You aint no Country Boy

Veronica Hastings. The most country girl you will ever meet. The new guy working at her familys stable doesnt know a thing about how to be country. Its veronicas job to make him more like a country boy. But does this city boy have a country heart? Zayn Malik doesnt know why he started working there, but starts to fall for Veronica even though he thinks that she hates him.


6. Getting in Trouble

I pulled zayn in the water and he shook cause the water was cold. I splashed him and he got kinda mad. I felt bad but i knew he wasnt as mad when he splashed me even bigger. I went and pushed him in the water and then he pulled me in. It was so fun. I got so cold though i had to get out.  I got on my horse and tried to get warmed up. It was dark outside so i knew it was getting late. When he got out he came over to my horse. Should we be getting back he said with his british accent.


I think that would be a good idea i explained to him as he got on his horse. When i got to the house, i noticed all the lights were off. Zayn was still behind me. Im gonna be in huge trouble i whispered with worried eyes. I will explain to your mom if.... Zayn you cant my brother will beat you up if he sees you but if you want to i guess it would help i said kinda scared.


We walked in and i saw the time. It was already 11:30 at night and i was hoping my mom was asleep but just my luck she was in the living room starring at me and Zayn who were soaking wet. Onica i trusted you and you have school tomorrow at 6 am so why are you up was it Zayn she questioned eyeing Zayn up and down. Mom no! i shouted as i put my arm infront of Zayn.


It was me i promise i was the one who wanted to go to the creek and...i got inturrupted by my mom. You are not to see Zayn or Talk to him at all this is your only night so you better take your time cause this is the last time my mom said very strict walking into her room slamming the door. I whispered to myself "i wont stop hanging out with Zayn".


There were tears streaming down my face. "She says i have tonight to hang out with you so uhh want to hang out? i asked wipping the tears off my face. "I have a concert tomorrow i got to...I interuppted him by saying Ok Bye Zayn and walking upstairs. He grabbed for my arm but i ignored it. He followed me up the stairs and went into my room.


"Sorry i i i i didnt know that it ment forever not hanging out with you he said sitting on my bed. Its ok Zayn she never yells at me like that and im not even tired i dont know why i wanted to go to school because now i just dont know. He moved my hair out of my face.


School is fun trust me and tonight was just my fault dont take the blame and you need to sleep you have to get up early tomorrow Zayn described as he crossed his arms. I smiled and held his hand on my face. But next it got bad. WHATS THIS JERK DOING HERE! Owen yelled standing in the door way.


Owen calm i said standing up holding his shoulders even though i wasnt strong. Owen pushed me to the ground and was going straight towards Zayn. I jumped on Owens back and tried to stop him but again he made me fall. I couldnt get up this time.


Yo dude i was just getting out Zayn said with his hands in the air. But Owen punched him in the stomach. He fell to the ground in pain. GET OUT I yelled leaning down towards Zayn. Owen grabbed Zayn and pushed him in to the wall outside my room.


SHUT THE DOOR AND LOCK IT yelled Zayn as he was getting hurt. I did what he said but could hear his screams of pain. I plopped down on my bed and started crying. Next i heard a door slam and nothing else. I didnt notice but i dosed of and i was hoping it was just a dream........But it wasnt.


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