drama for the baby mama

When 22 year old Hannah had just moved into her new 2 story home in homles chapel england with her lovely fiance harry 2 months ago she ends up in a pickle... shes pregnant! The stress of being pregnant, being a beautician, and juggling a wedding can sure get to a girl but Hannah seems to hold it together, but when drama strikes the family will they come closer or break apart?


4. 5 month cravings

I was around 5 months pregnant and i had been getting strange cravings throughout the weeks and i felt like everything around me was running in circles. Harry had continued to cuddle and care for me just like his usual self that i loved.


Just 7 months ago we had moved in to our home and had started my job. Everything seemed like it was going in the right direction except for the part with my mother being so ill with her cancer. Me and Harry just the very next day had decided to pack our bags and head to my mothers to help care for her, we decided we would stay there for a day or two since we still had to buy the supplies we needed for the arrival of our baby.


I was on our laptop sitting on the couch dealing with some business and pre-orders when harry came down with 2 bags, mine and his. Man do i love him! He dropped the bags at the end of the stairs and walked over to me, nelt down on the ground and kissed by baby belly and whispered to it 'hello my little love daddy cant wait to see you!' i smiled as i kissed him and around 30 minutes later we were off to my mothers.


on the way to my mothers i had to stop at a near-by gas station because i was having a HUGE craving for lucky charms. not only did the gas station not have lucky charms but they got a taste of my bad side.... this is what harry said happened. ' you went into the gas station to buy a small box of lucky charms because you were craving some, you had noticed they didnt have any so you went up to the clerk and asked him if they had any lucky charms in back, he replied saying no... bad decision because u took him by the collar of his shirt and holding it up and yelling wheres the lucky charms! he didnt know so you let go and told harry who was watching the whole time to hold your earrings as you were taking them out, right then and there Harry had pulled you out of the store and into the car telling you to chill.'


Harry continued to drive as we arrived at my mothers. As my father was walking swiftly down the driveway to greet us. a simple kiss hello and he was already grabbing our bags and leading us inside. Inside on the couch sat my mother, she smiled a smile so big as she immediatly went to touch my stomach. she was so happy she was going to have a grandkid even though my other 6 siblings had already had their share of the children. She seemed almost as if we were going to stay with her for the rest of her life so just in case i told her i had my ultra sound tomorrow and we had to leave early morning.


I had done everything my mother had asked but the minute everyone else was asleep i snuck into the kitchen know exactly where she kept the ice cream and lets just say i finished a couple smallish bins in a sitting then trotted off into our bedroom like nothing happened.


In the morning me and harry had been just talking about the names we would pick depending on if the baby was a girl or a boy, for a girl we would have her name be viviana, for a boy it would be bennet or bentley. My mother came in and told us she had breakfast set aside in containers so we could just grab our stuff, and the food and go to my ultrasound. She was just so happy. As we were walking out of the house she had told me to not forget to send pictures, and also to call her when im ready to pick out my wedding dress. With the couple simple i love you's we were off to my ultrasound.


AUTHORS NOTE: sorry for the longer chapter im trying to keep you intreged if you have any ideas make sure you comment and also comment if you would like the baby to be a girl or a boy! or maybe twins! idk comment! :) <3

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