drama for the baby mama

When 22 year old Hannah had just moved into her new 2 story home in homles chapel england with her lovely fiance harry 2 months ago she ends up in a pickle... shes pregnant! The stress of being pregnant, being a beautician, and juggling a wedding can sure get to a girl but Hannah seems to hold it together, but when drama strikes the family will they come closer or break apart?


3. Welcome home my Lovely Baby Mama!

I had just found out the reason for my hurting.... what the doctor revealed was breath taking. Ever since i was a child i had wanted one, and i knew that at the state me and harry were in we were ready. Even though i had just started a job with selling mary kay products from home and Harry had still continued his singing career as he enjoyed humming around the house pretty much 24/7.


... we had just found out, that i was pregnant...... me and harry were ecstatic about it as we showed it since we called about everyone we knew to tell them the exciting newz! We had arrived back at home which I had popped in one of my pills the doctor had prescribed me which just in case your wondering will 100% not affect the baby and is just to lower thee amount of pain and sickness.


It had been the first month i was pregnant and i started to show it too. each and every month that went by Harry would snap a picture just so we could show how much i had grown over the past several months. I was at 5 months pregnant when devasting newz struck the family...... my mother had just been diagnosed, with cancer......


AUTHORS NOTE: how is it so far? comment please! :) if you have any ideas make sure to tell me and i will definatley try to find a way to fit it into my book! Sorry if its going a bit too fast i have been trying to write as many chapters as possible since i might not be writing for another week or 2! ~Hannah xx

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