You aint no Country Boy

Veronica Hastings. The most country girl you will ever meet. The new guy working at her familys stable doesnt know a thing about how to be country. Its veronicas job to make him more like a country boy. But does this city boy have a country heart? Zayn Malik doesnt know why he started working there, but starts to fall for Veronica even though he thinks that she hates him.


10. I know Now

Zayns P.O.V.

I went back to the barn and found Louis and pulled him to the side.  What Lad? He asked smiling at Harry sorta like he was flirting.  Lou stop flirting i commented being totally serious. "Im sorry Zayn its just his curls are so sexy" I laughed when he said that. "Anyway did Uh Veronica mention anything to you about not like Perrie?" I asked making my eyes wider. "Oh uh lad  i dont know if you know this but Veronica likes you and told me not to tell you" he said in almost a whisper. It explained alot actully. I nodded and said "I should go talk to her".


 "You didnt hear it from me" he said nodding at me. I ran to her house and opened the screen door. She wasnt on the couch so i thought she might have been in her room. I went upstairs and opened her door. Her room was like a cabin but smaller. I went in there and saw her lap top was opened.


It was filled with pictures of me. She was on google. I looked at what she searched and was shocked. It said Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. I smiled at how she liked me and how i never knew. I went back downstairs but still couldnt find her. I looked infront of the door and saw something. It was her phone. I went and picked it up and saw "One Unrecieved call dialed". I looked at who it was to and of course it was me.


I took out my phone and saw One missed call. There was a voice mail there too. I put it up to my ear and started freaking out. The voicemail said


"Hey Zayn i have to tell you something. I kinda like...... Sorry i just heard something. 


I could tell she just went up to the door.

All i heard next was the phone drop and her struggling. I blinked a long blink as a tear streamed down my face. Was it possible i was starting to like her? Of course it was Zayn i already do i thought in my head. UHHHHHH I shouted really loud putting my hands into fist. I was determined to find her. I actully did like her but was dating Perrie. What was i supposed to say about that? I was so confused i just sat on the couch she was sitting at and was crying. I knew i had to find her but i never knew i would be this emotional. I have never felt this was about anyone. Well about Perrie but ina different way. Veronica was different. But in a good way.





A/N Sorry its short but i was in a hurry i have to get off so yah longer next time and comment what you think.

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