You aint no Country Boy

Veronica Hastings. The most country girl you will ever meet. The new guy working at her familys stable doesnt know a thing about how to be country. Its veronicas job to make him more like a country boy. But does this city boy have a country heart? Zayn Malik doesnt know why he started working there, but starts to fall for Veronica even though he thinks that she hates him.


2. Crash and Burn

Lea was giving out. I have never worked my horse so hard. Lea stopped with a fright and jumped. I was trying to hold on but my hands slip. I slowly fell and hit my back on the ground and my head went up and down as it hit the ground.


Lea ran off and i was laying there screaming in pain. Out of the corner of my eye, i saw my phone. It must of fell out of my pocket when i fell. I tried to reach for it but it was to far. HELP HELP i yelled but i was already like a mile away from the stable so nobody could here me. 



I saw Zayn running up to me. I was still laying on the ground hurt. I felt like i broke my back. It was all his fault though. He came up to me and tryed to help me up. He hardley knew me why was he being so nice. He picked me up and started running to the stable. When we got there, there was blood dripping down from my arm.


I must of scratched it. I got up even though my back was in pain. I was walking well slumping while holding my back. Uh you ok he asked as he put Lea away. I thought she ran away. He must of grabbed her before he saw me. Oh im im.........not i said starting to cry. He flinched a little and grabbed his phone.


Hey Veronica fell off her horse. Shes not ok come to the stable. He hung up and started walking away nervously. Someone came running in. It was my brother Owen. He picked me up like Zayn did and put me in his truck. He was off to the hospital and i was still in pain. Was Zayn gonna be there?


I should be mad at him for what he said but after he picked me up, i really wanted to see him and apoligize for me just being me i guess.  When we got to the hospital, they got me in a room fast. The docters put me in treatment and stuff. When i was all fixed up you know to just relax, my brother Owen came in. Hey V he said as he tapped me on the leg.


He was 17 and i was 15 so he really helped me alot. Oh hi i said smiling at him. How did you fall off yo dang horse he said like a country guy. He was the most country guy you could find. Thats why we were such good friends AND sibblings. Oh i was pushing Lea to hard and she freaked out and jumped. I fell off so now here i am i mentioned while pointing at my back.


You never push Lea too hard what made you do that he asked with questioning eyes. Well uh i dont wanna say....i was talking to Zayn and... I got inturuppted by Owen styarting to get mad. IM GONNA KILL THAT JERK he said as he got up and left. I knew he was gonna hunt Zayn down. NOO OWEN i yelled but it was like my arms were strapped down so i couldnt get up.


DOCTER i yelled as a nurse came rushing in. Get me out i started to cry. Oh oh ok Veronica we will let you out but not right now she said. NO i cant wait fill out all the paper work you need just do it NOW i announced. She sighed and went out of the room. I got up and eased through the pain. I had to sneak out.


Just as  i was at the door, the nurse came back with a clipboard. Here sign here and put your phone number there she said as she pointed to the clipboard. I signed and got up. My shorts were all muddy from the fall. I walked out limping cause my back still hurt. I didnt know how i was getting home. My house was right down the road. I called my other brother Leo.


He was 21 and had his own car. When he showed up i ran outside, sat down in his car, and yelled STEP ON IT! He drove not fast at all. I hated how he always drove the speed limit. When we got home i opened the door and ran to the stable. I saw exactly what i expected.


Owen was punching Zayn so hard. I could see Tears rolling down his eyes. I was watching from a far and had my hand over my mouth. I was about to start crying. I didnt know what it was. At first i hated Zayn. My thoughts couldnt change in only 2 hours. I just met him but i thought i was starting to like him for some odd reason.


He wasnt trying to fight back. Owen kept punching him in the face and stomach. Zayn fell to the ground. He was breathing so hard. He had blood dripping down from his face. Owen kicked him and started walking away.


I ran up to Owen and punched him in the face. ARE YOU CRAZY! i yelled as loud as i could. He deserved it V and dont punch me! He said hitting me in the arm. I punched him again and it almost turned into a fist fight. He didnt deserve it! i cant believe you he did nothing wrong your just jealous cause he is so much better then you!


i screamed as owen started walking back home. All he did was look back at me and roll his eyes. I ran over to Zayn. Zayn!!! i yelled worried as can be. Are you ok! im here zayn i said holding onto Zayns hand. What was i doing? I was trying to save him.

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