy smiled.


Well since Lunch is right now you can sit with the cheer leaders and the boys she said walking away. Great i thought to myself. I had no idea where anything was.  I heard singing and i followed the sound of that. It was the cafiteria. People were standing on tables pounding trays together singing. Mindy and candy spotted me and motioned me there way. When i got to the table i sat on the table like them. I was laughing while we were rocking out. This school was awesome and i knew that for a fact. Opparently i was considered pretty hear because i heard from someone that Mindy and Candy dont go up to anyone just random.


I didnt think i was pretty but people were comparing me to Candy who was the prettiest girl ive ever seen. Alot of eyes spotted me and looked at me and smiled, And continued with the song. It was the most fun ive had since i was with Zayn in the lake.....which was only yesturday. RINGG! Everyone rushed out the door. Alot of popular girls and boys came up to me and introduced themselfs. It was like i was a superstar. I didnt even tell them i know Zayn Malik and that he drove me here.


I guess they didnt need to know that. Well you have Bio with me Mindy said as she pulled me into a classroom. She sat down and told me go find a seat.  I sat down by a girl with Orange hair. She rolled her eyes and was acting like i was annoying her. "Hey im Veronica" i said reaching my hand out. Wow your the one introducing yourself she said with a snappy attitude. This is how our talk went.

Me:Woah what did i do

Her: Your one of those popular girls the one who cant hang out with people like me

Me: its my first day i like literly just an hour ago came here

Her: Once they take you in theres no getting out 

Me: Whats it gonna take for you to not hate me and not call me a popular girl

Her: Hang out with me for one whole day and tell me what they say about me

Me: Fine 

Our conversation was quick and before long a guy turned around and smiled at me. Im Sam he said grabbing onto my hand that was on the table. Back off i said taking my hand away. He just smiled and laughed. "Darling you dont tell me to stop". I about slapped him in the face. TURN AROUND yelled the girl sitting next to me. He finally turned around and the whole class was looking at us. I just smiled and quitely laughed. The girl finally told me her name.


"Im Santana by the way" she said shyly. It was our last class because today was a half day. But i just found that out, And my phone was dead.  RINGG! Again everyone was out. That day actully went by really quick. But that was what i was afraid of. I was in the hallway when Mindy and Candy came up. Dont talk to that girl Santana they explained quitely. In my head i was thinking "You cant tell me who and who not to hang out with".   I walked away before she could finished her sentence and walked right over to Santanas locker. "Soo mind if i borrow your phone". i questioned smiling at her. She took it out of her pocket and gave it to me. I dialed Zayn because i knew his number. This is how the phone call went.

Zayn: Hello?

Me: Hey Zayn its Veronica

Zayn: Oh hey Babe (he called everyone that) whats up hows school

Me: Oh you know i forgot to tell you today is a half day

Zayn: What?

Me: Any chance you could pick me up?

Zayn: Well Perrie will be here any minute and i have to wait for her can you maybe get another ride

I paused for a sec

Me: Well um I guess

Zayn: Are you sure i could have one of the boys pick you up

Me: No im fine you go have fun with your girlfriend 

I laughed a little

Me: I will find a  ride dont worry



I then hung up before he could say anything. Need a ride i have a car said Santana closing her locker. No im fine i assured her as i said bye and walked back into the classroom. Even the teacher was packing up."Ahh miss Veronica the whole school is closing so do you plan on going any where? I shook my head and left again but the hall ways were empty. Truth is i wasnt gonna find a ride and i didnt wanna see Perrie at all. I went outside and sat on a bench hunched over. I looked at my black screen on my phone.  I tried to turn it on but it only had like 1 percent left.  It turned off again and i sighed. I sat there for what felt like hours. And infact it was. We got out of school at 12 and it was already 3 o clock. They had to wondering where i was. I looked up and saw a familiar car pull in the parking lot. But it wasnt Zayn. It was Louis.


"WELL WHAT AW YOU WAITING FO" yelled louis smiling at me. His british accent was really cool. I got in and laughed. So you must be Louis i commented as he said "So you must be Veronica". Wheres Zayn? i asked as he started the car and started driving really fast. DONT KILL ME i shouted and all he did was crack up.  Zayn is hangin out with Perrie so your stuck with me. I thought you said you had a ride room he advised as he nearly ran past a stop sign. I didnt i was just saying that so i didnt annoy zayn. You wouldnt annoy him he was just trying to help and are you afraid of annoying him...OHHHH DO YOU LIKE HIM he nearly shouted. No Louis well I dont know Kinda i admitted. I just found out he had a girlfriend this morning i said pretty bummed out.


Sorry im taken to but uh You know whos open? Harry and Niall they are mighty fine chums he said gripping the steering wheel. Who says Chums i asked laughing. Oh you know bri-ish chaps like myself. I laughed so hard. I like you Lou as a friend you should be my brother i said pointing to him, When we pulled up to my house. Dont tell Zayn i like him i commanded still pointing at him. No promises he yelled getting out of the car running to the barn. LOUIS i yelled back at him and jumped on his back making him fall. LISTEN i boasted. I got up and helped him up. Secrets safe i was just kidding Veronica. What ever i whispered smiling.

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