drama for the baby mama

When 22 year old Hannah had just moved into her new 2 story home in homles chapel england with her lovely fiance harry 2 months ago she ends up in a pickle... shes pregnant! The stress of being pregnant, being a beautician, and juggling a wedding can sure get to a girl but Hannah seems to hold it together, but when drama strikes the family will they come closer or break apart?


2. morning sickness

Me and Harry had been sitting in the dining room eating the breakfast i had set for us. Blueberry pancakes, sausage, and orange juice, just the way he likes. I was just finishing up my pancakes when my stomach decided to flip on me and suddenly i felt dizzy and light headed. I quickly raced to the bathroom holding a napkin to my mouth as harry followed in my tracks. I couldnt help but to immediatly throw up all in the toilet the minute i got there harry looked as if he was gonna hurl by the sight he was seeing. he ran and got me a towel from the hallway closet and held it to me to wipe my mouth with. He scooped me up and carried me towards the living room and layed me down on the couch telling me he will just be a second. as i saw him running upstairs. he arrived back down a couple minutes later with some medicine, a glass of water, a trash can, and a heated blanket. when i saw him i immediatly said 'gee thanks babe!' he of course being the little cupcake he is told me 'no problem dearie you just get better!' as he kissed my forehead and headed off to clean up from breakfast.


I didnt know what was up with me as it continued throught the day and the rest of the week. We had thought it cant be that bad its probably just a sickness thats going around or even just home sick, even though my family had currently lived 45 minutes away. Soon enough Harry had seen enough of my pukey, groans, and whining about my health so he took me to the doctor, what the doctor revealed was breath taking.....

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